How to Play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege

Would you like to win games by playing Grim in Rainbow Six Siege?

Charlie Tho Keng Boon, better known as Grim in the world of R6S, features as an attacking operator. Not a part of the initial operators, he came as a part of the Operation Brutal Swarm expansion. As an operator that can both gather intel while also being efficient at denying enemy control. It is mandatory to learn how to play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege.

An upbringing with his survivalist father, Grim grew up with extensive knowledge of how to protect himself. To utilize this information even further, he became a part of the Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit. Here, and next at the SAF Military Intelligence Institute’s School of Army Reconnaissance, his skills had an exponential growth.

Taking notice of his skills and exceptional work, Kali prioritized recruiting him into Nighthaven. Since his initiation into Nighthaven, he swiftly made his mark and became an integral part. Moreover, he also had involvement in the break-in at Nighthaven. His importance to the game makes it a must to learn how to play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege.

Grim’s Ability

How to Play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege

The name of Grim’s special gadget is the Kawan Hive Launcher. This exquisite ability allows Grim to release nano-bot swarms by firing canisters that attach to any surface. In addition to pinging enemies, the swarm follows any Defender who enters the ability effect area. This allows Grim to track enemies in real time as long as the swarm is after them.

Grim’s Kawan Hive Launcher channels his inner predatory instincts and allows him to track and swiftly eliminate enemies. Moreover, his hive spreads over a relatively large area. As soon as the hive sticks onto a surface, it opens by itself and releases the corresponding bees. These bees act in a large area of 4×4 meters, which can be enough to deny control.

Apart from just covering a large area, Grim has five shots with the ability. Furthermore, he also does not need to reload between shots and can fire simultaneously. Another point worth noting is that the pinging continues for eight seconds. This ability is definitely the key reason why one should learn how to play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege.

How to Use his Ability

How to Play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege

A key aspect of this ability and what makes it so lucrative is the fact that the pinging is constant. What this means is that, if enemies come in contact for a short while, one becomes aware of their movements. This lets a player know an enemy team’s rotations and tactics for the next few seconds. It also has minimal time drag.

Another characteristic of the Kawan Hive Launcher worth knowing is that they are bulletproof and melee-proof. However, they fall victim to explosives, so one should use the ability with care. Knowing that an enemy can destroy them easily, Grim should use his power in spots that one might not expect. 

Grim is excellent for both exposing enemy positions and pushing anchors from cover.  This is because it compels them to either move or faces the penalties for showing their presence. All this is due to the immense teamfight potential of the intel that the Kawan Hive Launcher provides. Lastly, it allows Grim to work even better with many of his allies.


How to Play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege

The first choice that Grim has for his primary weapon is the 552 Commando Assault Rifle. This gun has a fast reload time and has very serious single-shot damage. On the other hand, it has noticeable recoil and a slow rate of fire. The second primary weapon is the SG-CQB shotgun which has good damage. However, it does suffer because of low ammo reserves.

As for his secondary weapon, he has but one choice; the P229 Handgun. A version of the P226 MK, this new version has minimal improvements. A similar damage model to the P226 makes it a viable weapon in close quarters. In contrast, it has a lesser magazine capacity and can suffer quite a bit and extensive firefights.

For his additional gadgets, he can choose between Claymores and Breach Charges. Both of these gadgets are quite famous and have good traits that one can use. However, as an attacking operator, Breach Charges are often the better choice for players. They also allow him to be more aggressive.

Overall, though a loadout can change a lot, the best choices are quite definitive. The 552 Commando, P229 Handgun, and Breach Charges may be optimal loadouts for Grim players. 


Grim in Rainbow Six Siege

When beginning to play Grim, players must adapt to the fact that the Hive sticks to whatever surface it touches. This implies that initial positioning is crucial. Even though an operator would ordinarily be within range of the Hive, they are secure from the bees as long as they are behind a solid surface like a wall, door, or file cabinet.

Grim may be used as an Entry, Second Entry, or Flex player. He can scout for around 40 seconds because he has five Hives at his disposal. The player may even expend three hives to completely deplete the enemy’s ADS. While still having two left over for genuine reconnaissance if they are ready to use all of their resources.

Grim has various skills in addition to his mastery in pinging annoying shield operators and clearing anchor spots. He can also effortlessly achieve crowd control with beehives. Dropping a Hive at one entrance will allow the player to cover another zone while feeling secure. During this 8 seconds duration, adversaries won’t be able to catch Grim off guard.



One of the most crucial aspects of Rainbow Six Siege is who one picks and how that character fares against one’s opponents. Moreover, maintaining good synergy with one’s allies can also be the key to winning games. As a result, to perfect one’s gameplay, one must know when to actually pick and utilize Grim’s talents.

Firstly, as for allies that Grim works incredibly well with, we have Jackal and Lion. For both of these operators, their tracking gadgets work perfectly with Grim’s own ability. Because of this, the detection and vision one gets have no match in the entire game. With it, any roaming defenders fall victim to their gadgets and become easy targets to kill easily.

Though Grim is quite strong on the battlefield, he does have quite a few counters that weaken him. The first of these countering operators, and perhaps the most effective, is Mute. Mute’s signal jammers make it impossible for Grim to use his ability efficiently. Next, any walls that Bandit or Kaid arm with their gadgets are also off-limits for Grim ability.

It is also a very concerning fact that Grim’s Hive Canisters are also weak against Jager’s ADS. Apart from this, Wamai’s MAG-NET and Aruni’s Surya Gates are also counters to Grim’s useful ability. Lastly, a universal way to get rid of his pesky hives is to use impact grenades. Thus, Grim has to be quite careful in his usage of grenades.

Grim is an incredibly well-balanced operator with good abilities and solid weaponry. With enough playtime, Grim can truly become a menace and can help players win easy games. Consequently, learning how to play Grim in Rainbow Six Siege is almost compulsory. This article is the key to unlocking and mastering all his secrets.

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