How to Play the Knight in Dead by Daylight

Want to take down survivors in Dead by Daylight easily? Learn how to play The Knight after reading this post.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game that was released in 2016. In the game, one player takes on the role of a powerful killer, while the other players play as survivors who must try to escape from the killer and avoid being caught and killed. 

The game has become famous for its intense, suspenseful gameplay and has a dedicated following of players.

Before we learn how to play the knight as the killer, let’s briefly discuss this character’s background.

The Knight

How to Play The Knight

There are 30 Killer characters in-game; one of the most popular is Tarhos Kovács, also known as the Knight. The character came from the old Hungarian story of a child being enslaved and his home getting destroyed.

Special Ability

How to Play The Knight: Special Ability

The Knight’s unique ability is the Guard Summon. Once activated, he will create a path that can pass through objects and make a Guard at the trail’s end, and it will patrol for a specific duration. 

Once the guard detects a survivor, it automatically activates the ability “Hunt” to chase down the survivor. There are three types of Guards that you can summon, and each has a different specialty.

The Carnifex

How to Play The Knight: The Carnifex

Once you order this guard to do so, he will be able to destroy objects faster than any other guard that you may have at your disposal. 

This unique ability makes him particularly useful in certain situations, such as when you need to clear a path or break through a pallet quickly. This guard can help you to gain the upper hand in any situation and emerge victorious.

The Assassin

How to Play The Knight: The Assassin

Because the assassin moves faster than other guards, it is handy for detecting and catching survivors. When it spots a survivor, The Assassin will quickly close the distance and use its enhanced speed to try and land a hit. 

This can make the assassin a valuable asset to any team, as its ability to quickly take down survivors can give you a significant advantage in the game.

The Jailer

How to Play The Knight: The Jailer

When you choose the Jailer as your guard, you will quickly realize that it has a significantly longer patrol duration than any other guard.  

In particular, you can use this increased patrol duration to your advantage by positioning the Jailer near generators, typically popular destinations for survivors. 

By having the Jailer on constant patrol near these generators, you can ensure that any survivors who try to repair them will be quickly detected and dealt with. This can help you to maintain control over the game and increase your chances of victory.

How to Play The Knight

The Knight in Dead by Daylight

The main goal of the Knight’s power is to get them to detect the survivors. You do this by getting them inside the Green Circle around the guard. The guards are a great source of pressure, but the trick is to spot a survivor and chase them. 

However, using your guard will make your main character idle while using this ability. Additionally, expect that most of the time you use the guard, it will not instantly kill or detect somebody, so you need to be patient when using this ability.

Moreover, you need to use your in-game sound to detect survivors since it is more reliable than spamming the guard. Take note that survivors could see the green circle, so they know if you’re around for them to run and escape.

You should also use the summon ability to corner out a survivor. Refrain from following the guard if they detect someone since both of you will come from behind. 

You can predict where the survivor is heading to that you to cut them off while the guard is chasing them.

On top of that, you can always use your summon ability to block any chokepoints when chasing a player. His ability can pass through objects like pallets, so you don’t need to circle when using the guard ability.


Perks in dead by daylight

Three perks are available for the character The Knight in Dead by Daylight, and each has unique abilities and effects that you can use to gain an advantage over the survivors. 

Below, we will briefly explain each of these perks and give tips on using them effectively in your games to dominate against the survivors and emerge victorious.

Remember Me

Remember Me perk in dead by daylight

The Remember Me lets The Knight reveal the aura of all nearby survivors when he kicks a generator. This perk can be helpful in certain situations, as it enables the Knight to see the survivors’ locations, even if they are hiding or attempting to escape. 

The aura of the survivors will be revealed for a short period, allowing The Knight to pursue and attack them.

Hex: Face The Darkness

Hex: Face the darkness perk in dead by daylight

To activate this perk, The Knight must first injure a survivor. Once the survivor has been injured, It will activate the perk, revealing the position of all other nearby survivors. 

However, remember that the effect of the Remember Me perk will eventually fade once the injured survivor is down. 


hubris perk in dead by daylight

It is a passive perk for the knight that when you are stunned, the survivor will have the Exposed status effect for a short time, making them easier to track and attack.

In conclusion, It is challenging to play as the killer, especially when you’re playing against a skilled player. Hopefully, you’ve learned how to play The Knight after reading this article.

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