How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Do you know how to make Mud Bricks in Minecraft and make your builds more interesting?

Minecraft adds new blocks with every new update for many reasons. For instance, players can use these for structures, make new Redstone creations, or even just the aesthetics of their base. Interestingly, Minecraft doesn’t limit creativity to a single use for these blocks. Similarly, this article tells how to make Mud Bricks in Minecraft, which has multiple uses.



Mud is a brand new block introduced in Minecraft’s The Wild update, also known as the 1.19 update of the Java Edition. Likewise, it’s the 1.19.0 version of the Bedrock Edition. This unique block also came with another new biome, the Mangrove Swamps. Interestingly, players can find Mud blocks only in this new biome. 

Mangrove Swamps are basically another variation of the typical Swamps players find in Minecraft but with a slight difference. In particular, as the name suggests, players can find an abundance of Mangrove trees in this area. Besides this, Fossils also spawn in this area along with other new additions like the Mangrove Logs, Roots, and of course, Mud blocks.

Players can find Mangrove Swamps in hotter regions of Minecraft, or near the Desert and Jungle biomes. Similar to the traditional Swamp biomes, players will find this biome full of trees and water with an abundance of Lily Pads. Aside from this, another interesting aspect of this biome is the Frogs. Specifically, the Warm Frogs that spawn here only.

Warm Frogs are passive mobs that don’t harm the player but do eat small Magma Cubes and Slimes. Players can obtain a Froglight block if the Frog eats a Magma Cube. These Froglight blocks are aesthetic blocks that emit a light level of fifteen, which is the highest in Minecraft. While Mangrove Swamps are interesting, they also have Mud.

The Mud blocks have a grayish appearance and are the main block that makes up the Mangrove Swamps. Players can find them in a large quantity in these biomes. However, the Mangrove Swamps are rare. Fortunately, there are other ways to make Mud. These blocks must be collected if players want to know how to make Mud Bricks in Minecraft.

Obtaining and Usage of Mud

How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Players can find this block in Mangrove Forests and can break them using Shovels. While any other tool or their bare hands also drops the Mud block, Shovels are the fastest way to break them. For instance, the bare hand breaks Mud in three-quarters of a second. On the other hand, a Diamond Shovel breaks it in a tenth of a second, which is notably faster.

Mud blocks are easy to collect if the player manages to find the Mangrove Swamps, however, they aren’t very common. For this reason, players need to find another way to collect these blocks as they are the prime resource for Mud Bricks. Fortunately, players can make their own Mud using two items. In particular, these are a Water Bottle and Dirt.

The player firstly needs a Water Bottle, which is easy to craft. To make these, the player must collect three pieces of Glass. They can do this by smelting Sand in the Furnace. After getting the Glass, they need to put it in a V shape in the Crafting Grid. This will give them three Glass Bottles which the player can fill up with water. 

Players also need any variant of Dirt to make Mud blocks. For instance, they can use Coarse Dirt, Rooted Dirt, or the typical Dirt blocks. After getting both items, the player simply needs to use the Water Bottle on the Dirt Block. This produces a Mud block that players can break using their hands or other tools.

The Mud block is a relatively new addition to Minecraft and is the base ingredient for making a Mud Brick. Besides this, it also has the unique property of sinking the entity standing on top of the block.

How to Make Packed Mud

How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

The first step of how to make Packed Mud in Minecraft is gathering Mud blocks. Once the player has a Mud block, they can combine it with Wheat which makes a Packed Mud block. This recipe is a one-on-one trade, so one Mud block gives one Packed Mud. Aside from this, players need Wheat which they can get by farming or trading with Villagers.

Packed Mud is an aesthetic block with a different appearance than the Mud block. In particular, it is light brownish with some textures all around the block. Aside from their physical looks, the Packed Mud blocks are also more durable slightly, so they take longer to break by hand. Players can also use a Pickaxe to break these blocks swiftly.

The Packed Mud blocks are mainly just for decoration but have one important use. These are the main resource for making Mud Bricks. Below is the complete procedure for making Mud Bricks in Minecraft.

How to Make Mud Bricks

How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

The player needs to put four Packed Mud blocks in the Crafting Grid in the shape of a square. This gives four Mud Bricks that the player can use however they please. Now that the player knows how to make Mud Bricks in Minecraft, it’s time to use them. Unfortunately, there aren’t many uses for this block, and it’s mainly for aesthetics.

Players can make their builds more detailed by using these blocks. For instance, players can turn the Mud Bricks into Slabs, Stairs, and even Walls. They are similar to normal Bricks but have a brownish appearance. Overall, they are pleasing to look at and give a rustic feel to the build.

Minecraft is adding new blocks with every update, and while many don’t have a lot of uses, they are good for aesthetics. Hopefully, this guide on how to make Mud Bricks in Minecraft will help you make your own Mud Brick structures.

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