How to Play Treant Protector in Dota 2

Do you want to know how to play support as Treant Protector in Dota 2?

Guardian of the forest, Treant Protector, is a Strength-Based support hero that can easily command entire fights. With the ability to heal structures, there are many who falter before his defensive abilities. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to destroy towers. This is also a significant reason to learn how to play Treant Protector in Dota 2.

Besides being incredibly Tanky due to his above-average Strength gain for Support, he also possesses solid Lockdown. Moreover, his ability to move through obstacles such as trees makes him an asset in scouting enemy positions. It is also worth noting that, this is also a very effective escape and initiation mechanism for fights.

Not just a good support, his spells make him an excellent Laner who can dominate most, if not all, Offlaners. Furthermore, his insanely serious physical damage at his base level is another reason for his daunting aura. Lastly, his incredible global healing ability is another major reason to learn how to play Treant Protector in Dota 2.

With his massive AoE Rooting ability and other useful spells, he tends to work well with many allies. Some of these allies are Sven, Warlock, and Medusa, who can capitalize on his spells. As for his enemies, he can easily counter Storm Spirit or Phantom Assassin with his serious damage and bamboozling moves.

Treant Protector’s Abilities

Treant Protector

With his mastery of controlling trees, he uses Nature’s Grasp to create vines in a straight line. These vines slow and damage any enemy they come in contact with while also helping scout areas. Because of their ridiculous sixty damage per second, they can output massive damage throughout their twelve-second duration.

Treant Protector’s second ability is Leech Seed which allows him to input a seed into an enemy unit. However, this seed is extremely dangerous and steals health from the enemy Treant Protector targets. In return for damaging enemies, it also releases pulses that heal any allied units around the enemy or Treant Protector.

One of his most iconic abilities, Living Armor, is what he uses to heal allies and repair structures globally. Not only providing them with healing, but its most effective use is the bonus armor that it gives to allies. For a massive duration of thirty seconds, this ability provides up to twenty bonus armor with the appropriate talent.

An excellent method of scouting enemy positions or catching their Backlines, Nature’s Guise gives Treant Protector numerous buffs. With this spell, he can easily move through all trees with bonus Movement Speed and a greater tree search radius. The only condition is that taking damage causes Treant Protector to lose his buff and added benefits.

His ultimate ability, Overgrowth, is one of the most potent Lockdown and team-fighting abilities in the game. This ability allows Treant Protector to Root enemies in a massive radius of 800 units. The duration for which the effect lasts goes to a maximum of five seconds, and it also deals 75 DPS.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Treant Protector in Dota 2

Many are not aware of the fact that Nature’s Grasp actually deals 50% more damage when touching a tree. So one should consciously ensure that they use this spell near trees to output the maximum damage. In the Lane, Nature’s Grasp is great for harassing enemies and can act as a barrier for enemies.

Like Nature’s Grasp, Leech Seed is also a great tool to harass and Zone out enemies in the Lane. Whenever enemies step up to the Last hit or Deny creeps, one should play aggressively to get an effective cast. Leech Seed is also functional as a method to scout invisible units, as it ignores Fog of War and invisibility.

For the amount of utility it provides, Living Armor actually consumes very minor resources. As a result, it is imperative to use the spell as much as possible. Being able to eliminate the need for healing items is also why learning how to play Treant Protector is lucrative. Moreover, one should also continuously heal towers, to delay enemy pressure.

As Overgrowth both deals damage and does not allow enemies to use escaping abilities or items, it is incredibly useful. It is best as a tool to either disrupt fights as they are taking place or to catch evasive heroes. Moreover, Overgrowth also applies Disarm, which means it can be helpful in Kiting enemy Cores when they are most threatening.

Item Build

How to Play Treant Protector in Dota 2

Treant Protector is quite Tanky in the Lane, so he does not require as many Stats as other heroes. Consequently, one should instead look into buying healing with items like Tangoes, Healing Salves, Enchanted Mangoes, and Clarities. Furthermore, Observer Wards to place stable Vision is also a must to win the Lane.

Because of his immense physical damage and multiple Slows, it only makes sense to amplify it. To do this, Treat Protector can buy an Orb of Venom and easily bully enemy Supports and Offlaners. This combined ridiculous amount of Slow makes it incredibly easy to set up kills and easy Pickoffs.

Next up, Treant Protector should make Boots of Speed, making him more mobile and a better ganker. These Boots and his inherent movement speed buff allow him to move around easily. Another great item to pursue is the Magic Wand, which both makes him Tankier and increases minor attributes.

As he moves onto the Midgame, he should start looking into items that accelerate his fighting and farming potential. Perhaps the best item in this category is the Meteor Hammer, which enables him to pressure Sidelanes easily. Besides this, Arcane Boots are also a major priority to ensure he never runs out of Mana in fights.

After these items, his next choices depend on the game’s situation. Some possible choices are the Aghanim’s Shard or Aghanim’s Sceptre, amplifying his abilities. Apart from this, he can also look into buying a Blink Dagger, which helps him set up his abilities. Lastly, it will also help him easily reposition in fights.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Treant Protector in Dota 2

As a Lane Support, Treant has no greater purpose than enabling his carry to farm effectively. Due to this, there are various factors he needs to consider and maintain to win the Lane. The first of these is to ward the Lane, which results in a safe environment where his Core can farm. 

Next in line is another factor that will help him win Lane flawlessly. This vital factor is maintaining the Creep Equilibrium so that his Carry can always be Lasthitting effortlessly. To establish and maintain this integral equilibrium, he should actively pull the lane, drag enemy creeps and deny allied creeps.

When moving onto the Midgame, Treant Protector, with his scouting abilities, becomes an excellent Ganker. This means that as soon as his ultimate ability is Off-Cooldown, he should participate in fights. In addition to this, smoking and ganking other Lanes is perhaps the best way to gain an advantage.

Treant Protector is a fantastic hero once one can understand his Power Spikes and his intricacies. With the right draft and in the hands of the right player, there are few players who can combat him. Learning how to play Treant Protector in Dota 2 is beneficial for all supports and can help one gain MMR.

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