How to Keep Creepers Away in Minecraft

Do you want to know how to keep Creepers away in Minecraft and make your Minecraft journey safer?

Minecraft is full of hostile mobs and traps that can instantly kill players if they are not careful. While players try to master the art of survival, there is one mob who occasionally sneaks up and destroys everything. This mob is the Creeper, and this article tells how to keep Creepers away in Minecraft to avoid getting blown up.


How to Keep Creepers Away in Minecraft

Creepers are one of the oldest mobs, as Minecraft added them in the early alpha stages of the game. Furthermore, now Creepers are among the most famous mobs of Minecraft and are present on all cover pages of the game. They are known for their iconic two eyes, frowning expression, and fungus-type green appearance. 

Creepers, as the name suggests, creep on the player silently and explode. The Creeper deals significant explosive damage to the player and surrounding area. For instance, Creepers deal eleven hearts as damage in Easy mode, while almost twenty-two hearts at Normal difficultly. They deal a whopping thirty-two hearts at Hard difficulty.

The Creepers are the only mob who deal damage by exploding themselves. Their damage is high enough to kill players with no armor instantly. For this reason, players need to know how to keep Creepers away in Minecraft, so they don’t die immediately. Besides this, Creepers are unique because they only target players and don’t explode on other mobs.

Zombies, unlike the Creepers, can target Villagers, but Creepers only target players and don’t voluntarily explode otherwise. Furthermore, Creepers will chase any player within a sixteen-block radius, making their field of view relatively big. Moreover, after coming close to the player, they will stop, hiss for a short while, glow, expand and explode.

No matter how skillful the player is, a Creeper will always manage to sneak up and wreak havoc. For this reason, the player should use certain measures that prevent Creepers from exploding near them. With this in mind, below is how to keep Creepers away in Minecraft without risking the player’s life.

Charged Creepers

How to Keep Creepers Away in Minecraft

The Creepers are special mobs because they can transform in-game. When lightning strikes a Creeper, they become Charged Creepers. Players can distinguish them by the blue lightning aura surrounding them. While there is a physical change, this change also significantly enhances the Creeper’s destructive ability.

Players can create their own Charged Creepers by summoning lightning with a command or by a Trident with the Channeling enchantment. In addition, Creepers can also transform with lighting that hits a surrounding Lightning Rod. 

How to Keep Creepers Away

How to Keep Creepers Away in Minecraft

Creepers are one of the most notorious hostile mobs in Minecraft, who can swiftly end a player’s life. They are also useful mobs because they’re the biggest source of Gunpowder in Minecraft, which is the crafting agent for many things. In addition, players can get rare Music Discs from Creepers, making them more unique.

Creepers are dangerous, but if players are careful and plan everything accordingly, they can easily defend themselves against these mobs. While Creepers can be lethal for players, certain techniques can help against these mobs. For this reason, below is how to keep Creepers away in Minecraft and how they can be useful.

Making a Safer Base

Safer base

The first step any player can do to avoid dying by Creepers is fortifying their base and making it safer. To do this, the player can start by building a tall wall around their base. While this wall can be as tall as the player wants, make sure it is at least taller than a Creeper. Specifically, the wall should be higher than two blocks.

Players can build this wall out of any material, but harder materials like Stone are better as they have higher explosive resistance. The player can make the wall out of any block, but make sure it isn’t Sand or Gravel. In particular, these blocks follow real-life physics and topple down if the bottom layer breaks.

A wall of Sand or Gravel will fall if a Creeper explodes near it and breaks the bottom layer of the wall. Players can even craft this wall out of Obsidian blocks, but those are expensive when starting out an adventure. Overall, building a wall around the base is an essential first step to Creeper protection. 

The next step is lighting up the area. Interestingly, Creepers require a zero light level to spawn, which means that even the slightest light prevents them from spawning. This means that if the player lights up the entire base and wall with torches, Creepers will not spawn. They can also place Torches on the nearby land, so Creepers don’t spawn there.

Players can even tame Cats in Minecraft to prevent Creepers from invading their homes. Surprisingly, Creepers run away at the sight of Cats so players can tame these and put them at the entrance. This will prevent any Creepers from entering the player’s home.

Using Tools and Enchantments

How to Keep Creepers Away in Minecraft

Players can make a safer place to avoid Creepers from entering, but what can the player do when facing these mobs. Firstly, the player should always carry a Shield as it drastically reduces the damage Creepers give to players. However, they only reduce the damage the player takes from the front and will not reduce damage from the back.

The player can also save themselves against Creepers using the Blast Protection enchantment on their armor. As the name suggests, this enchantment reduces the damage the player takes from all explosion sources. This includes Creepers exploding which makes this one of the best ways to survive an encounter with Creepers.

Creepers can be a nightmare to face for newer players because they don’t know how to handle these creatures. Hopefully, this article on how to keep Creepers away in Minecraft will help you save yourself from Creepers.

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