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How to Reach 1590 Power Level Quickly in Destiny 2

How close are you to reaching 1590 Power Level in Destiny 2?

Although it is technically a competitive first-person shooter game, Destiny 2 is known for having an immersive storyline and character progression. Part of this progression is increasing your Power Level in the game. As you increase that stat, your character will be better in combat and can even unlock some new abilities.

Power is one of the main stats that you need to take note of in the game. It works just like the Light stat from the original Destiny. Every character begins at a Power level of 1350 and increases depending on the gear you have equipped. The current Power cap is at 1590, so everyone has been working towards reaching that level.

If you want to reach max Power right now, check out our quick guide on how to get 1590 Power Level quickly in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2

An image of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is one of the most unique first-person shooters you can play today. It has the standard competitive modes that can either be player versus player (PvP) or player versus environment (PvE). In addition to that, Destiny 2 also has a constantly evolving storyline and very interesting side characters that you can interact with.

The game was developed and is currently being published by Bungie. It is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Stadia, and Microsoft Windows. Since Bungie took over publishing, Destiny 2 has become free-to-play for all platforms.

Season 19: Season of the Seraph

An image of Season 19 of Destiny 2.

Season 19 of Destiny 2 is called Season of the Seraph. This new season started on December 6, 2022, and will run until February 28, 2023. Just like every new season, there are a bunch of new quests, interesting plotlines, and rare rewards to fight for. There will be a familiar foe to deal with as well, so you will be doing a lot of combat this season.

The main storyline for this season is the Hive God of War executing their newest plan. They are going after the Warmind, and the Vanguard has mobilized the Seraphs to protect it. You will need to awaken Rasputin and defeat the Hive God of War before they take full control of the Warmind.

Heist Battlegrounds is one of the biggest additions in Season 19 of Destiny 2. In this mode, you can play with up to two other players and learn how to fight against the Hive God of War. To do this, you can go to the Heist Battlegrounds Playlist and start from there. Additionally, you can also do the More Than A Weapon quest to earn some nice rewards.

Some of the most sought-after releases in Season 19 include the Assassin’s Creed ornament set, the Arc armor set, the Vice armor set, and the Vanguard weapon set. You will also want to get your hands on the Legendary Rose Hand Cannon and Exotic The Manticore SMG.

How to Achieve 1590 Power Level

Getting to 1590 Power level is one of the best ways to establish dominance in Destiny 2. As we previously mentioned, everybody starts at 1350 and can increase that through equipping better gear. As you go through the Season of the Seraph, enemies will get more and more powerful. You will not survive against them if you do not power up yourself.

That being said, here are the best ways to reach 1590 Power quickly in Destiny 2.

Power Level Caps

An image of power levels caps that max out at 1590 Power level in Destiny 2.

There are several Power level caps in Destiny 2 that you need to learn. First, the Soft Cap is set at 1520. This is the limit that you can reach by playing the game. As you get some rare, legendary, and exotic items, you can equip them to reach the Soft Cap.

Next, the Hard Cap is set at 1580. This is the maximum Power level you can reach once you upgrade to all Powerful gear. You will achieve this Power level through playing the seasonal activities, vendor bounties, Prime Engrams, Exotic Engrams, Exotic Quests, Trials of Osiris, and other seasonal rewards. The Hard Cap is also called the Powerful Cap.

Finally, 1590 is the absolute highest Power level you can reach for now. Also called the Pinnacle Cap, this Power level can only be achieved by equipping Pinnacle gear. While the Pinnacle gear will only push you 10 levels more than the Powerful gear, they make all the difference once you get to the strongest opponents.

Powerful Gear

An image of Powerful Gear in Destiny 2 for reaching 1590 Power level.

Once you reach the 1520 Soft Cap through playing PvE, Engrams, Dungeons, Crucibles, and Bounties, you should aim for the Hard Cap. This 60 Power level difference means quite a lot on the grand scale of things, so your efforts will be worth it.

We recommend doing the eight vendor bounties first because it is the simplest. Just remember that there is a weekly reset, so you only have a week to finish this task. If you want to try something else, you can do Europa’s weekly Exo challenge or the Prime and Exotic Engrams for better rewards.

The Trials of Osiris also have decent rewards, while Exotic quests can be one of the best experiences for this season. Even if you have done the weekly playlist challenge, there is also a small chance of earning Powerful gear through playlist activities like Heist Battlegrounds.

Pinnacle Gear

An image of Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2 for reaching 1590 Power level.

Once you equip all the Powerful gear and reach 1580 Power level, you need to set your eyes on the Pinnacle gear. These items are the only way you can achieve the 1590 Pinnacle Cap Power level, so you will need to put in the work.

Doing playlist activities like Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit is one way to do it, but it can take some time. On the other hand, Trials of Osiris will give you a new experience and is arguably even more rewarding than playlists.

Another way to obtain some Pinnacle gear is by completing Raids. Try the Vault of Glass and Vow of the Disciple Raids for good rewards. Completing Dungeon activities like Grasp of Avarice and Prophecy are also good for getting Pinnacle gear.

Finally, you can try doing Nightfall: The Ordeal. If you score more than 100k, you will earn Pinnacle gear. Whichever path you choose to take, just make sure to be as efficient as you can. Try to earn Pinnacle gear and reach the 1590 Cap quickly.

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