Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2

Kunkka is a hero that relies on timing and strategy to perform his abilities that disrupt enemy formations. Having abilities that complement each other when used right, Kunkka is capable of devastating teams in one go. This makes him quite the challenge to play against. This article will focus on the Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2 to help you take him on.

The hero possesses multiple AoE abilities that allow him to target more than one hero. Dealing damage to multiple enemy units lets him dominate lanes and create space for his team. His high cleave damage abilities also help him farm faster and more efficiently, giving him a Gold and XP advantage.

Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2

Kunkka does have several weaknesses that cripple his abilities when not played right. His low Intelligence and Agility growth causes him to have Mana problems and low attack speed. All his abilities have to be in sync together. Therefore, if he is low on mana, he may not be able to perform them in succession.

Additionally, the hero requires a great sense of timing in order to land all the abilities to deal maximum damage. If his timing is off by even a single second, this could disrupt the entire strategy. Putting Kunkka in a vulnerable position.


Kunkka, the Admiral, is a melee-strength hero. With a versatile build, he can function as an unstoppable carry, an initiator, or a ganker. His abilities allow him to launch barrages of large AoEs making him the ideal hero for team fights.

Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2

Starting with the Torrent, Kunkka can summon a rising force of water that after a short delay hurls enemy units towards the sky. It deals 300 damage to all enemy units caught in the torrent, slowing their movement speed by 40% and stunning them for two seconds. The torrent has a radius of 225 and has to be cast at the right time in order to catch the maximum number of units.

His second ability, Tidebringer grants Kunkka the ability to do physical damage in the area in front of him. All enemy units even those who are invisible will take damage from this ability if they are caught in its AoE. The damage dealt goes up to 150% of Kunkka’s attack stat.

The third single target ability of Kunkka is X Marks the Spot. It can target both friendly and enemy units marking their position with an X, after a short delay it returns them back into that position. For enemies, they are recalled after 4 seconds and twice as long for allies.

Kunkka’s ultimate ability is the Ghostship, summoning a ship that crashes into the position marked by Kunkka. Dealing damage and stunning all enemies caught in the crash. With a 425 radius, it can hit multiple enemy units at the same time. Making it an ideal move to cast when your enemies are in one spot to deliver them damage.


Kunkka’s AoE abilities make him a formidable opponent. Not only does this make it hard for you to battle him but also threatens your entire team during team fights. If you are not careful around him, he may end up eradicating your entire team. Therefore, it is imperative to know the Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2.


Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2

Sniper is an agility hero with a long-range. His increased range allows him to kite melee heroes from afar and deliver them heavy bursts of damage. Using Take Aim, Sniper can simply sit outside the range of all of Kunkka’s abilities while dealing him damage.

Even if Kunkka manages to save his teammates by casting Ghostship, Sniper can use Assassinate to kill them if they are already running low on HP. This makes all of the buffs they receive from Ghostship useless.

Headshot constantly mini-stuns its target, when used against Kunkka it can make it hard for him to reposition himself in order to cast his abilities. Giving Sniper the chance to thwart his attempts to counter while granting his team the advantage to get the jump on him.

Outworld Destroyer

Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2

Outworld Destroyer is one of the Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2 due to the majority of his abilities countering all of Kunkka’s potential playstyles. Astral Imprisonment can be used on friendly units, thus Outworld Destroyer can cast it on his allies and himself making them somewhat immune from all of Kunkka’s abilities.

Sanity’s Eclipse targets players with low mana pool. Since Kunkka already suffers from this, it will cause him a huge drawback in casting his abilities making him extremely vulnerable. In addition, Arcane Orb can deal Pure damage and will bypass Kunkka’s armor making it easier to shred him down.


Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2

Silencer specializes in disabling enemy units with the use of his abilities. Since, Kunkka is heavily reliant on his abilities, he will not be able to cast them when inflicted with Silencer’s skillset. Last Word can mess up Kunkka’s strategy and silence him in the middle of his ability synchronization.

Global Silence can let Silencer strike down Kunkka from any point in the map. Therefore, he doesn’t necessarily need to take part in team fights to counter Kunkka. Disrupting Kunkka’s initiation and leaving him stranded in enemy territory can help Silencer’s allies to turn the tables against him.



Clinkz is a hero capable of dealing high damage output. When paired with his insane attack speed in the late game, it can melt down Kunkka in a matter of seconds. Using Orchid Malevolence, Clinkz can silence Kunkka and deal him high magical damage. 

Strafe and Searing Arrows are both great abilities that boost Clinkz’s kill potential on enemy heroes such as Kunkka. Even after being caught by Kunkka’s X Marks the Spot or Torrent, Clinkz can escape his assault by using Skeleton Walk. Kunkka has no way of catching him when he is invisible especially with his high movement speed stat.



Ursa is also a strong melee hero much like Kunkka. Close combat is where he shines and he is capable of utterly obliterating his opponents. His massive physical damage will shred Kunkka in no time.

Enrage negates all incoming damages allowing Ursa to survive whatever may come his way when it is active. Considering that all of Kunkka’s abilities have a time delay, Ursa can cast this ability in the right moment and he is guaranteed to endure damage dealt to him even from Kunkka’s ultimate skill Ghostship.

Kunkka doesn’t have any escape ability in his skill pool and so with Ursa’s Earthshock movement speed debuff, he can be caught up with fairly easily. With no other means to escape, he will be sure prey for Ursa.


Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2

Juggernaut has the ability to negate any incoming magic damage attack due to Blade Fury. Using that, he can dodge X Marks the Spot and engage or disengage from a fight at his own discretion. 

Omnislash is a powerful ultimate ability that can demolish Kunkka fast. With no way to disable or counter it, Kunkka is highly vulnerable to this ability. Additionally, Healing Ward can help sustain Juggernaut in direct fights with Kunkka even if he casts Ghostship or Torrent, healing Juggernaut and helping him stay alive against all kinds of damages. 

Kunkka is an amazing hero with a wide variety of abilities which makes him a valuable ally and an even more dangerous foe. Picking the right counters will help you win and gain higher matchmaking ratings. Thankfully, this article aims to help you overcome all of these by introducing you to the Best Kunkka Counters in Dota 2. 

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