An image of the best hunting grounds in Medieval Dynasty.

Best Hunting Grounds in Medieval Dynasty

What are your favorite Hunting Grounds in Medieval Dynasty?

Medieval Dynasty comes with many different aspects that you can focus on. The main priority is survival first and thriving later. To accomplish this, you need to learn how to find food, resources, and eventually build a community. One of the best and most entertaining ways to get food for your community is hunting.

To help you learn that process faster, we have gathered some great locations you should check out. Make sure you look closely at these parts of the Medieval Dynasty map, depending on what kind of catch you want. There is also a skill tree for hunting, which means you will progress the more experience you get.

If you are looking to become an elite hunter, check out our list of the best hunting grounds in Medieval Dynasty.

Hunting in Medieval Dynasty

An image of hunting in Medieval Dynasty.

In Medieval Dynasty, hunting is both a skill and an activity that you could spend dozens of hours exploring. The more you hunt through archery, the more experience points you earn. Like many skills in the game, it will get much easier to do as you climb through the skill tree.

Thankfully, the skill tree for hunting is not too large. You can complete it in a few hours if you are successful enough. Players can use up to 15 skill points in the skill tree. Village workers can also become hunters and slowly improve their skill level.

The hunting skill tree has four different tiers. Tier 1 contains Hunting Knowledge, Steady Hand, and Prowler. After Tier 1, you get better at sneaking, aiming, and can earn skill points faster. In Tier 2, you have Tracker and Predator. These will let you move faster while sneaking and see your prey better in the wild.

Tier 3 includes Careful Hunter, Experienced Hunter, and Trapping Master. You get better chances of getting more resources than usual. You also get to place more traps, and your weapons break down slower. Tier 4 has Strong Arm and Lock and Load. After this Tier, you burn less stamina when aiming or shooting, while drawing and loading are also much faster.

Best Hunting Grounds in Medieval Dynasty

The world of Medieval Dynasty is quite large. You do not want to waste your time looking for places to hunt. Luckily, we have already compiled the best spots for you. Check out these locations to determine which ones you like the most.

Near Hornica

An image of one of the best hunting grounds in Medieval Dynasty.

The first spot is located east of the town of Hornica. Open your map to locate it before you go there. If you look near Hornica, there is a large lake to its right. If you follow that ever further east, you should come across a decent-sized river. The optimal hunting ground is just across that river. This spot will feed your village for weeks without fail.

The plot of land is right in between the river and the mountains to the east. To find this on the ground, find the path north of the lake and follow it east. This leads to the banks of the river. After that, just cross the river and start hunting.

This is the best hunting grounds in Medieval Dynasty by far. You can hunt more animals here than anywhere else on the map. Not only is it full of animals, but it also has every single wild animal in the game. This spot is where players hunt to get the achievement of hunting every wild animal in Medieval Dynasty.

If you are looking for deer, badgers, lynx, and moose, there are loads of those in this spot. You can also hunt larger animals like wisent, boars, wolves, and even bears. Make sure to bring a few spears and lots of arrows so you can hunt as much as you want. Be careful, however, as more wild animals mean more risk for hunters as well.

Swamps Near Sambor’s Hut

An image of the best hunting grounds in Medieval Dynasty.

The second best hunting grounds we recommend are the swamps. The swamps are located in the northeast part of the map. The easiest landmarks should be the cities of Baranica and Borowo. Baranica is to the west of the swamps, while Borowo is to its south. There are paths you can follow from either city that lead directly to the swamps.

This area is much closer to the center than Hornica, so you can practice here. It is also easier to get to due to its proximity to several cities. While there are not as many animals here as in the first area, you can feed your family and community for weeks with boar meat.

There are several aggressive animals in Medieval Dynasty and boars are one of them. Thankfully, they are the easiest wild animals to hunt because of their size. There is plenty of cover in the swamps, so boars will not easily see you. Take cover and aim from a distance to avoid startling them.

If you want to hunt other wild animals, there are bucks, wolves, and foxes in the area to the south of the swamps. Make sure you have enough ammunition to hunt all these animals.

South of Rolnica

You can find the final spot near the cities of Rolnica, Tutki, and Denica. Check your map and look for the area where the rivers meet on the west. The three cities are located around this body of water. The hunting grounds you are looking for are just south of Rolnica. If you are coming from Denica, it is just on the other side of the river.

It may be difficult to cross the river due to its size and depth. Instead, follow the path north of Denica all the way to the bridge. Once you get there, just follow the riverbanks going south until you reach the area.

This patch of land is right between the mountains to its west and the large river to its east. There are doe and wolves in the area, so get as many pelts as you can.

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