How to Play Mars in Dota 2

Would you like to learn how to play Mars in Dota 2?

A highly popular Offlane hero for highly ranked players, Mars is a balanced hero that can plow through entire teams. With his powerful Laning abilities and solid power spikes early on. In addition to this, his excellent Creep Clear makes learning how to play Mars in Dota 2 crucial for players.

Though he does have a minimal Mana Pool, his abilities have relatively short cooldowns. This means he can be highly aggressive while also spamming his abilities at enemies. These traits are also further reasons why one should learn how to play Mars in Dota 2.

Another thing that makes Mars so useful is his multiple disables and knockbacks. These are even more potent as Mars possesses a lot of AoE and massive team-fighting potential.

Due to his versatility both in the Lane and in the game, he can fare well with many allies. Some of these are Disruptor, Kunkka, Monkey King, Sven, and Medusa due to their potential for AoE damage. In contrast, heroes he can easily counter include Phantom Assasin, Terrorblade, and Spectre. This is because of their minimal escapes.

Mars’ Abilities

How to Play Mars in Dota 2

Mars’ primary source of lockdown is the Spear of Mars, which allows him to pin enemies onto trees and structures. The Spear deals both damages and stuns enemies if Mars can successfully skewer a hero. If unable to connect with a structure, the target enemy faces a momentary disable. Dealing 325 damage, the Spear also pushes enemies back 75 units.

Next is God’s Rebuke, a spell that grants Mars the ability to smash enemies with his shield, dealing AoE damage. He gains the opportunity to perform a critical attack and deals up to 270% of his own attack damage. He also gains a damage bonus depending on how many heroes he hits. Lastly, this ability has a knockback, pushing enemies 150 units.

His third ability is what makes Mars incredibly useful against long-range carry heroes. This is because Bulwark gives Mars both Side and Front damage reduction. Apart from this, the ability allows Mars to absorb hits that ranged heroes use on his allies. As a result, it allows him to be a flawless frontliner who can aid his team in absorbing damage.

Arena of Blood; Mars’ ultimate ability is an impeccable team-fighting ability that traps enemies in an arena. No enemies can escape this arena except when one is spell-immune. Also, Mars’ warriors surround the area and push back while damaging those who try to escape. The Arena of Blood lasts for 7 seconds with a long cooldown.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Mars in Dota 2

The Spear of Mars is arguably one of the most potent disables in the game, however, it has a Skill Cap. If able to land the Spear onto a core, it is probable that Mars’ allies can eliminate them. Its impressive 2.6-second stun duration also makes it a great kiting tool. This is surely a key reason to learn how to play Mars in Dota 2.

God’s Rebuke is an all-purpose ability that can do many things at once. Firstly, it is a great Farming tool when combined with the Spear of Mars. Next, it makes it extremely easy to dish out a large amount of damage instantly. Lastly, it also acts as an escaping mechanism, this is due to the knockback it can deliver onto an enemy.

Though Bulwark seems quite simple, many ignore the utility it can provide Mars and his team. The best way to use this spell is when taking a tower or pushing Highground. This is because it allows Mars’ team to be safe from enemy attacks and tower hits. Moreover, it can also be an efficient way to back off from risky fights.

Because of its long cooldown, the Arena of Blood is an ability one should conserve for the right moment. Using it at just the right moment to trap an enemy core is a surefire way to turn the game. Additionally, if one can spear a hostile in the Arena, it leads to effortless solo kills on supports.

Item Build

How to Play Mars in Dota 2

Starting off, Mars can be a bit weak due to his lack of attack damage. He can compensate for this by building a Quelling Blade. Moreover, due to his aggressive tendencies, it is important to get enough healing. As a result, one should prioritize getting Tangoes, Healing Salves, and Enchanted Mangoes.

While in the Laning Stage, Mars can use a Soul Ring to compensate for his small Mana Pool. This also gives him armor, making him even more durable. While still in the Laning Stage, he can start building his Phase Boots. After his Phase Boots are complete, he can start on his Blink Dagger, which is essential for his build.

After the Blink Dagger is complete, he can go for many items. In the Early Game, these can include the Blademail or the Armlet of Mordiggian for a defensive approach. As for aggressive items, he can build a Desolator or an Assault Cuirass. Lastly, a BKB is extremely important to ensure he can initiate and teamfight well.

As for items he may need in certain games, he can go for an Aeon Disk to survive fights. Moreover, he can also go for the Wraith’s Pact, which helps his entire team mitigate damage while fighting. Another item just like this is the Shivas Guard, which is great against carries with intense attack-damage sources.

In Laning Stage and Gameplay

Play Mars in Dota 2

In the Lane, Mars is a much more aggressive Laner than many other Offlaners. This is because, with his arsenal and abilities and the help of a stable Support, he can get easy kills. Due to this, Mars should always aim to pressure his allies and force fights early on. However, his main goal in Lane is to stop the enemy carry from Farming sufficiently.

The first way he can stop the enemy from getting enough Lasthits is to control the Creep Equilibrium. He can do this quite easily by denying his own creeps while securing the enemy ranged creep. Apart from this, he can also help his Support pull the Lane. These steps allow him to both control the Lane and establish an advantage.

An ideal way to maintain this lead in gold and XP is to force fights when Mars is most potent. This is when Mars gets his Blink Dagger and a few basic items like his Phase Boots. With these items, Mars is a threat to all enemy heroes in the Midgame. He should also put a conscious effort into ganking other Lanes and pushing towers.

After getting a few kill participations, he should aim to invade the enemy jungle by Smoking with his Team. This allows him to steal Map Control efficiently, while also securing vision over his opponents.

Mars is the optimal Offlaner for those who prefer an aggressive gameplay. Although, this is not all Mars does; he can also pick up Farms relatively easily. Because of this, he can match enemy Offlaners and ensure he is always ahead. These aspects make learning how to play Mars in Dota a viable time investment for nearly all Offlaners.

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