How to Counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege

Do you want to know How to Counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege features Saif Al Hadid, known as the alias Oryx. He is a Defending Operator and made his entrance with Iana in the Operation Void Edge expansion. Functioning best as either a Roamer or as a Soft Breach operator, Oryx can be quite deadly. Resultantly, it is crucial to know how to counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege.

Having quite a hard childhood after moving away from his family, Oryx had many difficulties to face. For a long time, Oryx had to fight for his freedom after being in solitary confinement and different facilities. However, he broke free and learned skills from all over the world. These skills include Wrestling, Muay Thai, driving, and marksmanship.

After disappearing for quite a long time, Oryx appeared at Kaid’s Fortress. He made immense progress and improvements from a measly recruit to a respected instructor. He also became the unofficial second-in-command and is in charge of the fortress behind Kaid’s back. Moreover, he acts as a trusted advisor for Kaid’s missions.

Oryx’s Ability

How to Counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege

Although Oryx’s powers are easy to comprehend, they may nonetheless be lethal for the correct player. Oryx has Remah Sprint, which enables him to dash swiftly and demolish any soft walls or barricades in his route. Moreover, he can also knock down any Attacking Operators in his path, thus making the Reman Spirit his main special ability.

However, running through walls does not come without any drawbacks. Oryx will take 10 points of damage if he uses this ability to break through a wall. Furthermore, the ability has 3 charges with a cooldown of 8 seconds each. The second interesting aspect of his ability is that he can climb hatches, something no one else can do.

While Remah Sprint might not seem like much. It can knock down Attacking Operators with shields like Fuze and Montagne. Besides this, it has the added benefit of opening up fresh paths for other Defending Operators. During the Remah Slide, Oryx moves faster than any other defending operator, making it great for mobility.

Many are aware that using the Remah Sprint on a soft wall hurts Oryx himself for 10 health. However, they forget that he can kill himself if he uses the ability at low enough health. It is worth noting that, if he uses it to break through a wall, he consumes all the charges present. Thus he should wait for his last charge to use the ability on a wall.


How to Counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege

Though the operator is quite simple, many still fail to counter Oryx successfully. This is because against a good Oryx Player, it is difficult to set up good positions. Because of this, the attacking team fails to initiate good fights or use their abilities correctly. Thus, one must know how to counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege to win games.


Rainbow Six Siege

One of the first counters to Oryx and his aggressive playstyle is Nomad. Nomad can throw Airjab repulsion grenades because of her customized rifle attachment. When opponents are nearby, they can stick to a surface and go off. While not deadly, these pushback devices cause disorientation in those who face it.

An easy way to kill Oryx is with Nomad’s proximity-triggered Airjabs. This occurs if he utilizes his Remah Dash to enter their field of effect. While capturing the target objective, placing Airjabs in the correct position with more can help keep Oryx away. The Airjabs will also launch him back if he tries to go through them, weakening him enough to finish him.


Rainbow Six Siege

Next up in the list of counters is Gridlock. Gridlock accomplishes this by using her Trax Stingers. Trax Stingers release a hexagonal cluster of spikes when activated, covering the uneven ground. Once Gridlock deploys, they can multiply and spread across a wide region. They slow and damage enemies when they step over them.

Gridlock’s Trax Stingers will harm Defenders like Oryx normally, even if he uses the Remah Dash over them. Even having the capacity to breach through soft walls, they can be of use to block Oryx from certain pathways. The Trax Stringers will force Oryx to either destroy or walk through them. As a result, it constricts Oryx’s movement by a lot.


Counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege

With his gadget that can track any moving targets, Lion is another counter for Oryx. The EE-ONE-D provides an overview of the battlefield’s hot zones and detects an area’s activity. This is to assist Lion in maintaining a quarantine. Although his drone may remain in the air indefinitely, he must pick the appropriate time to do his scans.

Monitoring Oryx is easy if he utilizes his Remah Dash since Lion’s EE-ONE-D can quickly track any Defenders. Moreover, not only during the Remah Dash but Lion can even detect Oryx while climbing up a hatch.


How to Counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege

Another way to counter Oryx is to use the attacking operator; Dokkaebi. To hack adversary PDA tactical devices, Dokkaebi employs the Ballistic Laptop, code-named Logic Bomb. The application uses a virus she made that can compromise an enemy’s position by activating nearby gadgets and producing a loud noise.

If Oryx is swiftly rushing past or toward someone, Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb can be useful. It achieves this by identifying the direction that Oryx is moving in with his Remah Dash. This can help prevent being immediately caught off guard if Oryx’s phone vibration intensifies suddenly.



Jackal’s special gadget, the Eyenox Model III, is another way to counter Oryx and his ability. The Eyenox Model III is a mobile tracking system that can monitor and identify a person’s footprint in real-time. This tool uses technology and uses minor subtleties in footfall to identify and stalk a target.

Jackal can track Oryx’s footprints whenever he’s moving and can discover his position easily. Moreover, as Oryx is a roamer, this is extremely potent as once one spots him, he is easy to kill. As an attacker, Jackal can prevent him from ever making any solid aggressive moves.



The last operator who has a way of countering Oryx is Zofia and her concussion grenades. She uses the KS79 LIFELINE, an electronic projectile weapon that fires both concussion and impacts ammo. The concussion rounds have a ringing sound that destroys an enemy’s hearing and makes them dizzy, rendering them useless.

Zofia is quite potent at eliminating Oryx because her concussion grenades stop Oryx in his tracks. As a result, his dash is completely pointless, as he cannot continue further. Furthermore, once she stops him mid-dash, bringing him down is quite easy.

Countering with Equipment

A piece of equipment players can use against Oryx is the Claymore. One can easily eliminate Oryx with a well-placed Claymore over a hatch. Because of the placement, hanging on the ledge will kill him. Oryx cannot destroy a Claymore if one places it on an impenetrable surface, further obstructing his path from below.

Quite a simple operator to learn and master, Oryx is a menace if one can figure out his movement patterns. Not only just a roamer, his utility to breach soft walls helps his team get into advantageous positions. As a result, it is important to know how to counter Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege. This article provides all the vital information on this topic.

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