How to Play Broodmother in Dota 2

Would you like to learn how to play Broodmother in Dota 2?

One of the most prevalent Pushing heroes in the game, Broodmother is a menace in the right hands. Broodmother is an exceptional Tower Pusher and can hold a candle to any hero in destroying structures. Moreover, she can move around the map effortlessly with her webs. This is an integral factor in learning how to play Broodmother in Dota 2.

Apart from this, her exceptional mobility also aids her in Farming all over the map, faster than many other cores. With this Farming speed, she can take over enemy Jungles and Neutral Camps, applying constant pressure to their Lanes. Furthermore, applying constant pressure makes her a great Offlaner who can make space for her Carry.

Besides being an all-around great hero to end games fast and secure objectives, Broodmother is also a great fighter. With her skills, she can easily take down most supports and dominates other Offlaners who lack armor. Great Laning potential and an even better Midgame rhythm, make it vital to learn to play Broodmother in Dota 2.

Broodmother works well with many heroes and excels with those who can provide Lockdown. These heroes include Beastmaster and Axe with their AoE Lockdown and area damage. In contrast, heroes she can easily dominate are of various kinds. This category contains individuals such as Sniper, Phantom Assassin, and Drow Ranger.

Broodmother’s Abilities

How to Play Broodmother in Dota 2

Insatiable Hunger is a Self-targeted ability that grants Broodmother with bonus Lifesteal and Attack Damage. For a max duration of 14 seconds, Broodmother can gain up to 100% on all of her attacks. It also provides a great amount of bonus damage that helps her both Farm and kills enemies. Lastly, it consumes minimal Mana, making it quite efficient.

Her second ability, Spin Web, is a major reason why Broodmother is overpowering. With it, she spins a web of a radius of 900 over any area of her choice. While in this radius, she gets Bonus Movement Speed and unobstructed movement. The Health Regen bonus is another reason players must learn how to play Broodmother in Dota 2.

A relatively new ability, Silken Bola allows Broodmother to web a target, slowing them down and dealing damage. With a small range, Broodmother can use this ability on all hostels to deal upwards of 150 damage. Like most of her abilities, Silken Bola is also quite efficient as it has a low Mana Cost. Moreover, it has a downtime of only twelve seconds.

Broodmother’s ultimate ability is the reason for her Pushing and Fighting prowess. Spawn Spiderlings allows her to inject her offspring into another unit. If this unit dies, while under the effect of Spawn Spiderlings, multiple Spiderlings hatch. These Spiderlings are quite terrifying as they last for fifty seconds and deal exceptional damage over time.

How to Utilize her Abilities

How to Play Broodmother in Dota 2

Previously her ultimate ability, Insatiable Hunger, is a great way for Broodmother to sustain and harass enemies in the Lane. This ability’s short Cooldown allows one to both Farm and fight effectively. Turning on the spell every time that Broodmother goes to Farm Ancients or to push Towers is the best decision.

Knowing where to place her webs is perhaps the most important step to mastering Broodmother entirely. In the Lane, her webs should encompass each area she may pass to harass enemies or Farm creeps. Moreover, one should also consider these webs as a way of escaping enemies. As such, she should place webs behind her as well.

Silken Bola is quite a straightforward ability and, thus, has only a few important use cases. One of these integral use cases is to stop enemies from running away when under her team’s grasp. Apart from this, she can also use this spell to secure Lasthits in Lanes where it is impossible. It can also be another way to annoy enemies when they step up.

Though it might sound overly simple, the way to use this ability is to spam it as much as possible. In the Early Game, when Broodmother is desperate to get Farm and a gold lead, she should focus on spiders. These Spiderlings both help her slowly but surely Farm neutral creep camps, and assist her in taking down important objectives.

Item Build

How to Play Broodmother in Dota 2

In the Lane, being so weak has quite a few negative effects on what she can do. As a result, she has to build items that cover up her shortcomings. Firstly, buying Stats and Healing is crucial in succeeding in Lane. Some great items to buy include Iron Branches, Tangoes, Enchanted Mangoes, Healing Salves, and Faerie Fires.

Her Mana Pool is quite small in the Early Game, so she needs quite a bit of help. One can aid this issue by building an Early Soul Ring, which helps her with armor and Mana issues. Moreover, she can also look to purchase a Magic Wand, which grants her survivability. Lastly, buying a Quelling Blade to aid Last Hitting in the Lane is also a great idea.

Reaching the end of the Laning Stage, it is a good idea to have Power Treads in her inventory already. These help her with various things, such as Movement and Attack Speed. At this stage, Broodmother also starts out on building an Orchid Malevolence, an item integral in securing successful Teamfights.

After her Earlygame items, an item her game is not complete without is the Black King Bar. Even though she is very mobile, she is still quite weak and can die to a good combination of spells. To avoid accidents like these, she should purchase a Black King Bar. After this, she can look to upgrade her Orchid Malevolence and a Bloodthorn.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

Laning Stage and Gameplay

Broodmother has quite a different Laning Stage as compared to other Offlaners and is exceptionally weak early on. This is because her ultimate ability, Spawn Spiderlings, is what actually allows her to have an impact. As a result, until she reaches level six, she must be very passive while gathering integral experience and gold.

Once she has level six, she can slowly build up her army of spiderlings. Once she starts this process, she can simultaneously farm in the Lane and in the Side Camps. During this time, she also bullies enemies out of her Lane, allowing her to Farm freely. Around the ten-minute mark, she usually destroys the tower and moves on.

Being a Sidelaner, after the Laning Stage is over due to the destruction of enemy towers, she takes over Jungles. Completely dominating the enemy Safelane Neutrals and Jungle is how she destroys games. Doing this allows her to eliminate map control for enemies while applying pressure. Alternating between the Jungle and the Lane is ideal for her.

Unlike traditional Offlaner who play very aggressively and jump at enemies, Broodmother takes over the map slowly. Pushing towers and participating only in advantageous fights is the only way to establish a stable lead. Apart from this, she can easily help her other Lanes by letting her Carry farm in her Lane instead.

Broodmother, though severely out of the Meta, is a great hero who can completely trash enemies. In the right hands, in tandem with the right draft, few can match her potential in the Midgame. Easily killing enemies with Spiderlings is her specialty. These attributes make playing Broodmother in Dota 2 vital for all Offlaners.

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