How to Play Faceless Void in Dota 2

Would you like to know how to carry games with Faceless Void in Dota 2?

One of the most popular carries of all time among both professionals and casual players, Faceless Void is a menace. Relevant in almost all recent patches, with enough Farm, Faceless Void can carry games alone. He is also one of the most significant Late Game Carries. This is yet another reason to learn how to play Faceless Void in Dota 2.

Above-average attribute gains of both Strength and Agility make him a threat at all points in the game. His spells also allow him to have massive damage output if he has the right items in his inventory. Besides this Faceless Void works exceptionally well in solo duels as his spells make him terrifying as a target. He can also destroy structures better than most.

Additionally, Faceless Void has both an escape as well as a survivability tool all in one. This allows him to fight efficiently while making sure he can dominate fights that last long. Apart from this, his well-balanced arsenal also contains multiple methods of crown control and Lockdown. These traits make it a must to learn how to play Faceless Void in Dota 2.

Due to his Crowd Control and versatile abilities, there are multiple heroes who work excellently with Faceless Void. Some of these heroes are Dark Seer, Enigma as well as Invoker for their AoE damage. As for heroes who Faceless Void can counter, Storm Spirit, Anti-Mage and Bloodseeker are on the list. This is because they die very easily if they get stuck.

Faceless Void’s Abilities

How to Play Faceless Void in Dota 2

Faceless Void’s first ability acts as an escape mechanism and a way to initiate fights effortlessly. Time Walk allows him to rush to a location up to 800 units away without the Aghanim’s Shard. The best part of Time Walk is that it reverses any damage that he takes two seconds before using it. It also has a cooldown of just six seconds.

Time Dilation is Faceless Void’s second ability and allows him to slow down enemies in a 775-unit radius. He not only slows them for a base rate, but he also slows them additionally for every ability on cooldown. Each enemy’s ability on cooldown leads to a further 10% slow. It also reduces the cooldown rate by a fixed 60% for enemies.

His primary source of incredible damage; Time Lock is a passive ability that modifies his attacks. With a Proc Chance of 24%, Faceless Void has the potential to stun his target enemies for 0.65 seconds. In addition to this, he also deals bonus damage of 30 for his main attack and the secondary bonus attack. 

One of the most potent Crowd Control abilities in the entire game, Chronosphere is what makes Faceless Void so threatening. Chronosphere grants him the power to trap enemies in a radius of 500, where they are unable to do anything. Faceless Void on the other hand moves even quicker and is free to roam around and damage any units there.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Faceless Void in Dota 2

Time Walk works very similarly to the Blink Dagger and has similar use cases. The most important thing, however, is never to use Time Walk to move to the Highground. This is because he can escape easily if enemies are waiting for Faceless Void. In the Lane, Time Walk is a great way to prevent using Healing right after receiving damage.

It is important to realize how much the Cooldown Reduction Rate can do in a team fight. Thus, one should try to use this ability whenever the enemy has most of their abilities on cooldown. Moreover, utilyzing it right in the center of a team fight helps to affect as many enemies as possible. One should use it constantly because of its low costs.

With Time Lock, he can stun the enemy for a solid 0.65 seconds while also dealing bonus magic damage. As this ability is passive, there is no better way to accelerate his damage output than to increase Attack Speed. Another important fact is that this spell pierces spell immunity, which is a brilliant option against heroes like Lifestealer.

Due to its large radius, it is important to conserve Chronosphere to use it on the maximum number of enemies. It also has an immensely long cooldown and thus should only be of use in massive team fights. It also allows Faceless Void to kill a hero effortlessly, so the targets in the Chronosphere should be appropriate.

Item Build

Dota 2

At the start of the Laning Stage, Faceless Void is already a bit better than other Carries. This is because his attributes are more balanced than his peers. As a result, players need to only boost his stats with items like Quelling Blade and Iron Branches. He can also buy healing such as Tangoes, Healing Salves, Enchanted Mangoes, and Clarities.

As he gets some Farm, he can look to buy a Wraith Band to help boost his attributes even more. After this, the item that players most look forward to is the Mask of Madness as it boosts Attack Speed. With it, Faceless Void can Farm even faster and can easily kill heroes in the Chronosphere. The next step is building an essential item; Power Treads.

After this, a good Faceless Void wants to accelerate his Farm, Damage Output, and Attack Speed. The perfect item for this is Maelstorm which is key to knowing how to play Faceless Void in Dota 2. It provides him with everything he needs and upgrades the Mjolnir, another item he enjoys building.

An essential item in the Mid Game is the Black King Bar. This ensures that no enemies can disturb Faceless Void while he is in the Chronosphere. It also stops enemies from kiting him easily in fights. After this, he can build damage items like the Monkey King Bar or even a Daedalus.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Faceless Void in Dota 2

In the Lane, Faceless Void is initially quite weak but becomes much stronger as he gains XP. As soon as the Lane starts, it is important for Faceless Void to focus on getting as many Lasthits as he can. This allows him to have enough farm to Carry his team in the Late Game. He should stick near the tower for him to do this efficiently.

At level four, when Faceless Void levels up Time Lock to level two is the first opportunity to get kills. After this, he can wait till he gets his Chronosphere to get a straightforward kill on the enemy Offlaner. At this point, he focuses more on getting the Small Lane Camp. Eventually, he can move to shuffle between the Jungle and the Lane.

After getting a few items, he can gather up with his teammates as soon as the Chronosphere is off cooldown. With this combination, he can aid his team in getting effortless kills all over the map. When it is on cooldown again, he can go back to pressuring Lanes and Pushing towers while also hitting creeps.

With his Chronosphere and the potential damage he can output with the correct Farm, Faceless Void is truly daunting. He deserves fame at all gameplay levels and is one of the best Cores in the game. It is a must to learn how to play Faceless Void in Dota 2 as it leads to easy wins.

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