How to Save a Hotbar in Minecraft

Are you a hardcore builder and want to know how to save a Hotbar in Minecraft?

Minecraft adds new options in-game with every new update to make the life of players easier and more exciting in the game. While most updates consist of new blocks, mobs, items, and structures, some updates solely target the experience of the game. One such update was adding Hotbars, and this article tells how to save a Hotbar in Minecraft.



Minecraft is famous because they listen to players and introduce new aspects that help the players enjoy the game. The World of Color update, also known as version 1.12, came out in 2017 and brought one of the biggest changes. Specifically, this was customizing and saving custom Hotbars in Creative modes so players can easily switch while building.

The world of Minecraft has something for every player, and this includes saving custom Hotbars. For instance, hardcore builders who always need to have access to different blocks can make a personal Hotbar according to their needs. In contrast, players who make Redstone structures need different items, so they can make a Hotbar accordingly.

One of the biggest aspects of Minecraft is building different structures and machines in Creative mode. However, a major problem among pro builders was the time consumption for finding and placing each block in their Hotbar. Many players raised their opinion on this matter, and fortunately, Minecraft added the feature of saving Hotbars in Minecraft.

Hotbar is basically the Toolbar that a player sees on their screen when playing Minecraft. This is where all the usable items are helped; from here, the player can scroll to choose and use the item. Basically, this Toolbar is to streamline everything and grant quick access to common items. For instance, tools, food, building blocks, and other such items.

Players previously had to sort everything repeatedly when trying to build, which wastes a lot of time. Fortunately, now they can save multiple Hotbars, which cuts down time and helps them produce quality structures faster. Everyone can use this feature, and this guide tells exactly how to save a Hotbar in Minecraft to build faster in the game.

How to Save a Hotbar

How to Save a Hotbar in Minecraft

Everyone knows what a Hotbar is, but the main question arises on how to save a Hotbar in Minecraft. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple, and the player needs to consider a few steps. To save a Hotbar, the player needs to be in Creative mode. Basically, the Creative mode is where the player can access everything and anything. 

The player can enter Creative mode if they enable cheats and use the command/gamemode creative. They can start a game in Creative by clicking Create New World. Next, they can set the gamemode to Creative. They can turn on cheats so the player can also change the gamemode in-game.

Players need to check their Hotbar saving keys to start saving their Current Hotbar. For this purpose, start the game and fill the Hotbar with items the player needs. For instance, if they are frequent Redstone builders, they can choose blocks like Pistons and Redstone Blocks or other items. After doing this, press Esc and go into Options.

The player has to set the Save Hotbar Activator key. To do this, they need to go into Controls and Key Binds. Scroll down to the Save Hotbar Activator option and set any key. In addition, make sure that the Load Hotbar Activator key is also set. After this, resume the game and open the Creative menu to set the Hotbar.

This step is crucial in saving the Hotbar. The player has to arrange all the blocks they may need in this or any future project. Next, press the Save Hotbar Activator key that the player sets along with any number key from one to nine.

Using a Saved Hotbar

How to Save a Hotbar in Minecraft

Now that the player knows how to save a Hotbar in Minecraft, it’s time to use these in-game. Fortunately, using these Hotbars is as easy as saving them. Particularly, the player has to press the Load Hotbar Activator key along with the number of the saved Hotbar. For example, if the player wants Hotbar six, they should press the key with six.

The player can save nine Hotbars in Minecraft and can access these at any time while in Creative mode. Interestingly, these saved Hotbars work across all the player’s worlds. For instance, if the player quits their current world and starts a new one, they will keep their saved Hotbars. This is helpful if the player needs to them in multiple worlds.

Editing a Saved Hotbar

How to Save a Hotbar in Minecraft

The player can edit these Hotbars without any hassle by using the same method as saving them. In particular, they simply have to load the Saved Hotbar first and then change the block they don’t want. Players can also replace these blocks, and then they have to save the Hotbars again using the same method. 

Players can also check and review all the Saved Hotbars by accessing the Creative Menu. First, they should open the menu and click on the bookshelf icon on the right side beside the compass. This reveals all the Saved Hotbars; they can scroll down to see all nine options. Here, players can review and even change the Hotbars if they want.

The player can also clear the Hotbar they currently have by using the command /clear. This removes everything players have in their Hotbar and any wearables they currently have equipped. 

Saved Hotbars are a blessing for hardcore builders or Redstone engineers in Minecraft, and players love this new option. In addition, the ease of setting these and their usability has made players a fan of this new setting. Hopefully, this article on How to Save a Hotbar in Minecraft helps you customize and save your own Hotbars.

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