How to Play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege

Would you like to learn how to play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege?

Neon Ngoma Mutombo, also known as Sens, is another attack operator in Rainbow Six Siege’s vast arsenal. This character’s first appearance occurred in Operation Vector Glare, and since, is an essential member of Wolfguard. As an incredibly useful Intel Denier, it is a must to learn how to play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege.

They became a combat engineer after excelling in military sciences and tactical training. In whatever work they undertook, Ngoma’s intelligence and creativity were indispensable. They would assist their allies by providing techniques to deflect the focus of the opposition and undermine opposing defenses.

In 2022, Gilles “Montagne” Touré and Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon approached Ngoma about joining Rainbow’s Wolfguard, their humanitarian unit. Ngoma then trained with Montagne and Lion to familiarise themselves with their skills. Now Sens is at a point, where all players should learn how to play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege.

Sens Ability

How to Play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege

The ROU Projector, a wheel-like device that scatters tiny projectors over the ground, is Sens’ Unique Gadget. One may throw the ROU or send it rolling, when it does, a series of projectors behind it detonate. These detonations build a wall of light. The screen is highly flexible, cutting off lines of sight even though physical objects can still pass through it.

This opaque wall is perfect for blocking the Defender’s line of sight and giving the Attackers cover. The reason why this wall is actually so potent in gameplay is that it fully obstructs everything behind it. This gives the attackers more than enough time to invade sights and initiate solid fights. Moreover, defenders have no choice but to rotate or move.

Zigzag walls created by this device, which has an 11-meter rolling range, last for 13 seconds. The opaque wall does a great job of shielding the attackers from a flank or while they install the defuser. In addition, its extensive utility makes it a true reason to learn how to play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege.

How to Utilize their Ability

How to Play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege

Though the gadget might seem very simple at the onset, it has a few versatile uses. Firstly, one can give their squad an advantage by using the ROU projectors to distance themselves from the defenders. Next, one can save the gadget for later and guarantee a win in the post-plant situation with correct positioning.

The above scenario can be functional if, one saves the gadget and uses it once the plant completes. At this stage, time pressure will force enemies into walking through the wall, leading to effortless kills. Even if the defenders try to stop the diffuser, Sens can throw utility toward the enemies to steer them away.

As the article also says below, it is a must to learn the map before one picks Sens in games. This is true because Sens is useless without knowing where to actually use their walls. Moreover, one should realize that they can deploy the gadget through a drone hole. Doing this allows Sens to activate the gadget with minimal costs.

Once one has a good hold on how to use this ability, they are very close to being masters of this hero. At that stage, one’s journey of how to play Sens completes, and one can start getting constant wins.


How to Play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege

The brand-new POF-9 assault rifle will be of use by Sens on the battlefield. With 51 rounds, the new AR has a big magazine capacity, so one won’t need to reload very frequently. The POF-9 is a highly suggested option for Sens’ loadout due to its mild recoil and damage ratings. However, it is still not the most beginner-friendly weapon.

The 417 DMR with the 2.5x scope will be a better option if one’s playstyle includes holding wide angles. One of the top DMRs in the game is the 417 DMR, which is also compatible with Twitch and Lion. As a 1-speed support operator, Sens can use the DMR. This is because it can potentially prove fatal in post-plant scenarios.

Sens can choose either the Gonne-6 or the SDP 9mm handgun as their backup gun. Players should select the Gonne-6 and the POF-9 AR, as per the current meta. The Gonne-6 provides Sens with an extra tool to dismantle defense devices and increase their flexibility. Lastly, because of the large magazine space, one has little need for the pistol.

For their secondary gadget, Sens decides to choose between the Hardbreach Charge or Claymores. The decision here changes with one’s lineup and game strategy. The Hardbreach Charge will typically be more useful. This is because it will allow Sens to serve as a backup hard breacher and make them a flexible attacker.


Rainbow Six Siege

Sens is an excellent contender to fill the flex role. This is because they are one of the few operators with access to the hard breach device. With this gadget, attackers can isolate certain defenders, making it easier for them to seize site control.

When contending with shields, Mira windows, Head holes, Crossfires, and much more. Sens can easily enable one to block several defender lines of sight in order to win those key 1v1 battles. This will allow the attackers to gain early site control, making it almost impossible to go in and fight back.

To make the most of the sight-blocking wall when using this operator, you must be familiar with the map. One should also effectively communicate with their team. Sens may not be as effective as they may be if they are solo queuing. Further, issues also arise when one’s teammates are having communication issues.



Who one chooses and how one performs versus their opponent is one of the most important parts of Rainbow Six Siege. Additionally, keeping strong synergy with one’s allies is something else that might be important for winning battles. As a result, in order to master one’s gameplay, one must understand when to use and apply Sens’ skills.

As for allies who may work incredibly well with Sens, there are two serious candidates. The first; Glaz, is aggressive and takes advantage of Sens’ wall to shoot enemies. This is possible because Glaz’s scope can look through the wall and easily spot enemies. The second of these candidates is Osa and her defensive shields for Sens’ wall.

Coming on to enemies, the first counter that Sens faces in the game is Warden and his Smart Glasses. With these glasses, he can clearly see through the walls they make. Secondly, Jager’s ADS and Wamai’s MAG-NETs can also intercept the ROU and eliminate its movement. Furthermore, Aruni’s Surya Gates is also a potent counter for Sens’ walls.

Moving on, Maestro’s Evil Eyes can see through the walls, however, they cannot destroy it with its laser. Another counter to their ability is Mute’s Signal Jammers which render any of the ROU projectors in their vicinity useless. Even though there are a lot of counters to the gadget, Sens is still quite useful. Furthermore, they can be a vital asset to all teams.

Sens, though a bit unpopular in the current meta, has all the tools necessary to win. They have a well-balanced arsenal, a solid gadget, and good stats to go along with this. With enough practice, one can learn to use the ROU system properly and win games. As a result, it is a must to learn how to play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege.

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