An image of Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online.

How to Find Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online

Have you discovered Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online?

One of the most useful plants in Red Dead Online, Indian Tobacco is used to create Potent Miracle Tonic, Potent Snake Oil, and Special Snake Oil. For those who often engage in gunfights or do a lot of crime, having these medicines can end up saving your life a few times.

While you can also sell this precious ingredient for a few cents, Indian Tobacco is much more valuable as an ingredient. Many players have spent hours just collecting as many of these plants as they can. If you manage to craft the tonics, you can even sell those for a much higher price than the raw ingredients.

If you want to make quick money or life saving tonics, check out our guide on how to find Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online.

Indian Tobacco

An image of Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online.

Indian Tobacco is one of the most useful plants in the game. Known in the field of science as Labelia Inflata, this plant is used by players to craft Potent Miracle Tonics, Potent Snake Oil, and Special Snake Oil. It can also be sold as a raw ingredient, but is only priced at $0.25 in Red Dead Online.

For most gatherers, Indian Tobacco is best used as an ingredient for the previously mentioned tonics, which can then be sold for a much higher price. If you craft enough of these tonics, you can earn money to purchase your favorite weapons or the best horses in the game.

Indian Tobacco is easily identified due to its taller height than grass or other plants in the wild. It also has serrated leaves and lilac flowers. You can usually find these around the areas of West Elizabeth, Ambarino, and Lemoyne.

Other than selling them for $0.25 or using them as ingredients for several tonics, Indian Tobacco can also be eaten outright. This slightly increases your Dead Eye Core, but not nearly as much as the finished product. If you collect enough Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online, you can even get the Picked to Perfection achievement.

Where to Find Indian Tobacco

Most plants in Red Dead Online are only found in specific areas of the map. Fortunately, this one is more common than others. Indian Tobacco is found in woodlands and savannas, usually around the regions of Ambarino, Lemoyne, and West Elizabeth. Walk around the wilderness in these regions and look for grassy or forest areas.

If you see a bunch of green plants, bushes, or grass, chances are, there is Indian Tobacco nearby. Look closely in these areas and it will not take long before you find the plant you are looking for. If you are struggling, you can even use your Dead Eye to have the Indian Tobacco highlighted on your screen.

New Hanover

An image of Caliban's Seat, where you can find Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online.

New Hanover is home to the most abundant growth of Indian Tobacco. There are multiple spawn areas for this plant in Roanoke Ridge and The Heartlands. If you are in The Heartlands, head on over to Caliban’s Seat. On the road west of this area, you should find at least three patches of Indian Tobacco. Each patch will yield a few of these plants.

South of Caliban’s Seat, there is also at least one patch of Indian Tobacco. Once you are done with Caliban’s Seat, go east until you reach Roanoke Ridge. If you follow the dead-end road between Van Horn Trading Post and the Elysian Pool, you should find Indian Tobacco at the end of it. There are also a bunch of other plants in this area, so take everything you need.

You can check out places like the Kamassa River and Lannahechee River as well. Look around the area between the Trading Post and the Elysian Pool. There is also Indian Tobacco that spawns along the Dakota River from time to time.


An image of Scarlett Meadows in Lemoyne, where you can find Indian Tobacco in Red Dead Online.

If you are in Lemoyne, Scarlett Meadows is the best place to start looking. Go somewhere west of Rhodes, near the conjoining paths. On the far side of that area, there should be at least one patch of Indian Tobacco that spawns often.

Next, go to the crossroads that leads to Braithwaite Manor. Instead of taking the south path, go northwest until you find a few Indian Tobacco patches in the meadows. You will usually get at least a couple of plants from this area alone.

For those who find themselves around Flat Iron Lake, look around the area west of Southfield Flats, around the town of Rhodes, or even around Bolger Glade.

Crafting Tonics With Indian Tobacco

As previously mentioned, there are several types of tonics that you can craft with Indian Tobacco as an ingredient. We will be covering each one below.

Potent Miracle Tonic

An image of the Potent Miracle Tonic.

Potent Miracle Tonic is the single best tonic in Red Dead Online. This medicine fully restores and fortifies your Health, Stamine, and Dead Eye cores. If you happen to find yourself taking a lot of damage in a gunfight, a Potent Miracle Tonic will easily save your life.

For players that struggle with having to bring a lot of tonics and choosing which to drink in a hurry, you can just opt to stock up on Potent Miracle Tonic. This is the cure-all that all players want and need in Red Dead Online.

You can buy Potent Miracle Tonic for $7 and sell it for $3.50. To craft this tonic, you will need 4 Indian Tobacco, 4 Alaskan or American Ginseng, and 4 Hummingbird or Desert Sage.

Potent Snake Oil

An image of the Potent Snake Oil.

Potent Snake Oil is the best tonic for restoring your Dead Eye core. It fully restores your Dead Eye and fortifies it moderately. If you tend to hunt wild animals or get in shootouts a lot, having enough Potent Snake Oil to replenish Dead Eye quickly will come in handy.

You can buy Potent Snake Oil for $5.50 and sell it for $2.75. You can also craft this tonic using a single Indian Tobacco plant.

Special Snake Oil

An image of the Special Snake Oil recipe.

Special Snake Oil is better than Potent Snake Oil because it fully restores your Dead Eye core but also fortifies it greatly. Unfortunately, you cannot buy or sell this particular tonic. You can only craft Special Snake Oil using 2 Indian Tobacco and 2 Blackcurrant, Golden Currant, or Prairie Poppy.

Stock up on a lot of Special Snake Oil if you have many of these ingredients to spare.

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