How to Make and Use Glow Sticks in Minecraft 

Do you have access to Minecraft Education Edition and want to know how to make and use Glow Sticks in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a fun game for all ages because of its limitless creativity and unique in-game mechanics. In addition, another huge aspect of its popularity is the real-life implications of the game. In particular, the Minecraft Education Edition is taught in schools and has new items. With this in mind, this article tells how to make and use Glow Sticks in Minecraft.

Minecraft Education Edition

Glow Sticks

Minecraft Education Edition is another variant of Minecraft that the makers specifically made for classroom use and learning through the game. While the basics of this edition are the same, there are various mechanics. For instance, Chalkboards, guiding NPCs, a Camera, Portfolio, an additional item hotbar, border blocks, and more items.

This edition was released in 2016 on basic operating systems such as Windows, Android, and macOS. Eventually, in 2018, the makers revealed that the edition would be available for iOS devices as well. Sometime after, in 2020, it was also available for devices compatible with ChromeOS. Overall, it covers all operating systems available in most schools.

Minecraft Education Edition is the only game version requiring the person to fill out a certain checklist to buy it. Firstly, an eligible educator must work as a part-time or full-time employee at an academic institution. In addition, they must have an email provided by the said organization to access external emails. 

There are other similar prerequisites that the organizations must fill, like the player must be a qualified education user at the institution. Besides this, an eligible public library should provide all its users with free services in a given region. Overall, there are many points that the player must check to play this variant of the game.

The Minecraft Education Edition has many new mechanics. For instance, chemistry is a new addition to the game that players can use to craft new items. One such item is the Glow Stick that players can craft and use in the game. However, the process is quite lengthy. Fortunately, this guide tells how to make and use Glow Sticks in Minecraft.

Glow Sticks

How to Make and Use Glow Sticks in Minecraft

Glow Sticks, just like their real-world counterpart, are sticks that players can light up and use to see in the dark. However, there is a timer on how long they light up, so they act as a temporary light source. While they are aesthetic in nature and look good while lit, they serve no practical purpose. They just light in the player’s hand and give off particles.

There are sixteen colors of Glow Sticks available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Education Edition. In particular, they correspond to the variations of dyes available in the game. For instance, there are red, blue, lime green, and many more variants of a Glow Stick. However, they are craftable only in the Education Edition.

The Java Edition players of Minecraft cannot get Glow Sticks even with cheats or commands. To get them, they either have to use the Bedrock version or craft them in the Education version. Overall, this is an interesting item, and below is how to make and use Glow Sticks in Minecraft.

How to Make Glow Sticks

How to Make and Use Glow Sticks in Minecraft

There are two ways of getting Glow Sticks in Minecraft. The first one is fairly straightforward and requires the player to access Creative mode. Although, the player should keep in mind that they can only use this way of getting Glow Sticks in the Bedrock Edition. In particular, using the Creative mode to get Glow Sticks in the game.

Another way of crafting the Glow Stick is only available in the Education Edition, and players need multiple resources for that. Firstly, they need to get a Compound Creator that allows the player to craft over thirty new compounds in Minecraft. They could get this block using the Creative mode or breaking it if someone has placed it already.

The player needs to access the Compound Creator and place certain elements in order to turn them into compounds. In particular, they need twenty Hydrogen, ten Carbon, three Nitrogen, and four Oxygen. They can get these by using the Element Constructor. After getting all these elements, they must use the Compound Creator.

The player needs to make six Polyethylene, for which they need ten Carbon and twenty Hydrogen. Next, they need to make one Luminal. To do this, they need eight Carbon, seven Hydrogen, three Nitrogen, and two Oxygen. After doing this, they need one Hydrogen Peroxide, which they can get by mixing two Hydrogen and two Oxygen.

Now the player needs to use a Crafting Table after gathering all the resources. After doing this, they must carefully place the Polyethylene in the left and right columns. Next, place one Hydrogen Peroxide in the top middle while Luminal in the bottom middle. Finally, place any colored dye in the middle to make a Glow Stick of that color.

How to Use Glow Sticks

How to Make and Use Glow Sticks in Minecraft

Players can use their Glow Sticks by moving them to their Hotbar and right-clicking on it. This will start the animation of shaking the Glow Stick, and after a while, it starts glowing. In addition, it gives off particles of the same color. Similar to their real-life counterparts, Glow Sticks only glow for a certain duration and eventually fade away.

Glow Sticks are also unique because their duration gets depleted in Creative mode as well. So there isn’t any way to make them glow forever. Overall, they have no practical use but are a fun way to teach students how Glow Sticks function. 

Minecraft Education Edition is an example of how children can learn from games; one example is crafting Glow Sticks. Hopefully, this guide aids students in learning how to make and use Glow Sticks in Minecraft.

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