An image of an indoor campfire in Valheim.

How to Make an Indoor Campfire in Valheim

Have you installed a brand new indoor Campfire in Valheim yet?

Fire is one of the most important things in Valheim for several reasons. Not only does it allow you to cook various types of food, but you also need it to keep you warm in different environments. Unfortunately, the different fires in Valheim can be extinguished by the weather if left outdoors for a long time.

Being able to set up a fire indoors completely removes that risk. If you learn how to place a campfire inside your house, you can cook your food without having to walk outside. You will, however, have to figure out how to deal with all the smoke that comes with having an indoor campfire in Valheim.

Campfire in Valheim

An image of an indoor campfire in Valheim.

Campfires are the most basic fire structure in Valheim. In fact, they are so simple to make that you do not even need a Workbench. To build a Campfire in Valheim, all you need are 5 Stones and 2 pieces of Wood. Simply find an open 2×2 area and place your Campfire right there. Once you have it built, you can now stay beside it for some extra warmth or cook your favorite meats.

Campfires can only be built on the ground, rocks, or stone structures. That detail will come in handy later. Next, Campfires are also great for repelling common creatures like Greylings, Greydwarfs, Necks, and Boars. They are afraid of fire so you can rest and eat in peace as long as your fire is on. Unfortunately, the same does not apply to Greydward Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans, so look out for those.

Before you start building Campfires all over your base, there are a few things about them that you should know. First, you will need to keep fueling them with Wood from time to time. Also, rain will extinguish your fire and you will have to refuel them once the rain stops. Just like rain, strong winds will also kill your fire, so you can add a cover over your Campfire to prevent that.

Finally, smoke is one of the only downsides to having a fire. While your fire is on, it will keep producing smoke. If you put your Campfire down in an enclosed space, the smoke can build up and start damaging players for 2HP per tick. There is a quick engineering solution to this which we will teach you in a bit.

Campfire and Bonfire Effects

An image of a bonfire.

Campfires and their bigger counterpart, Bonfires, give out several positive effects for players. For the Campfire, you will get the Fire Effect while having the Wet Effect and Cold Effects removed. It also protects you from getting the Freezing Effect in extreme weather. The range of a Campfire covers around 7 to 8 units, so always make sure you are close enough to get all its effects.

A fire is required for you to be able to use a Bed for sleeping as well. Make sure you fuel it quite a bit before sleeping so it does not go out while you are asleep. If you decide that a Campfire is no longer needed, you can use your Hammer to demolish it. This action will not give you back the 2 Wood you used but will yield back the 5 Stones.

Bonfires, on the other hand, cover a larger radius than Campfires. These structures require 4×4 of space while needing a few more materials than your standard Campfire. You will need 1 Surtling Core, 5 Ancient Barks, 5 pieces of Core Wood, and 5 pieces of Fine Wood to build it. Just like the Campfire, it removes the Wet Effect and Cold Effect while adding the Fire Effect and producing smoke constantly.

The Bonfire allows you to build multiple Cooking Stations around it, which is perfect for larger groups. You can cook enough food for everyone without having to build more fires. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the Cauldron, which needs the fire to be directly under it. While rain or strong winds do not extinguish the Bonfire, it does reduce the Warmth radius from 15 meters to 12 meters.

Making an Indoor Campfire in Valheim

An image of making an indoor campfire in Valheim.

Although they are not technically designed to be placed indoors, we have found a way to build a Campfire inside your home. By doing this, you are able to protect your Campfire from rain or strong winds. You will now also be able to cook indoors, so you never have to go outside to cook some good food. This also fixes the need to have a fire nearby when trying to sleep in your Bed. Here are the steps you need to take:

First, make sure that your house is not too far up above ground. Otherwise, your Campfire will simply be way too low to use. If you already have that done, you can go ahead and remove one floor panel in the right area. Make sure the location is close enough to your Bed while also not being an obstruction as you go around the house.

After you remove the floor panel, you can go ahead and build a Campfire right there. If you are worried about grass and stuff on the ground, you can use a Hoe to clean up the area. Once you have built your Campfire, you can now begin cooking food or going to sleep in peace.

Finally, it is also possible to build a Cooking Station over the Campfire if you want to cook more recipes. Just make sure that you open up some space in your roof or ceiling to allow the smoke to exit. Otherwise, you may end up taking damage or even dying in the long run. Knowing how to build a chimney in your home will also be very advantageous in this situation.

Enjoy Your Indoor Campfire

If you have pulled off building an Indoor Campfire in Valheim, you should now be able to enjoy all the perks. You can now cook and rest from the safety of your own home. Gone are the days where you worry about stumbling Greydwarfs, Necks, or Boars in your base while you are just trying to replenish some Health and Stamina.

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