How to Play Anti-Mage in Dota 2

Would you like to know how to win and play games with Anti-Mage in Dota 2?

A deep hatred of mages and magic altogether makes Anti-Mage the perfect hero to destroy entire lineups. Being one of the most evasive Carries also helps Anti-Mage apply pressure like no other Core. Apart from this, he jumps around the map, getting pickoffs and effortless kills. These attributes make it a must for Cores to learn how to play Anti-Mage in Dota 2.

His above-average base Agility makes him both an effective farmer and one of the few true Lategame Carries. In addition to this, he also has a high Attack Speed, allowing him to Farm quicker even without items. Moreover, with his ability to teleport, he can comfortably jump to the enemy Backlines to eliminate supports and evasive Cores.

Besides being devastating to face once he has the correct items, his Magic Resistance is absolutely nothing to gloss over. He can also reflect most spells and abilities enemies use on him, turning the tables instantly. Furthermore, he also has a Disable and Nuking ability in his arsenal. This is yet another important factor as to why one should play Anti-Mage in Dota 2.

Anti-Mage needs a very stable Support and team to help him outshine the enemy carry. As a result, picking the correct allies is important to guarantee success. Some examples of these are Slardar and Magnus, who provide AoE Lockdown. In contrast, the heroes he counters rely heavily on their Mana Pools. These heroes can be Medusa or Storm Spirit.

Anti-Mage’s Abilities

Anti Mage

The first ability Anti-Mage is famous for and the reason for his potency is Mana Break. Essentially a better Diffusal Blade, with Mana Break, Anti-Mage burns Mana of enemies with each attack he lands on them. Apart from just burning a base Mana quantity, he also damages enemies for the amount of Mana he burns.

Anti-Mage also burns a percentage of the enemy’s Max Mana, making it more potent against prominent spell casters. This spell is another vital reason all Carries should know how to play Anti-Mage in Dota 2. Moreover, once he burns all the Mana an enemy has, he also slows them by 40%. It also stacks with other sources of Mana Break and amplifies them.

Blink is the spell responsible for making Anti-Mage so much more evasive than other Carries. With this spell, he can teleport to a max blink distance of 1450 units away with the appropriate talent. It is also worth noting that Blink also has a minimum teleportation range of 200 units. With a minimal cooldown of six seconds, Blink is a very efficient source of teleportation.

His third ability is Counterspell which allows him to reflect any Unit-Target spell enemies use on him. The shield lasts for 1.2 seconds, which is good for reflecting one specific skill that enemies may use. Its cooldown is extremely low with just three seconds, making it constantly spammable in any engagement that Anti-Mage is in.

Anti-Mage’s only Disabling and Nuking spell is in the form of his ultimate ability; Mana Void. Mana Void goes hand in hand with his Mana Break spell as it deals damage proportional to the missing Mana. This means that the more Mana Anti-Mage steals from an enemy, the more damage he deals to targets.

How to Utilize his Abilities

How to Play Anti-Mage in Dota 2

As Anti-Mage lacks Nukes early on, which would help him harass enemies, Mana Break fulfills that purpose. Every time an enemy hero steps up to secure the Ranged Creep, Anti-Mage should consciously attempt to harass. This is incredibly important as by burning their Mana now, they will lack the resources to bully Anti-Mage later on.

Blink, though seeming simple enough, is a very complex ability that, if not under use correctly, can be deadly. Understanding when to use Blink is essential to mastering winning games with Anti-Mage. One should never use it to initiate fights as Anti-Mage dies extremely easily without it. He also lacks mobility if he misuses Blink.

Unlike Blink, Counterspell is perhaps best when one uses it while entering or initiating a fight. This is because Anti-Mage’s presence leads Supports to use their Disables on him. Turning the tables by reversing the spell’s usage is an easy way to kill Supports without needing to commit much. It also has a very minimal cooldown.

With Mana Void, one needs to prioritize who the most important target is on the enemy team. Choosing the target can depend on who deals the most damage or even has the maximum Mana. Apart from this, Mana Void is also a good way to stop enemies from teleporting to escape Anti-Mage’s grasp. It is best as a tool to finish off enemies.

Item Build

How to Play Anti-Mage in Dota 2

Anti-Mage is quite weak in the Laning Stage and, thus, needs a lot of help in ensuring he can Last hit. A major part of this help is something Anti-Mage gets through proper itemization. Firstly, he must buy a Quelling Blade as it assists both his damage and Lasthitting abilities. He also requires healing through Tangoes and Healing Salves.

Through the Laning Stage, Anti-Mage will look to buy a Magic Wand as well as Wraith Bands. Wraith Bands help Anti-Mage with his low Attribute Gain and his low attack damage early on. The Magic Wand also helps with survivability, as will Power Treads which are a must on every Anti-Mage’s item build.

Arguably an essential item to Anti-Mage’s entire game is the Battle Fury. Without the Battle Fury, he fails to farm efficiently and can never output enough damage to have an impact. The combination of his excellent mobility with the Farming potency of Battle Fury makes it impossible to Out-Farm Anti-Mage.

Moving on after building and Farming with the Battle Fury, Anti-Mage should focus on other items. These items can either be a way to accelerate his farm or to improve his Teamfighting abilities. The first item that fulfills both roles is the Manta Style which makes identical illusions. These illusions also help in applying Tower pressure.

In the late game, there are many items that Anti-Mage can build. Some viable options are the Butterfly, Abyssal Blade, or Eye of Skadi. Though each item has a different role and attributes, they have similar purposes. This is because they all help Anti-Mage with his fighting potential and aid him in picking off enemy Backlines.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Anti-Mage in Dota 2

For Anti-Mage, the Laning Stage is quite passive as he has almost no kill potential until he reaches level six. Until this game stage, he should just ensure to Farm up adequately and Last hit properly. Shuffling between Lane Creeps and the small Neutral Creep Camp is also best for securing a good Laning Stage.

After the Laning Stage, Anti-Mage Farms, with his Battle Fury, constantly pressures the Sidelanes. Pushing Towers while entering fights to get Pickoffs is the best way to ensure he can establish a lead. Making sure not to stay in the Jungle and to use the Sidelanes to Farm is the ideal to win.

Anti-Mage is quite a popular hero who people do not understand, so they lose easy games. A major weakness of players is that they stick to just the Jungle and do not participate in fights. This guide, however, covers each detail of his playstyle adequately. It covers every reason for learning to play Anti-Mage in Dota 2.

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