How to Get Araxys Player Card in Valorant

Are you ready to explore the new sci-fi-themed bundle? Here’s a quick guide on how to get Araxys player card in Valorant! 

Did you know that the first Ultra Edition skin in Valorant was the Elderflame? It was released on July 10, 2020, and features dragon-inspired designs for Vandal, Judge, Frenzy, and Operator.

Collections in games can be very satisfying and add more interest and uniqueness to the game. In Valorant, player cards can be compared to sports cards. You can collect specific cards for your collection from bundles where they are available.

This article will guide you on how to get the Araxys player card from a new bundle. Although the process is simple, if you are new to the game, there are some things you need to know.

Let’s dive in!


To get Araxys player card:

  1. Launch Valorant and go to the Store tab.
  2. Click on the Araxys banner on the featured bundle. 
  3. Scroll sideways and find the Araxys Player Card.
  4. Purchase and equip it from inventory. 

    What are Player Cards? 

    Player cards in valorant

    Player cards in Valorant are purely cosmetic, meaning they don’t provide any additional benefits in-game. They serve as a way to personalize your profile by acting as wallpaper or cover photos when you’re in a lobby, party, or loading screen. 

    These cards can be unlocked through contracts, the seasonal battle pass, or purchased as a collection bundle.

    Sage Player Card

    To obtain player cards in Valorant, the easiest way is through contracts. All you have to do is play the game and unlock them for free. However, if you want more options, purchase them through the seasonal battle pass or as part of a collection bundle using Valorant Points. Keep in mind that these methods require you to spend real money. 

    So while they won’t affect gameplay, they offer a fun way to express yourself and stand out among other players.

    Araxys Bundle

    Araxys complete bundle

    The new Araxys bundle in Valorant was released in January 2023 alongside Episode 6 and the new map Lotus. The bundle’s theme is sci-fi, and the weapons have a unique design resembling an alien weapon that appears alive.

    Araxys Vandal and Operator

    The bundle includes a Vandal, Bulldog, Shorty, Operator, and Knife, costing 8700 VP. Each weapon can be purchased individually for 2150 VP, except for the Knife, which costs 4350 VP. The bundle has cool animations and finishers.

    Riot made a good move in providing a purple color variant for this bundle, as there aren’t many purple skins in the game. The red and black variant also looks clean.

    Araxys Operator

    The finisher animation is standard, where the last person you eliminate will be lifted into the sky. 

    However, what sets it apart from other finishers is that every player you eliminate throughout the game will apply this finisher animation to their body. The catch is that it only activates when you kill the last player on the opposing team.

    Araxys Finisher

    It’s worth noting that the color of the finisher animation will depend on the color variant of the weapon. So, if you have the purple variant equipped, the finisher animation will also feature a purple-colored light as the body is lifted into the sky.

    Araxys Gun Reload

    It also features impressive sound effects that make it one of the best skins in the game. The sci-fi sound effects during reloading, pulling out, shooting, and killing banners are all satisfying.

    Araxys Kill Banner

    What sets it apart from earlier skins like Prime, Cryostasis, or Ruination Bundle is that the Araxys bundle has completely different sound effects instead of varying pitches of the same sounds. 

    This attention to detail has been appreciated by players who enjoy the skin’s unique audio experience.

    While many players are enjoying this skin bundle, some are hesitant to buy it due to its higher price compared to other bundles.

    Valorant’s Store

    Valorant Store

    The store in Valorant operates differently from other games. Players can purchase only four available weapons and one featured bundle daily. These items are only available for that particular day, and the rotation of available skins is random.

    Araxys bundle in store

    This means that if you are looking for a specific skin bundle, you must wait until it is featured in the store. In the case of the Araxys bundle, you will need to wait for it to be featured in the store before you can purchase the Araxys Player Card.

    Getting the Araxys Player Card

    How to Get Araxys Player Card in Valorant

    It is important to note that the Araxys Player Card is only obtainable by spending Valorant Points (VP) since it is exclusive to the Araxys collection bundle. To acquire the card, you must first go to the Store and wait for the Araxys bundle to be featured.

    araxys vandal

    Once it is available, click on the bundle to see its contents. If you only wish to purchase the player card, you can buy it separately without buying the entire bundle. To find the Araxys Player Card, scroll sideways until you find it.

    araxys player card, frame, and gun buddy.

    The card is priced at 375 VP, so ensure you have enough funds before purchasing. Once purchased, go to your inventory and equip the player card. After equipping it, the Araxys Player Card will be displayed on your profile.

    How to buy Valorant Points (VP) 

    Valorant Points

    If you’re new to Valorant and don’t know how to purchase Valorant Points (VP), don’t worry! The process is straightforward. To begin, launch the game and click on the “Valorant Points” icon beside the Store tab.

    Payment Method

    You will be presented with several payment methods to choose from. After selecting your preferred payment method, you can then choose the amount of VP you wish to purchase.

    Once you have completed the payment process, the VP will be automatically credited to your account. You can shop for skins and customize your weapons with the VP in your account.

    That would be the end of this post. To sum it up, the Araxys collection offers unique and eye-catching designs that stand out from other skins in the game. The sound effects are also satisfying to hear and add to the overall experience of using the weapons. 

    Additionally, obtaining the Araxys Player Card in Valorant is easy if you have sufficient Valorant Points to purchase. While the higher price of this bundle may be disappointing for some players, it is worth considering for those who want to add some sci-fi flair to their gameplay.


    To obtain the Viper Player Card in Valorant, players must first activate Viper’s contract and then complete Chapter 1 Tier 2 of the contract.
    In the Ignition: Act 3 Battlepass, players can obtain the Radianite Card as a free reward by completing Chapter 10 of the Battlepass.
    Only 0.01% of Valorant players are Radiant, the most elite players who have likely played similar FPS games for a long time, resulting in exceptional skills.
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