An image of Piglins who can give you Soul Speed in Minecraft.

How to Get Soul Speed in Minecraft

Have you enchanted your boots with Soul Speed in Minecraft yet?

One of the most interesting aspects of Minecraft is crafting your full armor set to protect yourself from mobs. Having a decent set of boots, leggings, a chest plate, and a helmet will let you explore a lot more places in the game without fear. You can also craft rarer and more powerful armor sets as you progress in Minecraft.

Enchantments enable you to add even more special features to your armor. Even with a full Diamond armor set, you can still make it a lot better through enchantments. The Soul Speed enchantment is exclusively for boots. This enchantment allows you to run faster through special terrain found only in the Nether.

If you want to explore Soul Sand Valleys quickly, check out our guide on how to get Soul Speed in Minecraft.

Minecraft Armor Enchantments

An image of armor enchantments in Minecraft.

Enchantment is a very interesting and versatile mechanic in Minecraft. You can use an Enchanting Table to enchant a certain item, imbuing it with special powers or traits that will help you in the game. There are dozens of different enchantments and levels, which also appear as a glow when you equip an enchanted item.

If you do not have an Enchanting Table nearby, you can use an Anvil instead. However, you can only use this method to combine an Enchanted Book with an unenchanted item. The Anvil transfers the book’s enchantment to the item. You can also combine two of the same item, giving both enchantments to one of the items and disenchanting the other.

With an Enchanting Table, you can imbue any tool, weapon, armor, and book with enchantments using Lapis Lazuli as the ore to consume. When you put 1 to 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli in the Enchanting Table together with the item, you will see three different enchantments. You can only choose the enchantments whose level requirement you meet, so ensure you have enough experience beforehand.

If you are not satisfied with the enchantment level. You can place Bookshelves next to the Enchanting Table with one empty block in between. Place up to 15 Bookshelves around the Enchanting Table to access the maximum level 30 enchantments. Enchantments work for weapons, armor, tools, and books of any kind as long as they are unenchanted.

How to Get the Soul Speed Enchantment

An image of how to get Soul Speed in Minecraft.

The Soul Speed enchantment is one enchantment that is typically used for a specific purpose. It does not help for combat or survival purposes, but becomes quite handy when exploring a certain part of the Nether dimension.

Soul Speed increases your speed when walking on Soul Sand or Soul Soil. These special blocks can only be found in Soul Sand Valleys or Ancient Cities in the Nether. Soul Sand naturally slows down your walking speed, so this enchantment counters that effect. Soul Speed enchanted boots will increase your speed by a factor of 1.3 multiplied by 0.105 for each Soul Speed enchantment level.

Soul Speed is also a treasure enchantment, which means you cannot get it from an Enchanting Table. If you want to be able to explore Soul Sand Valleys or Ancient Cities faster, here are the steps you need to take.

Craft an Anvil

An image of crafting an Anvil, one step towards getting Soul Speed in Minecraft.

Because an Enchanting Table is not necessarily required for the Soul Speed enchantment, you should first focus on building an Anvil. First, you need a working Crafting Table and the required ingredients for an Anvil. You will need 3 blocks of Iron and 4 Iron Ingots.

To get Iron Ingots, you just need to put an Iron Ore or Deepslate Iron Ore into a Furnace or Blast Furnace. Just add fuel to your Furnace, and it should produce an Iron Ingot in a few seconds. You can also use a Crafting Table to make Iron Ingots out of Iron Nuggets or break down a block of Iron.

To make a block of Iron, you can basically reverse the Crafting Table process. Just put 9 Iron Ingots into your Crafting Table to produce one block of Iron. Another way is to mine a whole block of Iron (not Iron ore) using a Stone Pickaxe or better.

Bartering With or Killing Piglins

An image of bartering with Piglins, one way to get Soul Speed in Minecraft.

Like we previously mentioned, Soul Speed is a treasure enchantment that cannot be obtained using an Enchanting Table. To get it, you will need to barter with Piglins using some Gold Ingots or straight up killing them.

There is a 1.09% chance of getting a Soul Speed enchanted Book when bartering. You also have a 1.74% chance of getting a pair of Iron Boots enchanted with Soul Speed.

If you are lucky enough to find a Piglin wearing Gold Boots with a Soul Speed enchantment, you should try to fight them instead of bartering. There is an 8.5% chance that they drop those boots when they die, which is much higher than the bartering odds. Just ensure you have a good weapon and some armor to fight Piglins.

Exploring Bastion Remnants

An image of Bastion Remnants.

Finally, you can explore a Bastion Remnant and hope you find treasure there. These are massive structures in the Nether that are home to Piglins and Piglin Brutes. Look for the treasure chests in this area, and you will have a 9.8% chance of finding Golden Boots enchanted with Soul Speed.

Enchanting Your Boots

If you receive Soul Speed enchanted Books from bartering with a Piglin, you can use that to enchant your own boots. Combine your enchanted Book with an unenchanted pair of Boots in the Anvil to transfer the enchantment to the latter.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What is the Soul Speed in Minecraft?

Soul Speed is a type of treasure enchantment in Minecraft. You can use it on your Boots to increase your walking speed when stepping on Soul Soil and Soul Sand. As a treasure enchantment, you cannot get it from an Enchanting Table, which is what players normally use for other enchantments.

How do I get the Soul Speed enchantment?

To get the Soul Speed enchantment, you can barter with or kill Piglins to get enchanted Books or Boots. You can also explore Bastion Remnants and check treasure chests to find Golden Boots with the Soul Speed enchantment.

Now that you have learned how to find the enchantment for Soul Speed in Minecraft, you should practice running at faster speeds in Soul Sand Valleys. It may take a while to master, but the added speed will definitely make the game more fun for you.

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