How to Counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Would you like to learn How to Counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege?

In the Crimson Heist expansion for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Attacking Operator Santiago “Flores” Lucero made his debut. Flores is a well-rounded attacking backline operator. With stats like medium health and normal speed, he is a rounded operator. Besides, his ability makes it vital to know how to counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege.

Santiago “Flores” Lucero had a job in the public sector, but this gave no fulfillment. Moreover, saw further disappointments in Military school while providing for his mother as her health progressively got worse. At this time, Flores saw opportunities in burglary and felt pride in his acts. This is because he took from the rich and helped the poor.

Operating in the Flores neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Lucero became famous and known throughout. During this time, got the title of “the Man from Flores” and stuck with it. When someone revealed his identity and he had to flee, Ash offered him asylum in the United States. In exchange, he provided evidence against Buenos Aires’ ruthless crime lords.

Flores’ Ability

How to Counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Flores adds the special functionality of four explosive drones known as RCE-RATERO to Rainbow Six Siege. His drones are remotely controlled, exactly like regular drones. But they also include a bomb that can be set off to either destroy the utilities or hurt the defenders. Unlike standard drones – the RCE-RATERO never stops moving forward.

Each drone lasts for ten seconds and this time is when the bomb in the drone explodes. Apart from this, the drone can jump like regular surveillance drones, however, it does not stop or reverse its direction. With a three-meter radius, the explosion of this drone is most comparable to a Nitro Cell.

The RCE RATERO Charge will briefly become bulletproof to ensure a successful explosion. Moreover, one can even trigger the drone to detonate earlier than the timer. The RCE RATERO will also anchor during this explosion phase and adhere to whatever surface it comes in contact with. This may even be vertical or reinforced walls.

Once he starts moving the drone to a location, he can also attract quite a bit of attention. This is because the Drones are loud and act as a distraction before invading a site or point of interest. Flores may move in for a deadly follow-up strike once the bomb is ready to go off.


How to Counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Players might need to learn how to handle Flores in Rainbow Six Siege, as they could with any new character. This can be particularly problematic because of the majority of games. This is because players can select the operator to get a feel. However, Flores has a variety of counters, which makes dealing with him much simpler.


How to Counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

One of the hardest counters for Flores is Mute and his exceptional device, which renders Flores useless. Mute commits himself to defend a location by obstructing hostile technology. Mute has 4 Signal Disruptors that interfere with an attacker’s electronic equipment within a 2.25-meter range. These Signal Jammers have no duration.

The innovative device that Mute uses, provides excellent defense against Breach Charges and Drones. As long as the device or the detonator is present within the radius, this device disables the signal from remote-controlled devices. As a result, one must place it strategically to have the greatest impact on the game and to stop enemies.

Like any other electrical device, if one installs them strategically, Mute’s signal jammer will stop Flores’ drones. This hinders Flores’ drones from flying too close to important areas. Players can destroy the drones once they are stuck since one can shoot them when they are not detonating. Thus, Mute is key to knowing how to counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege.


How to Counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Mozzie serves as another of Flores’ formidable opponents. Mozzie has a unique utility of Pest Launcher capable of hijacking attackers’ drones. The launcher allows Mozzie to steal up to 3 drones, as each Pest can take control over one drone. Because of his ability and the utility it provides his team, one can easily counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege.

When Mozzie successfully hijacks a drone, he becomes the intelligence-gathering defender. Each drone he abducts combines with the collection of available surveillance equipment to all defenders. Though only Mozzie can move the drones, these drones become an impeccable part of his defense and versatile arsenal.

Flores’ drones are not an exception to Mozzie’s abilities. This is because his pests can commandeer any of the drones that the assaulting teams use. This also implies that Mozzie players can combine their explosion with the stolen RCE Ratero Charges to defeat attacking operators. This makes him an exceptional counter to Flores and his drones.


Counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Next, Bandit, is more of a soft counter for Flores and his drones while also being a defender. Bandit is a Light Health Operator with four crude electrical devices, often known as shock wires, that are his special gadget. These gadgets hurt anyone who comes into touch with them because they transmit an electric charge through metallic objects.

Bandit manipulates the attackers and batteries by withdrawing and repositioning them according to the location of the hard breaching charge. Bandit must keep track of Thatcher’s EMP throws and the utility of other attackers. With his abilities, he can effortlessly waste time and utility of any attackers that may try to invade his area.

Bandit’s electric batteries can block the drones from key locations as they will be automatically destroyed by touching the electricity. When one combines his batteries with barbed wire, he can destroy any RCE devices that pass through. This means that if Flores dares to fly his drones through an area with Bandit’s gadget, he can annihilate them.


Rainbow Six Siege

Though not a direct counter to Flores, Vigil also has abilities that help him against Flores. Vigil serves as the Anti-Intel agent in his team owing to his special gadget, ERC-7. He can stop assailants from learning the precise location of himself thanks to his device. He may qualify as a Dedicated Roamer due to the utility that his special gadget provides him with.

The Vigil R6 operator’s unique gadget, ERC-7, renders him undetectable to attackers on surveillance device video feeds. This also includes drones, and thus, the same effect applies to Flores’ drones. With his ERC-7, Vigil renders himself invisible to the RCE-RATERO and can easily destroy the drones.

Countering with Equipment

Another option for countering Flores, if not for picking operators, is using the appropriate gadgets. One gadget for countering Flores’ drones is the Nitro Cells. These Nitro Cells are an explosive device that detonates with a remote. This gadget deals damage in a small area radius and can destroy even drones if one uses them appropriately.

One more gadget that can function as a counter to Flores’ drones is the Impact Grenade. Though the grenade deals minimal damage when one compares it to other gadgets. Throwing these Impact Grenades nearby a drone allows one to restrict Flores’ impact in a match.

Though Flores may seem quite difficult to counter and can be a menace to play against, one must not worry. There are quite a few ways to counter Flores, and this article covers all of these to help players win. Knowing how to counter Flores in Rainbow Six Siege is something each player should know when they start a match.

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