How to Play Disruptor in Dota 2

Do you want to know how to play Support with Disruptor in Dota 2?

Disruptor, the Stormcrafter is an Intelligence-based support hero specializing in catching and ganking enemies out of position. Because of his Disables and Nuking abilities, he is an exceptional spellcaster that dominates entire fights. Because of this, each Support player should learn how to play Disruptor in Dota 2.

He is quite popular because he is an incredible magician with potent spells that help him at all stages in the game. Moreover, his ability to turn around team fights with his AoE spells makes him a valuable asset in the right draft. Apart from this, his spells allow him to be useful even without items, making him good at his sacrificial role.

With his extremely long-range abilities, it is easy for him to catch enemies from distances that no hero can match. In addition to this, he is quite mobile for a Support, making him relatively elusive in the Early Game. It is also worth noting that his AoE spells allow him to farm Neutral Camps and Lane Creeps with ease.

Being quite versatile in his playstyles and builds, there are many heroes who fall victim to his impressive abilities. Some of these heroes include Queen of Pain and Storm Spirit, who once under his grasp, cannot escape. In contrast, teammates he pairs well with are Zeus and Anti-Mage who can use Disruptor’s disables to eliminate enemies painlessly.

Disruptor’s Abilities


His first ability is Thunder Strike which acts as his only nuking and low-cooldown AoE magic damage ability. With Thunder Strike, Disruptor can strike the target with lightning four times, with a max of 140 damage each time. Along with this, he also slows the Enemy by 100% of their Movement Speed with every strike of his lightning.

Glimpse is perhaps one of the most annoying abilities in Dota, and is one of Disruptor’s tools to catch enemies. With Glimpse, from upto 1800 units away, he can call any enemy back to where they were four seconds ago. Not only does this completely disorientate the enemy, but it allows Disruptor’s allies to set up for easy kills.

Kinetic Field is another way for Disruptor to catch enemies spread over a small area. With this spell, he can spawn a barrier of a radius of 350, through which enemies are unable to pass. The circular barrier stays up for a ridiculous 4.4 seconds, making it impossible for enemies to escape him. It also has a very low Mana Cost of only 70 Mana.

Disruptor’s Ultimate Ability; Static Storm is one of the reasons why Supports should play Disruptor in Dota 2. Not only does this ability instantly silence enemies over a radius of 500, but it also damages them. The ability deals a max of 350 damage and stays up for six seconds. This means that he can output an insane amount of damage in six seconds.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Disruptor in Dota 2

Thunder Strike is a relatively low-cost and high Damage Return Magic Damage Spell that he can use to harass enemies. In the Lane, when resources are low, and enemies shy away from using Health Regeneration, this spell becomes very useful. Using it to bully enemies constantly, is the best use it has in the Lane.

Moreover, with its solid damage output, Disruptor can use this spell as a way to farm Lane Creeps. Not only this, but many do not consider how this ability reveals the location of its target for its duration. This is a very beneficial aspect that allows him to scout and trace enemies easily. Consequently, he can take better fights and more useful engagements.

The use of Glimpse, which truly makes it the bane of all heroes highlights the importance of positioning. Whenever an enemy hero teleports to a tower, Disruptor should sit close by and send them back to base. By doing this, they annoy enemies while also wasting their time, and resources and setting up further kills.

Many do not recognize that they fail to use Kinetic Field properly because of its Cast-Delay. This means that after casting the spell, it takes a second for the barrier to establish itself completely. As a result, players should try to predict enemy movement, and place the barrier where enemies will be later on.

Static Storm has an almost instant Cast-Point, which means that it does not allow players to use their spells. Consequently, against heroes like Queen of Pain and Storm Spirit, using Static Storm before Kinetic Field is the ideal method. Moreover, it is also great as a tool to split up enemy defenses, making killing off enemies easier for oneself.

Item Build

How to Play Disruptor in Dota 2

In the initial stages of the Lane, Disruptor needs Mana Regeneration and Health Regeneration for his Carry. His Mana Pool is relatively small and thus, requires a lot of help. As a result, he should buy items like Enchanted Mangoes, Clarities, Tangoes, and Healing Salves to sustain properly in Lane.

Moving on to the Early Game, though he is quite mobile, he needs to buy Boots of Speed, nevertheless. Doing so allows him to boost his repositioning capabilities and his ever-increasing Ganking Potential.  He also requires a Magic Wand, making him Tankier and less needy of Regeneration.

Once the game has reached its midpoint, Disruptor’s priorities should shift to whatever the game requires. These can be a wide variety of items, including but not limited to, Aether Lens, Glimmer Cape, or Ghost Sceptre. In a game where one can be aggressive, Aether Lens is better, while the latter are items to defend oneself.

In the Late Game, the main priority for the Disruptor is to build up to his Aghanim’s Sceptre. This item is crucial in his arsenal as it also Mutes enemies that are under the ability’s effects. Doing so allows him to catch and detain enemies who cannot escape for an incredibly long time.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Disruptor in Dota 2

Like most Supports, Disruptor’s primary goal in the Lane is to secure Lasthits for his Carry player. The optimal way to do this is by maintaining the Creep Equilibrium as well as harassing enemies. Harassing enemies with Spells like Thunder Strike and Physical Attacks stops potential aggressive plays and inhibit ganks from other lanes.

The ideal way to maintain the Creep Equilibrium is by pulling the Side Neutral Camp into the Lane. Moreover, one can also drag the enemy wave under one’s own tower, making it easy for Cores to Last hit. Besides this, a major task for Supports is to focus on denying one’s own creeps and stopping them from Farming.

It is also crucial to visit other lanes every minute or so to ensure they are Farming properly. Furthermore, the cruel combination of Disruptor’s spells makes it easy for him to get kills for his team. He also has quite a large attack range and an even more impressive movement speed, allowing him to ward easily.

Another way that all Supports should aid their team is by Stacking Camps and applying Lane Pressure. Stacking Creeps not only provides Disruptor himself with gold but accelerates Core farm. As for fights, Disruptor best fits into the Sidelines, where he can easily cast spells and reposition himself on demand.

Disruptor is a very useful Support hero who can dominate games when in the right hands. Using his abilities in combination with one another and at the right times makes winning fights a piece of cake. Learning the intricacies of his spellcasting and positioning is key to learning how to play Disruptor in Dota 2.

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