How to Play Vittorio Toscano in Dead by Daylight

Wondering who is the new survivor character in Dead by Daylight? Find out how to play Vittorio Toscano and his unique perks.

Dead by Daylight is an online horror game that requires four survivors to escape a map while a Killer tries to capture or kill them all.

This game requires excellent teamwork as survivors and good anticipation as the Killer. The main focus of the survivors is to repair generators to open the exit gate that will give them victory.

Recently, a new character has become an expert in repairing generators in-game. Before we talk about how to play Vittorio Toscano, let’s briefly introduce the character.

Vittorio Toscano Background

Play Vittorio Toscano

Vittorio Toscano was born into a wealthy family and wanted to learn about magic and bring peace to the world. He hired Tarhos Kovacs to help him find a particular object called the Lapis Paradisus. 

However, Tarhos had his evil plans and locked up Vittorio. While he was stuck in a cell, Tarhos caused a lot of destruction and violence. 

Vittorio was almost starving to death when he heard strange noises and saw a strange fog. This fog ended up saving him and bringing him to a new place.

Vittorio Toscano is always searching for and trying to learn about magic and secrets. He has been doing this and has been skilled at it for a long time. 

His experiences have also made him a strong leader, able to use his instincts and bravery to outsmart the villains in the game.


Perks you need on how to Play Vittorio Toscano

In Dead by Daylight, “Perks” are special abilities you can unlock and use to give you an advantage over your enemies. 

Each character in the game has a unique set of Perks, which can range from seeing the Killer’s aura to being able to heal more quickly.

You can unlock perks by leveling up or by completing specific in-game challenges. You can then choose which Perks to equip and use during a match, allowing you to tailor your playstyle to your strengths and weaknesses.

Using Perks effectively can be the key to survival in “Dead by Daylight,” as you can help yourself outsmart the Killer and escape the match alive. 

There are two types of Perks in the game, which will be discussed below and give you tips on how you will use them in your games as Vittorio Toscano.

Vittorio Toscano’s Unique Perks

Play Vittorio Toscano: Potential Energy

The first unique perk of this character on our list is Potential Energy. Whenever a survivor tries to fix a generator and gets interrupted, the progress on fixing it will restart to zero.

However, this perk of Vittorio allows him to escape danger while repairing generators and not having the progress reset to zero. 

He will retain the progress once activated. However, to activate it, you must fix the generator for 8 seconds without interruptions. This is the most helpful perk for this character and is unique to him.

Play Vittorio Toscano: Fogwise

Another perk for him is the Fogwise, which allows him to see the Killer from afar. This synergizes well with him since he is good at fixing generators.

Play Vittorio Toscano: Quick Gambit

The Quick Gambit perk can be used by Vittorio when other survivors near him are fixing the generator. The Killer must chase him to activate this, and the other survivor will receive a repair boost for the generators.

Inventory Perks

prove thyself

Prove Thyself perk is an excellent complement to Vittorio’s perk build since it will give additional speed for repairing. You can use this perk together for your perk build.


Since the character is a generator expert, the Hyperfocus perk is also an excellent addition to your inventory perks. If you are having a good time hitting the “Great Skill Check”, it will give tokens that you can use for additional stats.

Fast Track

In a game of Dead by Daylight, it is impossible for survivors exiting the gate without even getting hooked once throughout the game. 

Use this to your advantage by having a Fast Track perk for Vittorio, and it will give tokens that will accumulate that you can use whenever you repair a generator.

How to Play Vittorio Toscano

Repairing generators as vittorio

The strength of this character is repairing the generators. When the game starts, you should tell the team that you will focus on that. 

When the game starts, you have to be careful and let the other survivor scout the area first since you are a significant asset for the team, and it is not ideal that you are the one that will get hooked first.

Playing this character is nothing much different from playing other survivors. It would be best if you always focused on repairing generators since it is the only way to win the game. 

unhook a survivor

However, you should not be selfish as well since if there are other players hooked and you are nearby, you can take advantage of the Potential Energy perk, as it will not reset the repair progress back to zero.

Remember that playing with four players is better than trying to repair one generator. Always try to help the team and even lure out the Killer once in a while. 

Additionally, the Quick Gambit will give a repair buff for a teammate, so you can use this when trying to juke the Killer. 

The last thing to remember is not to underestimate the enemy Killer. He will also have a game plan when you’re against an experienced player. He might anticipate the game plan of juking him while you, as Vittorio can repair the gens faster than anybody. 

In that case, the Killer might hunt for you and ruin the team’s game plan. Moreover, playing safe is best, and try not to show off whenever you don’t need to. 

That would be the end of this post. Overall, Vittorio is a versatile survivor with much potential. With the right strategies and abilities, he can bring a great challenge against the killers in Dead by Daylight.

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