How to Play Tusk in Dota 2

Do you want to learn how to play Support as Tusk in Dota 2?

Tusk is a Strength-based Offlane or Support hero specializing in disrupting enemy formations with his Disables. Having one of the highest Strength-Gains at every level, in addition to an above-average Base-Strength, helps him be a Tank. Besides this, his versatility is a key factor in why one should learn how to play Tusk in Dota 2.

Though initially starting out as a Support, with his relatively fast Farming speeds, he can transition into a Core. Apart from having multiple Counter-Ganking abilities, he can also trap enemies with his adaptable moves and abilities. Additionally, his high movement speed grants him superior chasing potential and elusiveness like other agile heroes.

Being an incredible initiator is what makes Tusk extremely potent in getting effective Pickoffs. Moreover, he has very powerful Disables, allowing him to burst down heroes in just one move. It is also worth noting that he has exceptional ganking skills due to his abilities. These are just some attributes that make playing Tusk in Dota 2 hugely lucrative.

Due to his versatile spells, there are many heroes who he works well against. Some of these heroes are Crystal Maiden, Legion Commander, and Bloodseeker with his excessive Lockdown. In contrast, the heroes he works well with are those who he can layer his Disables with. Examples of heroes in this category are Juggernaut, Axe, and Tidehunter.

Tusk’s Abilities


With its primary use being to trap enemies in congested areas from which they cannot escape, Ice Shards are functional. These shards not only block off a small radius of 200 units, but they deal damage to units they pass. Damage up to 300 makes these shards a tool to eliminate enemies who are trying to run away from Tusk.

His second ability and primary Disable is the Snowball. Snowball allows Tusk to roll up into a ball of snow, traveling to a target unit. The Snowball Stuns every unit it hits on the way to its target. With a Stun duration of 1.4 seconds, each target is under the effect of its Disable for a substantial amount of time. It also deals a maximum base damage of 260.

Tag Team is an AoE ability that amplifies Tusk’s and any other ally’s damage while slowing enemies. In a radius of 350 units, Tusk and his allies deal 95 bonus damage per physical attack to each enemy. Apart from this, every single attack applies a 75% movement speed decrease to the enemy. With a measly Mana cost of 70, this spell is very efficient.

Walrus Punch is Tusk’s ultimate ability; with it, Tusk can hit any enemy unit with a critical attack. This attack deals 400% bonus damage while also Stunning the enemy that Tusk targets. Moreover, the spell also slows the enemies for up to four seconds by 40%. Lastly, it has a very minimal cooldown of 10 seconds, making it extremely spammable.

His ultimate spell and the ability to burst down most heroes in just one move are among his primary advantages. Walrus Punch is a key factor in why all Support players should learn how to play Tusk in Dota 2.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Tusk in Dota 2

Ice Shards are a nuking spell that has a multitude of uses. One integral use of this ability is to use it right after Stunning enemies to block their future paths. Moreover, it can also be used as a defensive spell to stop enemies from chasing Tusk. Furthermore, one can also easily secure Lasthits in the Lane with the use of Ice Shards.

Snowball is perhaps the biggest practical spell in Tusk’s interesting arsenal. Before actually using it, one must know that pressing the cast button right after using it will activate Snowball faster. It is also worth noting that one can use it to save allies by collecting them into one’s Snowball. Fetching allies also give the Snowball bonus damage.

This ability also means that Tusk often has a reliable save against spells like Necrophos’s Reaper Scythe. Besides this, the Snowball is an efficient initiating spell that allows Tusk to enter fights without any drawbacks. In Snowball, Tusk can still use his spells, meaning he can combine his Ice Shards with the usage of his spell.

In the Early Game, few spells are better than Tag Team at harassing enemies in the Lane. Each time the enemy Core steps up to the Last hit, one should use Tag Team to hit them, forcing retreats. It is also vital to use Tag Team before Walrus Punch to ensure maximum damage output.

With Walrus Punch, Tusk launches enemies into the air, stopping any tasks they are performing. This is best to invade the Backlines of a fight to kill supports and stop enemies from landing any combos. A great strength of Walrus Punch is its ability to pierce Spell Immunity, making it a great Disable against BKBs.

Item Build

How to Play Tusk in Dota 2

In the Lane, Tusk is relatively strong as he has a good movement speed and decent Attack Damage. With these traits, he can easily harass enemy Supports. What he does need, however, is tonnes of healing to assist his Offlaner. He can achieve this goal with items like Tangoes, Healing Salves, Enchanted Mangoes, and Iron Branches.

By the end of the Laning Stage, Tusk aims to have a solid base for the Midgame. A Magic Wand and Phase Boots help immensely increase his survivability later on. Besides this, he usually starts gathering money for a Blink Dagger which he uses in ganking Lanes. The Blink Dagger also helps him reposition in fights easily.

In the Midgame, Tusk can either build Support items or Transition into a Core with an item like Desolator. The best build is to continue with Support items like Aghanim’s Shard, which help with his team fighting. Another viable option is either to go for the Aghanim’s Sceptre or the Black King Bar, both of which increase his potency in getting kills.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Tusk in Dota 2

As a Support, Tusk’s main priority in the Laning Stage is to ensure his Core player has a good time. In contrast, it is also necessary to ensure that the enemy Carry suffers and cannot get enough Farm. To do this effectively, he must establish and maintain a favorable Creep Equilibrium in the Lane.

He can take multiple steps to achieve this stable Creep Equilibrium. One integral step is the pulling of the large Neutral Camp into the Offlane to reduce enemy pressure. Apart from this, he can also focus on dragging the enemy creeps under his own tower, making Lasthitting easy. Constantly denying allied Ranged Creeps is also a vital step.

After the Laning Stage and even throughout it, Tusk is an unparalleled ganker who can make getting kills effortless. His Disabling spell, combined with his damage amplification, can make most heroes fall to him. While ganking other Lanes, one should also make a conscious effort to block enemy camps and Ward off their jungles.

Slowly but surely, his ganks lead to a lead in both gold and XP for his team. To accelerate this lead, Tusk should join his Offlaner in smoking and invading enemy jungles. Constantly applying pressure with kills and pushing Towers is the best way to ensure he wins games. He should also kill Lane Creeps to encourage Tower Pressure in the Sidelanes.

Tusk is a very effective ganker and Roaming Support who can make getting kills easier than most. He works exceptionally well in most Lineups and can aid most drafts in achieving their aggressive goals. Learning his power spikes and how to play Tusk in Dota 2 is an easy way to win games.

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