An image of the best Iron Giant Signature Perks in MultiVersus.

Best Iron Giant Signature Perks in MultiVersus

What are your favorite Iron Giant Signature Perks when playing MultiVersus?

When preparing for a competitive match using the Iron Giant in MultiVersus, there are several things you need to remember. First, you must know how well he matches with other characters. If you are an underdog against your opponents, you should know your playstyle to make up for the difference. Next, you should ensure your partner’s Fighter has some synergy with the Iron Giant.

Finally, choosing the right Perks for your character and team is crucial to winning the match. If your chosen Perks do not work for your character, you might as well not have equipped any. Using Perks that provide bonuses and synergy to your team can make the match so much easier for you.

If you want to be the next great Tank player, check out our quick guide on the best Iron Giant Signature Perks in MultiVersus.

The Iron Giant

An image of MultiVersus combat.

The Iron Giant is known for being the eponymous character of the cult classic 90s movie. He was befriended by protagonist Hogarth Hughes after crashing into the ocean from Space. In MultiVersus, the Iron Giant is a Tank Fighter known for being the largest and slowest character in the game. To make up for his massive hitbox and low speed, he can deal very high damage when any of his skills hit.

His ground attacks include Metal Eater, 100-Ton Kick, Car-Lateral Damage, Martian Laser, Caution: Flying Metal, That… Is Art!, and Hydraulic Stomp. In terms of aerial moves, he can use Booster Barrage, Rocket Kick, Superman!, and Blast Radius. Most of the Iron Giant’s moves are charges which deal a lot of damage. His slow speed may be difficult to connect on most attacks, but the Iron Giant makes up for its strength.

For special attacks, the Iron Giant can do Bolt Friends, Hyperstatic Assault, Carry On, Stunnalizer 3000, Systems Are Go!, Electric Surge, Cannonball!, and Aerial Laser Blast. Most of his aerial special attacks are similar to the ground versions with the exception of Rocket Boost! and Craterball!

As the biggest and one of the best Tanks in the game, the Iron Giant’s role is to draw the attention of opponents and have them focus all their attacks on him. His size makes him very easy to hit. Fortunately, he also has the best defense so you will need an entire army’s worth of damage to kill him. He also has a special ability to let his teammate enter his body and they can attack as one.

Best Signature Perks for the Iron Giant

There are several Signature Perks to choose from depending on your playstyle. While most people play the standard heavy defensive tank to buy time for their teammates to deal damage and win the match, some players may have different ideas. If you have mastered the Iron Giant, you can pull off some crazy combos and tactics to win the game yourself.

Whatever your playstyle may be, here are the best Iron Giant Signature Perks in MultiVersus.


An image of Afterburners, one of the best Iron Giant Signature Perks in MultiVersus.

Afterburners is a great Signature Perk for the Iron Giant if you plan on playing from the air. This Signature Perk enables walls of fire to come out of his rocket boots whenever he leaves the ground. Once you equip it, you can now deal damage to your opponents by simply flying over them. You can also combine this with a charge down attack to hit them while they are trying to avoid the firewall.

If you are a beginner Iron Giant player, Afterburners can be great for making sure you at least help zone off your opponents from certain areas of the stage. You just need to fly up to stop them from taking space up high while using your Afterburners to protect the space under you. If you zone out opponents properly, your teammates can use their own attacks and combos to throw them off the stage.

Wrong Side Of The Bed

An image of Wrong Side Of The Bed, one of the best Iron Giant Signature Perks in MultiVersus.

The second powerful Signature Perk on our list is Wrong Side Of The Bed. Unlocked when you reach Mastery level 12 on the Iron Giant, this Signature Perk lets him spawn with part of his Rage meter already being filled in. The Iron Giant increases his Rage meter every time he deals damage or his teammate receives damage. Whenever the meter is full, he can transform to Rage Mode and use all his Rage attacks and abilities.

If your playstyle revolves around using his Rage-fueled attacks, this is the best Signature Perk that you can use. The sooner your Rage meter is filled, the faster you can get to dominating the lobby with your powerful attacks and skills. When in Rage Mode, your teammate can take control of you and fire laser projectiles towards enemies.

Unfortunately, the Iron Giant does not gain any Rage whenever he takes damage personally. The feature only works when he deals damage or when his partner takes some damage.

Static Discharge

An image of Static Discharge, one of the best Iron Giant Signature Perks in MultiVersus.

Finally, the most powerful Iron Giant Signature Perk on our list is Static Discharge. Unlocked at Mastery level 10, this Perk allows the Iron Giant to gain a stack of Thorns for every unique source that gives him gray health. This is a very useful Signature Perk as it deters your opponents from attacking you too much.

The Iron Giant’s passive ability gives him or his teammate Thorns whenever they get some gray health. Thorns will damage anyone who deals damage to their wearer, which means your enemies cannot attack you without hurting themselves. Because the Iron Giant has very high defense, trading damage this way is extremely disadvantageous for your opponents. They may even end up killing themselves before they kill you.

Playing With The Iron Giant

When using the Iron Giant, it is best to play as the main Tank, absorbing as much damage from the enemy team as you can. You already have a high amount of starting health, plus your gray health will let you absorb even more damage.

The more damage you take, the more you can end up hurting enemies with Thorns. If they hurt themselves this way, your Rage meter will also be filled until you can transition to Rage Mode.

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