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How to Make a Hat in Roblox

Have you learned how to make a hat in Roblox?

Hats are one of the most recognizable parts of your outfit. You wear them to stand out from the rest of the players. Having a hat that is unique only to you will give your avatar some personality. Although shirts are the biggest piece of clothing, hats are a close second in terms of recognition.

You can choose among the dozens of hats available in the store. However, learning how to make a hat is an even better idea. In addition, you may also end up selling them on the market for some Robux.

If you want a personalized accessory, check out our detailed guide on how to make a hat in Roblox.


An image of Squid Game.

Roblox is the most popular game creation platform available. Created by David Baszcuki and Erik Cassel in 2004, the duo decided to publish the game under the Roblox Corporation in 2006. Its popularity took a few years to rise, but it is now one of the biggest games in the world.

Out of its 164 million monthly players, over half are children under 16. Most developers create their games to cater to this age group. Roblox allows users to make their own games using the programming language Lua. Anyone can publish their games and have all the other users play them on public servers. Developers can choose whether to enable private servers for their own games.

The platform is completely free-to-use, but they do offer some microtransactions. You can buy some Robux, which is their in-game currency. Robux lets you purchase in-game items. You can also opt to get a Premium Membership which gives you exclusive perks. For instance, it allows you to trade items with other Members, get access to rare items in the shop, and earn free Robux every month as your subscription renews.

Roblox Studio

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Roblox Studio is their own free software to make it easier for users to make games. The software is optimized, so compatibility with Roblox servers is always guaranteed. This is where you build your game’s environment, including BaseParts, meshes, and places. Roblox Studio uses the programming language Lua to simplify the development process for new users.

You can then upload your game into Roblox, where admins will review and publish it. Developers can also create purchasable content like clothing, accessories, and other items for users to buy using Robux. Developers take 30% of the profits from these sales, while Roblox takes 70%.

How to Make a Hat in Roblox

There are two ways to make a hat in Roblox. The easier option is to edit and retexturize an already existing design. You can put your own twist on classic hats by changing their color, texture, and other elements.

The second way is by making a completely new hat from scratch. This is a more complicated process, but it could be very rewarding. Making your own unique hat will let you stand out from everyone else in your games. You can even make it so no one else can have the same hat as you.

Using an Existing Design

An image of a hat in Roblox.

First, open Roblox and log in to your account. Go to the Toolbar catalog in the studio. Load any existing hat that you want to edit. After you pick your hat, go back to Roblox Studio and open one game. Try to open the edit menu on that game. You should be redirected to the Roblox Studio home page.

Go to the Toolbox menu and pick from the existing hat models there. One you find the right model, go to the explore tab and click on the Mesh option. If you scroll down, you should see its Texture ID and Asset ID. You can then copy its Asset ID and paste it on the Catalog ID space in Roblox Studio.

Next, right-click on the texture and hit “save image as” to save your file. You can then edit the texture using whichever editing tool you prefer. Load your texture into your editing tool and change it however you want. Once you are satisfied with your hat, save it and go back to Roblox Studio. Open the Develop menu and go to the Decals tab in My Creations. Create a new decal and choose your saved texture from your computer.

Once you have uploaded your texture, you should see it under Decals as a link. Click on it and create a new Asset ID for your texture. Copy that new Asset ID and paste it on the texture’s Mesh ID on Roblox. Check out the hat you chose to edit in Roblox, and you should see the changes you made.

Creating a New Hat

An image of using Blender to make a hat in Roblox.

You can create a completely new design using Blender. This software is free-to-use by downloading it from their website. Open Blender and click on Load Character. This should let you transfer a character into Blender from Roblox. Hit right-click on the character and click on Export Selection. Choose the folder where you want to save that character.

Next, open Blender and click on File in the upper toolbar. Choose Import and the Wavefront option. One you have your character open, press the X key to delete it. Do this repeatedly so that only the head is left. Next, press Shift + A to open a menu and hover on Mesh. Choose the shape you want from that dropdown menu to begin designing your hat.

Hold the A key and select all the vertices. Next, hit the X key repeatedly until all the vertices are deleted. You should now have a blank mesh. After that, you can experiment with Blender to create whatever design you want. For instance, you can edit its shape, size, and other elements.

Once you are happy with your hat, upload it into Roblox the same way you did with the previous option.

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