An image of a Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Build a Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty

Have you started building your first Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty?

There are many different jobs and activities that you can do in Medieval Dynasty. You can do almost anything that took place in the Middle Ages. You are free to become a Farmer, Fisherman, Miner, Village Leader, or even a Hunter. Hunting is one of the best jobs you can take if you want to benefit yourself and your village.

Hunting will yield not only some precious Meat but also Leather and other items you will need for crafting or building later on. Once you have gained some experience through this job, you should build your first Hunting Lodge. This building lets you hire workers to help you with Hunting. You will also eventually be able to make Salted Meat to get you through the winter.

If you want to become a great Hunter, check out our quick guide on how to build a Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty.


An image of a hunted moose.

Hunting is one of the six main Skills that you can develop in Medieval Dynasty. Together with Extraction, Farming, Diplomacy, Production, and Survival, you can upgrade this Skill to make your life easier in the game. Spend your hard-earned tech points to get new abilities or improve personal stats.

Divided into four tiers, there are lots of individual skills you can upgrade using tech points. Hunting Knowledge, Steady hand, and Prowler are all tier 1 skills that help improve your aim, sneaking ability, and help you earn even more tech points when hunting. When you get to tier 2, you can upgrade Tracker or Predator. Tracker adds highlights to wild animals when you activate inspector mode. Predator just increases your speed when sneaking.

In tier 3, there are three different skills to upgrade. Careful Hunter gives you a higher yield from animals you hunt. Experienced Hunter slows down the rate at which your weapons deteriorate. Finally, Trapping Master lets you put down more traps wherever you want.

Strong Arm and Lock and Load are part of tier 4. Strong Arm reduces the rate that you expend stamina whenever you aim with long-range weapons. On the other hand, Lock and Load lets you draw your weapons faster. You can pull out your bow quickly or load your crossbow when in need.

How to Build a Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty

The Hunting Lodge is the main hub for all hunters in your village. This building lets you start assigning villagers to work as either Hunters or Apprentices. In addition to that, there are also a bunch of products you can make inside this building. For the Hunting Lodge I, you can store up to 50 kg worth of food items. Once you upgrade it to Hunting Lodge II, the storage is doubled to 100 kg.

The Hunting Lodge I comes with a workbench and drying rack. The Hunting Lodge II introduces a salting barrel that is used for making Salted Meat and Fish. You will also be able to assign four villagers as Hunters instead of two in the upgraded version.

Here are the steps on how to build your first Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty.

Earn 50 Survival Tech Points

An image of the technology tab in the menu.

Tech points are the currency for upgrading skills and unlocking new things in Medieval Dynasty. Luckily, it is pretty easy to earn 50 tech points for Survival, even very early into the game. All you need to do is engage in Survival-related activities. This means some hunting, skinning hunted animals, gathering berries, or setting traps should get you to 50 points in just a few days.

Gather Some Materials

An image of cutting trees, one step to building a Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty.

Just like any other construction project, you will need a bunch of materials to finish your Hunting Lodge. You will need to build 1 Foundation, 1 Framing, 5 Wattle Walls, 2 Wattle Walls With Windows, 1 Wattle Wall With Door, 2 Wattle Walls (Gable End), and 4 Thatch Roofs.

All these parts will require a total of 20 Logs, 66 Sticks, 8 Stones, and 32 bunches of Straw to build. You can only acquire logs by cutting down trees using an Axe, so you will need to craft that tool first. Each Birch tree yields 2 Logs, Spruce yields 3 Logs, and Maple trees yield 4 Logs each.

Sticks can be picked up from the ground, especially in the forest areas. You can also get them from tree branches using your Axe to cut some down. Getting Straw is quite easy in Medieval Dynasty. You can pick them up from riverbanks or collect them as a by-product of threshing crops in your barn.

Stones are also fairly easy to get your hands on. You can pick them up from the ground or use your Pickaxe to break rocks and stone deposits. The best areas to get Stones are in one of the many mines in the game.

Build Your Hunting Lodge

An image of a Hunting Lodge in Medieval Dynasty.

After you have collected all the necessary materials, you can go ahead and build your Hunting Lodge I. The Hunting Lodge will let you produce items like Leather, Meat, Fur, Feathers, and Dried Meat using your Knife. As long as you have the necessary ingredients, making these products will help you immensely in terms of survival or economy.

If you have already recruited some villagers, you can assign one or two as Hunters and one as an Apprentice. They will be able to produce the same products regularly with the yield depending on their Hunting Skill level.

When you eventually earn 1000 Survival tech points, you should strongly consider building a Hunting Lodge II. This upgrade lets you make some Salted Meat, which is one of the best food items in the game in terms of efficiency and durability. This type of Meat will last several seasons and can also be used as an ingredient in other recipes to increase their nutritional value.

Now that you have your Hunting Lodge, you are well on your way to becoming an expert Hunter that can provide more than enough food for your family and village.

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