How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 

Do you want to impress your friends and want to know how to make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft?

The creativity in Minecraft allows players to make the craziest of structures and inventions in the game. These can range from vehicles, in-game electronics, and even working elevators. However, to make these in-game, players need to know how things work. Fortunately, this article tells how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft.

Bubble Elevator

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

A bubble elevator is a creation that players make in-game to travel faster. In particular, the player can use it to travel vertically without using any resources or blocks. The bubble elevator is certainly helpful for traveling around the base or even going down caves. For instance, players can build this to go down their mining spots quickly.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator

The concept is simple, but it does require some resources and construction. To make the Bubble Elevator without any problems, the player should follow some steps. These steps ensure the player doesn’t face any obstacles while making the build. In addition, they also guarantee that the elevator will work without any malfunctions.

Collecting Resources

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

The player needs to collect the appropriate resources initially and ensure that everything is enough. If the player runs out of resources while doing the project, they will have to abandon it and leave to collect items again. For this reason, the player should ensure they start the project with enough items. Below are items the player needs.

  • Glass or Tinted Glass (Any block but Glass looks better)
  • Water Buckets
  • Kelp
  • Door
  • Magma Block – To go down
  • Soul Sand – To go up

Players must collect blocks as their first step because they will contain the water. The number of blocks depends on how tall the bubble elevator will be. For instance, if a player needs to make a fifteen-block tall elevator, they will need about sixty blocks. Besides this, players can multiply the elevator’s height by four.

Water Buckets are important because the whole elevator runs on water. While other items are just as important, if there is no water, the player cannot travel anywhere. For this reason, the player needs to make Buckets using Iron Ingots and collect water from them. To ease things, players can also make an infinite water supply nearby to collect water.

Kelp is also an important resource to streamline the process of building a bubble elevator. Players can find these when they are out looking for water in rivers or Ocean biomes. These grow at the bottom of the Ocean floor, and players can collect them simply by breaking the bottom-most Kelp. The player can also do this step while collecting water.

The most important blocks are the Magma Block, allowing the player to go down quickly. On the other hand, the Soul Sand pushes the player upwards. 

Magma Block and Soul Sand

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

To know how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft, the player needs to be aware of some blocks. In particular, these are the Magma Blocks and Soul Sand. Both of these blocks are the most important aspects of making the bubble elevator and the player needs to collect them both. Fortunately, both spawn in the same dimension.

The player needs to travel to the Nether to collect these blocks. While the Magma Block can be found by players underwater in the Overworld, it’s best to travel to the Nether. Soul Sand spawns only in the Nether, so players have to go there regardless. However, the player should be careful when visiting the Nether, as it’s easy to lose track and die there.

Players need to be careful of certain things when visiting the Nether. Firstly, they must wear armor and carry weapons to fight any mobs there. For instance, Piglins, Ghast, and Hoglins are a few examples of hostile mobs there. Next, they should also carry tools such as a Pickaxe and Shovel. The Pickaxe is necessary to collect the Magma Block.

These blocks spawn all over the Nether, but the most common biomes for finding these are the Basalt Deltas and Soul Sand Valley. In particular, Magma Blocks mostly spawn in Basalt Deltas, while as the name suggests, Soul Sand Valley is made of Soul Sand. After collecting these blocks, rush back to the Nether Portal and return to safety.

Building the Bubble Elevator

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

The resource collecting was the first step in knowing how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft. After collecting everything, the player must pick an appropriate location to build this contraption. For example, this can be the entrance of their base or the route to their mining zone. Next, they need to clear out the place vertically. 

The player needs to have two long vertical tunnels, which can be as long as they prefer. They just need to be careful that blocks surround the tunnels so water cannot escape. After making the tunnels, the player must fill them with water. To do this, they simply have to move over to the top and pour water from above. 

The Kelp and Door are important for this stage as the Door help the player breathe by placing it at the entrance. On the other hand, the Kelp turns every water block into a source block, so water never runs out. To do this, start placing the Kelp at the bottom block, and don’t stop until it reaches the top.

Lastly, the player needs to break the Kale and place the Magma Block and Soul Sand in the middle bottom block. Make sure both tunnels are side by side but not collide. After placing the block, there will suddenly be bubbles, and the player can go up and down depending on the block.

A bubble elevator is amazing to have in the safe house, or any place where traveling up and down is necessary. Hopefully, this guide on how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft helps you understand fully how this structure works. 

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