Best Tips to Survive Iron Trials Mode in Call of Duty Warzone

Do you want to survive in the Iron Trials mode and get one of the rarest rewards?

Call of Duty Warzone introduces new modes to attract players to play the game. They range from massive Team Deathmatch matches to objective-based game modes. Iron Trials is one such game mode that has made a comeback because of its popularity. This article tells the best tips to survive Iron Trials mode in Call of Duty Warzone.

The Iron Trials Mode

Best Tips to Survive Iron Trials Mode in Call of Duty Warzone

The Iron Trials Mode is a fast-paced duo Battle Royale mode with different rules from the regular Battle Royale game mode. For example, the pacing, loot system, vehicles, buying mechanics, etc are different in this mode. Overall, this mode is for the veteran or pro players in the game who have the skills to take down opponents with limited gear.

The players drop onto the Rebirth Island in this game mode which is a smaller Battle Royale map for more enemy encounters. This is a remake of Alcatraz from Black Ops Four and supports only up to forty players. This mini Battle Royale map features its own vehicles and Gulag system like the original Battle Royale mode of Warzone.

The pacing of this mode is faster because of the smaller size and faster collapse of the circle around the map. Consequently, players have to gather loot before the circle closes in swiftly and they can’t call in their load-outs. Aside from this, because of the smaller size, the only vehicles available are ATVs in this game mode.

Unfortunately, there are no free loadouts drops, so players have to buy it independently. Moreover, the prices of items in the Buy Stations are higher in this mode. For example, there is an increase of two thousand five hundred dollars in the price of the Loadout Drop Marker. Similarly, all items have at least five hundred dollars more in their cost.

Fortunately, players get to keep more cash on their deaths. If the player wins the Gulag, he brings back more cash and can instantly buy items. Aside from this, there is no Melee Finisher Damage so it’s best to stick to weapons instead of a sneaky melee kill. Overall, this mode is different from the rest and more of a challenge for players.

Operator and Loot Changes

Best Tips to Survive Iron Trials Mode in Call of Duty Warzone

There are massive changes to the loot system and operators in this game mode. In particular, the base health of all players is one fifty more than in normal matches. This means it will take longer to kill enemy players because of more health. While it’s an advantage for the player, it also means that the enemy can survive more fights too.

The health regeneration mechanics are also different in this game mode. Specifically, the Regen Delay timer is now seven seconds instead of five seconds. In addition, health regen per second is forty per second instead of one twenty per second. Hence, choosing perks and equipment according to this decrease in regen is necessary to win this mode.

Players also have different starting weapons in this gamemode. Namely, they start with the Top Break Pistol and Sawtooth melee weapon, both Vanguard weapons. Top Break is a revolver with serious damage but a slow fire rate. In contrast, the Sawtooth is a fast melee weapon that can hack any enemy up close. 

The Iron Trials mode alters the looting system so that all common weapons spawn with attachments. In particular, these attachments mostly focus on maximizing the weapon’s magazine size. Besides this, Epic and Legendary weapons are rarer in this game mode and it takes more time for players to find them.

In addition, Killstreaks are also rare and drop less from loot boxes. Aside from this, players will have a hard time finding large cash drops because of the reduction in drop rates. Lastly, there are no Dead Silence or Stopping Power Rounds attachments. Overall, resources have limits, and players need to keep looting swiftly to collect cash and guns.

Weapons, Equipment, and Gulag Changes


This mode has made slight changes to some weapons, equipment, and the rules of the Gulag. Basically, a Sniper Rifle will only down an opponent if they are within thirty meters of the player. Consequently, this helps enemies that are far away to collect information about where the player is and quickly find cover. 

However, expert snipers can still take down enemies with precise shots and still deal fatal damage to opponents. Besides this, all weapons are mainly the same. There is a reduction in the stun effect duration of Stun Grenades by fifty percent. Consequently, players who choose this as a tactical have to reconsider choosing something else.

There has been a massive reduction of fifty percent in the regeneration rate of Medical Syringes in the Iron Trials mode. In addition, the increase in health regeneration from the Medical Syringe will stop if the player takes damage from enemies. Furthermore, the movement speed increase is now three percent instead of eight percent.

Overall, this mode drastically lowers the effectiveness of the Medical Syringe, so players play carefully instead of rushing enemies. Aside from this, there were some changes in the Gulag as well. Namely, there will be no semi-auto or fully auto Shotguns and Akimbo weapons in the Gulag. Also, only some tacticals are available in the Gulag in this mode.

Lastly, if the player wins the Gulag, he will redeploy with the same equipment he had in the fight. This means that the player must be extra careful of using his equipment. Overall, these are all the changes in this game mode that make it hard. Luckily, listed below are the best tips to survive Iron Trials mode in Call of Duty Warzone are listed below.

Tips to Survive in the Iron Trials Mode

Best Tips to Survive Iron Trials Mode in Call of Duty Warzone

The Iron Trials mode is certainly different from the rest and can be extremely difficult without the right tactics. For this reason, this guide tells the best tips to survive Iron Trials mode in Call of Duty Warzone. Firstly, because of the increase in health, make sure to carry weapons with a large magazine size and fast time-to-kill. 

For instance, the Welgun SMG or the AK47 Cold War edition are great weapons for this mode because of their stats. Other weapons like the MP5, MAC-10, or Bullfrog SMG are great weapons because of their fast time-to-kill. Aside from this, proper tacticals are also important for this game mode.

In particular, the Stim is extremely popular among pro players as it provides sustainability in fights. Besides this, Flashbangs or a Heartbeat Sensor are also good choices for this mode. Whatever the player chooses, make sure it has good synergy with the weapons in the loadout.

The right perks are essential to win a game of the Iron Trials Mode. For instance, perks that don’t provide durability or boost for this mode will hinder the player’s performance. For this reason, choose perks like Quick Fix for health regen, Overkill for better weapons, and Amped for faster weapon swapping.

Aside from loadout tips, the player should follow some rules when playing this mode. Firstly, fast looting is key in winning the game, so focus on looting and moving around the map. Secondly, stick together as it’s a duo mode, so stick with each other. Lastly, don’t engage in useless fights and take fights only when necessary.

The Iron Trials mode is certainly a popular mode among players because of the game mechanics and rewards it gives on victory. Hopefully, this guide on the best tips to survive Iron Trials mode in Call of Duty Warzone helps you win this game mode.

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