How to Open HZN Stations and RAK Hangar in Deathloop

An image of an HZN Station in Deathloop.

Have you learned how to open HZN stations and RAK Hangar in Deathloop?

There are a total of four HZN stations, the most popular of which is the Tidevarv Station in The Complex. All four will eventually play a role in the storyline, so it is best to learn how to open them early on. Once you have done that, the RAK Hangar should be accessible.

These are all important parts of the Radio Silence Visionary Lead, which is part of taking down Julianna for good. This Lead is often done after you have figured out how to kill all eight Visionaries. You will find answers that you do not expect.

If you are already this far ahead in the storyline, check out our guide on how to open the HZN Stations and RAK Hangar in Deathloop.


An image of the Radio Silence Visionary Lead in Deathloop.

Released in September 2021, Deathloop was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. This action video game plays around the concept of time. The whole storyline takes place within a single day that resets when you fail.

You play as Colt, who is one of nine powerful people called Visionaries. The AEON Program controls Blackreef Island and has placed it under a time loop. The day restarts every midnight unless Colt manages to eliminate the eight other Visionaries. You must accomplish this task while dying less than three times lest the loop resets again.

There are four main districts on Blackreef Island. You must travel strategically as moving from one district to another advances the time of day from morning to noon, afternoon, and evening. Julianna, another Visionary, is tasked to try and kill you before you kill the others. She will occasionally arrive and sabotage your plans. Your friends and random players can invade your game as Julianna as well.

Deathloop was released as a timed console exclusive for the PlayStation 5 and for Microsoft Windows on the PC. Combining elements of the stealth and first-person shooter genres, it is a great game to try on both single-player and multiplayer modes.

HZN Stations

An image of how to open all four HZN Stations in Deathloop.

There are four HZN stations all over Blackreef Island. The first one you should be familiar with is Tidevarv Station in The Complex. This is the first HZN Station you will come across early in the game. The other three are important to help you open the RAK Hangar in Updaam.

After you turn on the generator, press the button that corresponds to the HZN Station that you want. You can then travel to that location and enter the Station. The second Station after Tidevarv is the Yasen Station in Updaam. It is along the cliffside, right in between the Updaam Library and the bridge to the Condition Detachment Building.

Next will be Sova Station on Fristad Rock. After you get to Fristad Rock, follow the road on the right and go up the slope. Go past Fia’s Fractured Image bunker. You will see the HZN Station on the side of a hill after the path loops back around. The document you should check out is on the right side of the main room. You will find out a massive piece of information regarding Julianna in this Station.

The final Station to check out is Akkar Station in Karl’s Bay. Once you get to Karl’s Bay, walk along the coastline to the end. After you get past the hangars and the pier, you will see the HZN Station in a corner. If it is your first time, you will see another Colt here who will help you. There is also an epic PT-6 Spiker with the Echolocation perk in Akkar Station.

RAK Hangar

An image of the RAK Hangar unlocked after you open HZN Stations in Deathloop,.

A key thing to remember is that generators can only power one HZN Station at a time. This means you will have to try all four throughout different loop resets. Start by eliminating all the hostiles in The Complex, charge the battery, and activate the generator. After that, go back to the terminal and put in the code that you found on the RAK Hangar door.

After you get all the codes, go back to the RAK Hangar in the Updaam district. The RAK Hangar unlocks after you open HZN Stations on the same day. You can now open the doors and enter the Hangar. You will find another Colt who is more stressed out than the one at Akkar Station.

The RAK Hangar plays a big role in the Radio Silence Visionary Lead. After you kill them all, you can do this to learn information before destroying the time loop. It includes the Power Station, Archives, the HZN Stations, and the RAK Hangar. This is an important Visionary Lead to find answers about Julianna and why she is trying to kill you.

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