How to Play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege

Do you want to know how to play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege?

A creative operator that makes one’s defense versatile and unpredictable, Azami is a wildcard. The first operator of Year 7, Azami, has already had a massive effect on how this game will progress. As for Azami herself, her vast arsenal and skills are impressive. These are also major reasons for players to learn how to play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege.

With a background in police work and her excellence at learning languages, she had higher goals. Because of this, Azami gave her all to achieve a 3rd Dan in Jujutsu and 5th, Dan, in Aikido. All of these achievements and qualifications led her to the Security Police division of the TMPD. However, after multiple suspensions, she chose otherwise.

After leaving the TMPD, Azami saw better opportunities in the private sector. Becoming a bodyguard for an influential individual, she had more things to look forward to. However, after the death of her exclusive client, Azami was keen on applying her skills elsewhere. This spark is what encouraged her to reestablish contact with Hibana.

Azami’s Ability

How to Play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege

The Kiba Barrier, throwing knives in the kunai style that can also function as barriers, is Azami’s Special Device. The blades, when thrown, emit a foam that expands and hardens into a bulletproof shield. Kiba Barriers provide the Defenders with protection while obstructing access points and breach holes to deny the Attackers an advantage.

Kiba Barrier’s ability to practically impermeable the area it grows upon is perhaps its best point. By doing this, weak spots like holes can become strong defenses. Moreover, she has 5 Kiba Barriers available each round. In addition to this, the barrier has absolutely no duration, thus it stays in position until one destroys it.

It is quite important to conserve the ability as Azami starts the round with just 1 Kiba barrier. As a result, rushing and positioning one’s Kiba into a disadvantageous position is a very bad move.

How to Use her Ability

How to Play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege

Using Azami’s Kiba barriers differently can lead to various results and uses. As such, one has to know how to achieve the effect she needs. Firstly, she can use these Kiba Barriers to eliminate an enemy’s line of sight. This is incredibly important in guaranteeing that enemies do not have advantageous positions.

Moreover, it is of use as a method of saving oneself in dubious situations like getting shot from the back. Furthermore, one can play even more aggressively by creating angles that the enemy cannot predict. This allows one to ensure a safe line of sight while also protecting oneself. Further, it is a great tool for delaying unwanted engagements.

Not only this, but it helps slow down enemy pushes by setting up barriers in entry points and safe ways. One can also use the ability just as a way to force enemy utility which makes their initiations much weaker. Though the barrier is easy to destroy, it alerts Azami of the destruction and acts as a locator. Lastly, blocking enemy fire is also an advantage.

This ability is a major factor in why it is so lucrative to learn how to play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege. It also helps that Azami also requires a lot of creativity and is a source of fun for all who play her.


How to Play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege

The 9X19VSN automatic weapon is highly dependable. Shotguns are not the first choice because automatic weapons may be used at different distances. With longer bursts, the gun starts to pull more strongly to the side, hence using a compensator is advisable. A few choices between the grips can also help control the gun’s recoil.

Players have only the D-50 to choose for Azami’s secondary weapon, but it is still quite powerful. Moreover, using a muzzle brake with the D-50 allows one to have a backup once the primary runs out. Furthermore, as the D-50 has much more explosive power, it is a beast compared to other handguns.

When it comes to her additional gadgets, she has two very appropriate and useful pieces of equipment. Her first gadget is the Impact Grenade, which is as simple as it sounds. Whenever the grenade hits a surface or target, it explodes with a massive impact. Her second gadget is the Barbed Wire, which slows down attackers and creates noise.

For Azami’s final and optimal loadout, the definitive choices are the 9×19 VSN and the D-50. Along with this, the best gadget for her arsenal is the Barbed Wire due to its insane utility. This setup is quite good as the 9x19VSN is a very consistent automatic rifle and offers flexibility, unlike the ASC12. Finally, its recoil is considerably low.


Rainbow Six Siege

Azami is still a relatively new character in Rainbow Six Siege, there is no defined meta around her. As it stands right now, many are experimenting with maps and positions to know her true potential.

A common Azami playstyle involves rotating her defenses while using her Kiba Barrier to score crucial points for the squad. This takes place while Azami and her team look for Attackers. This also entails securing locations from which Attackers may launch flank and rear attacks. As a result, Azami specializes in making rotations for them more difficult.

Another excellent tactic for Azami is to take control of, protect, and reinforce a key location. She can accomplish this by either lingering behind or ensuring that her objective is unreachable. Or else, she can do so by making a clear opening in her defense and lurking nearby for an ambush. This can also grant her opportunities to get easy kills.



Knowing who to pick an operator in combination with or against is one of the few complexities in Rainbow Six Siege. In many high MMR games, the operator choice often makes a difference. This difference, though small, has a major impact on how a match turns out. 

Firstly, Azami has a few allies that can help her game go from good to extraordinary or overwhelming. For this, she needs defensive help from gadgets that can secure her Kiba Barriers. The first of these operators is Wamai, with her convenient MAG-NET ability. Next is Jager’s ADS and just like MAG-NETs, protects Azami’s barriers from explosives.

Azami herself has quite a vague ability that is of use in numerous ways. However, these ways are not to counter or shut down the pesky enemies that she faces. As a result, one should not play her as a specific counter to a hero. Although, she does counter positioning by shutting down angles or corners that enemies might want to use to the peak.

As for her own ability, there are a few ways to destroy her barriers. The first and most potent of these is to use of Explosives. Frag Grenades, Ash’s Breaching Rounds, or any other explosive can bring her barriers down instantly. Furthermore, Sledge’s hammer can also deal with them in one hit. Melee Attacks can also destroy barriers in three hits.

An exceptional defender, Azami is an operator for players who like to adapt and experiment. She can hold her own in fights, while also being fun enough to play around with during rounds. With her ability, there is no extent to how versatile one is ingame. As a result, it is very useful for players to learn how to play Azami in Rainbow Six Siege.

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