How to Play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2

Would you like to learn how to play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2?

Dragonus, the Skywrath Mage, is perhaps the game’s greatest magic spell caster and nuker. With his extreme burst damage and minimal cooldowns, he is an incredibly threatening hero if in the right hands. These attributes and great stat progression make learning how to play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2 extremely lucrative.

His primary attribute, Intelligence, is where he excels with one of the highest intelligence gains per level in Dota 2. Moreover, he is also at the top of the food chain in base intelligence values. This gives him an exemplary mana pool and solid damage and armor, giving him an inherent advantage.

Apart from this, his exceptional spell casting is only made better because he also benefits from a long cast range. He also has nuking abilities that disable enemies, making them easy targets to bring down. Moreover, though he has no explicit farming abilities, his spells help him farm. These constitute further reasons to play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2.

Skywrath Mage, with his immense magic damage, is a counter for many heroes lacking magical resistance. Some of these heroes are Enchantress and Timbersaw, as their defenses leave them open against magical nukes. As for heroes who Skywrath can work well with, Faceless Void and Legion Commander are good examples with their stuns.

Skywrath Mage’s Abilities

How to Play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2

Arcane Bolt is a target-unit nuking ability that has potential ever-scaling damage. This means that, as Skywrath Mage’s intelligence increases, so does the damage of Arcane Bolt. It has a base damage of 135 and an already impressive, long cast range. Moreover, a cooldown of two seconds is among the lowest in the entire game.

His second ability, Concussive Shot is a minor disable because it slows the targets it hits. Apart from hitting an individual target, the spell also damages and slows enemies in a small radius. Moreover, this spell has a huge finding range, allowing it to hunt heroes from quite far away.

Another of Skywrath Mage’s disabling abilities is the Ancient Seal, a target-unit ability that silences whoever the ability targets. Apart from just silencing heroes, the spell also decreases their Magic Resistance. As a result, Skywrath Mage’s own abilities deal with a further amplified version of their overpowered selves.

As for his ultimate ability, Mystic Flare is an overwhelming AoE magic damage ability that can eliminate heroes instantly. With a max of 2050 damage with the appropriate talent, it is easy to see why this ability is daunting. The Flare itself lasts for almost two seconds, and with its twenty-second minimal cooldown, there are few that match it.

The Mystic Flare spell is one of the best burst damage spells in the entire game. Another reason one should learn to play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2. Not only does it help one kill creeps, but it also destroys support heroes when fights begin.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2

His first ability, Arcane Bolt is a straightforward spell but is potent in its damage and use-cases. Its very high cost-to-damage ratio means one should spam it in the lane at every possible opportunity. A solid scaling potential allows it to be useful, both as a fighting and farming tool at all moments.

As one cannot control who Concussive Shot targets, it is important to know the correct positioning in a fight. Its impressive and great distance is also a way to render Blink Daggers useless, as it cancels them. Acting as a great way to scout real heroes from illusions, Concussive Shot plays a utilitarian role in various situations.

Ancient Seal is quite a useful spell because it has multiple aspects. Firstly, using this spell at the start of initiation to make the most of its Magic Resistance reduction is optimal. Moreover, an early point in this ability is crucial to enable early kill potential. It also has a long-range, which helps in inhibiting enemy initiations entirely.

The damage that Mystic Flare outputs are in the form of waves and deals damage to all targets equally. Resultantly, it can be a great way to break up enemy formations while also enabling solo pickoffs. Moreover, though many do not use it as a farming tool, it is appropriate to use it in this case. It is also impeccable in combination with Ancient Seal.

Item Build

Item Build

Skywrath Mage works best as a Support because, with his insane damage, he doesn’t need to rely on major items. Being a Support also means he needs to secure a solid laning stage for his core. To do this, he needs to place appropriate vision and buy healing to assist his carry or Offlane in Lane. 

The Null Talisman is one integral piece of equipment for Skywrath Mage, both in the lane and in the game. These are extremely potent due to their spell amplification and stats, which Skywrath Mage can lack at times. Firstly, the Null Talisman and the Ancient Seal allow him to output unprecedented damage that easily dominates targets.

Many go as far as to fill their entire inventory with just Null Talismans, as their attributes stack. After an appropriate amount of Null Talismans, one should look into the types of Boots they should buy. For an extremely aggressive playstyle, Arcane Boots work well, while Boots of Travel suit a game with a slower tempo.

One of, if not the most important item to buy after his Null Talismans is the Rod of Atos. The potency and incredible potential within this item lie in the fact that it can root enemies easily. Holding enemies in place to make them vulnerable to the damage output from Mystic Flare is enough to eliminate them.

In the Late Game, there are many choices for what Skywrath Mage should choose. All of these items depend entirely on the situation and what he needs at the time. Two very prominent options are the Ethereal Blade and the Scythe of Vyse. The Ethereal Blade amplifies his damage while the latter provides some well-needed lockdown.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2

In the lane, few can match the amount of harassment that Skywrath Mage can deliver. This is because of his, low cooldown spells and the amount of damage these spells can output. A tremendous amount of burst damage and even a Silence makes it effortless for him to get kills and assists.

To secure a stable lane where his core is ahead in gold and experience, maintaining the creep equilibrium is vital. Achieving this feat is due in no small part to pushing and dragging creep waves at various time intervals. As soon as enemies step up to Last hit creeps, one should aim to deny creeps while also spamming spells.

Moving onto after the laning stage, as the text suggests above, few can match his killing potential. To efficiently use these traits, he needs to be constantly in fights. He can also easily do this as he has very low cooldowns and mostly low-cost spells. Smoking with his cores to invade the enemy jungle is the only way to establish and maintain a lead.

The sheer damage that he outputs is fear worthy and why he is so incredibly popular at every MMR Bracket. Skywrath Mage is devastating in the right hands and makes coming up against him truly terrifying. Learning all his tricks and power spikes to conquer the game can be overwhelming. This is why it is crucial to learn how to play Skywrath Mage in Dota 2.

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