How to Play Beastmaster in Dota 2

Would you like to learn how to win games by playing Beastmaster in Dota 2?

An offlane hero with great utility and even better-pushing potential; Beastmaster is a seriously underappreciated hero in Dota 2. Like a few others, Beastmaster also spawns summons that helps him push, fight, farm, and scout. This versatility in his builds and playstyles is why all Offlaners should learn how to play Beastmaster in Dota 2.

Besides having his summons to aid him in almost every aspect of the game, he also has other spells. These spells can help him have a consistent source of magic damage and another farming tool. Moreover, he also has a Spell-immunity piercing stun that amplifies his Team-fighting prowess to another level.

Being good at multiple play styles also makes it easy for players in many roles to adopt Beastmaster. Moreover, he also has above-average base strength and a strength gain, making him quite tanky at all stages. His solid farming potential is also a viable reason to win games by playing Beastmaster in Dota 2.

Beastmaster easily triumphs over heroes who lack creep clear as well as minimal mobility abilities. Some examples of heroes who Beastmaster can kite are Troll Warlord, Ursa, and Wraith King. As for allies complimenting his abilities, Phantom Assassin and Sven can burst down targets he disables. They also benefit highly from his excess attack speed.

Beastmaster’s Abilities


With Wild Axes, Beastmaster launches his two axes ahead, where they cut everything in their path and return like boomerangs. Each Axe deals a max damage of 130, and for each time it hits an enemy, it gains damage amplification. These stacks last for twelve seconds, and each casting of Wild Axes can result in an enemy getting two stacks.

Beastmaster’s first summoning ability is Call of the Wild Boar. The name is quite self-explanatory. As a result, he calls upon a poison-spewing Boar to fight by his side. As its own unit, the Boar lasts for sixty seconds and has an attack damage of 100 with a talent. It is also possible to spawn another Boar without the previous one despawning.

Call of the Wild Hawk is his second summoning ability; with it, he can bring down a passive Hawk. This Hawk, though unable to attack units, flies to any point on the map and provides vision. Like the Boar, it also stays for sixty seconds and can be alive simultaneously with another Hawk.

Inner Beast is a passive aura ability that boosts the attack speed of Beastmaster as well as allied units nearby. In a radius of 1200 units, this spell helps to increase targets’ attack speed by 45. Another aspect of this ability is that its aura lingers for 0.5 seconds when the unit goes far enough.

Primal Roar grants Beastmaster the ability to stun a single unit, whether spell immune or not, for four seconds. Unlike most single-target stun abilities, this spell disables, damages, and slows any units in its path. Besides this, it also increases the movement speed of any ally by 40% for an outrageous four seconds.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Beastmaster in Dota 2

For Wild Axes, it is important to realize they cut down trees in their path, making it great for scouting. Apart from this, an early level to unlock the easy harassing potential one gets is incredibly useful. Moreover, the damage amplification it unlocks affects Beastmater’s units as well, resulting in overwhelming enemies with their damage.

The Call of the Wild Boar is perhaps his arsenal’s most iconic and signature ability. The Boar’s poison touch makes it incredibly easy to slow and damage enemies over time. Combining the power of this spawn with a siege creep at five minutes is a good decision. This combination can in fact be enough damage to take down a tower.

As a passive spawn, the Hawk has no uses other than to provide vision. However, many still underestimate how important this vision is in securing successful fights. As the Hawk turns invisible, using it before any objective is essential. Consequently, players should remember to plant a Hawk before attempting Roshan or a tower takedown. That helps you play Beastmaster in Dota 2 and maintain map control.

Inner Beast is an AoE aura ability, and that is where it becomes crucial. As it can affect multiple targets together, one must utilize this ability in large groups of allies. Joining teammates every five minutes to use the siege creep to take down towers efficiently is necessary to win.

One of the best initiations in the game, Primal Roar, has by far, the largest unconditional stun duration in Dota. It is also a significant reason why players should be aware of how to play Beastmaster in Dota 2. It works best as a tool to jump cores with Blink Dagger and to eliminate them effortlessly before fights begin.

Item Build

How to Play Beastmaster in Dota 2

Beastmaster is already quite a stable hero when he begins lane and can use his abilities to farm. However, his attack damage is quite low, and he requires help from a Quelling Blade to hit appropriately last. Some healing from Tangoes and Healing Salves also help him survive and prosper in the lane.

By the end of the laning stage, Beastmaster should ideally have Boots of Speed and a Magic Wand. Moreover, it is also good to have a headstart on Helm of the Overlord, a necessity on Beastmaster nowadays. It is an assumption that this item completes before the game passes the 20-minute mark.

This is because, with Helm of the Overlord, Beastmaster’s pushing prowess upgrades to an unbelievable extent. Getting an extra creep to help take down towers is an added benefit to the stats it provides. His Inner Beast ability also makes any unit under his control that much more potent in its impact.

After he builds this item, the next items he builds depend entirely on the game’s situation. For some examples, Blink Dagger and Black King Bar are traditional items that suit Beastmaster’s playstyles. This is because both of these items allow him to initiate without difficulties or interventions from the enemies.

In the late game, other items that suit Beastmaster’s traditional playstyle are Assault Cuirass and Wraith Pact. These items allow him to be a better frontline who can tank damage for his teammates. Some aspects of these items are also key in outputting more damage to enemies as well.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Beastmaster in Dota 2

In the lane, until Beastmaster has some levels, he is quite useless and is unable to achieve much. Although, as soon as he can get two to three levels in his Boars, he gets to a new level of output damage. Moreover, at that stage, his Boars become capable of harassing enemies and killing creeps themselves.

Once the actual game starts and the laning stage ends, it is beneficial to appreciate his timings. This means that, before enemy cores have their BKBs and can defend, he needs to push. As a result, smoking with support to get kills makes space for him to push towers easily.

In the lower MMR brackets, Beastmaster is seriously underrated, and not many use him to win games. Most shy away from him as micro-controlling his units can be daunting at first but minimal units help. Moreover, his other abilities can cover up a lack of skill. They also lead to easily winning games by learning how to play Beastmaster in Dota 2.

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