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How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

Have you tried to breed Frogs in Minecraft yet?

There are about as many mobs as there are places to explore in Minecraft. You can spend hundreds of hours in the game without discovering every single mob there is to meet. They also range from relatively harmless ones like Chickens to extremely deadly ones like Endermen or even the Ender Dragon.

However, many players enjoy seeking out these mobs to improve their combat skills and increase experience. Frogs are passive mobs that do not attack you unprovoked. Players often choose to breed them since they are easy to slaughter and drop some experience orbs when killed.

If you want to learn how to start your own experience farm, check out our quick guide on how to breed Frogs in Minecraft.

Minecraft Mobs

An image of a Minecraft Creeper.

Minecraft mobs are all living entities in the game that players or other mobs can interact with physically. Essentially, any creature that is affected by the game’s physics or player interference is considered a mob. Everything from Pigs to Creepers and Ghasts are mobs.

There are three main categories for mobs plus one special category. First, passive mobs are mobs that are harmless and will not attack you. When a player attacks them, they will only flee. They usually drop items or experience when killed, but you can also gather items without harming them, like when shearing Sheep or milking Cows.

Second, neutral mobs are creatures that do not attack you unprovoked. However, they will typically retaliate once you attack them until you run far away or kill them. Sometimes neutral mobs randomly attack any passive mobs or prey they see nearby. Enderman are considered neutral mobs as they will only attack once provoked or if you look straight into them.

The third mob category is hostile mobs. These are the creatures that will attack you on-site or once you get in range. Some of the most common hostile mobs are Creepers, Pillagers, Evokers, and Skeletons. Finally, the special category is utility mobs. These are mobs that you can create yourself with a specific job or purpose. The utility mobs currently available are Iron Golems, Snow Golems, and Withers.

Frogs in Minecraft

An image of a Frog in Minecraft.

Frogs are part of the passive mobs’ category. They will not attack players even when you attack them, but they will occasionally attack smaller mobs like Slimes or Magma Cubes by eating them. Frogs are very small animals with only 10 Health. When they eat Magma Cubes, they may produce Froglights, blocks that glow a specific color depending on the Frog type.

There are three types of Frogs in Minecraft. Warm, Cold, and Temperate Frogs all spawn in different biomes and have different colors. As their name suggests, Cold Frogs spawn in Frozen Rivers, Frozen Oceans, Snowy Beaches, and other very cold biomes. Warm Frogs spawn in warm biomes like the Badlands, Jungles, Deserts, and Warm Oceans. Temperate Frogs typically spawn in Rivers, Beaches, Plains, and other temperate biomes.

Frogs behave predictably in the game. They will usually just wander or jump around slowly on land. The maximum jump of a Frog is around 8 blocks high. They are much faster in water, as they can swim upwards or downwards quickly when being chased by a player. When attacking, Frogs will use their tongue to pull in other mobs and eat them. When Frogs kill Slimes, the latter will drop Slimeballs.

Breeding Frogs is one way you can increase your experience levels. Killing Frogs will give you 1 to 3 experience orbs, and you will also get around 1 to 7 experience every time they successfully breed with each other. It is a free experience with zero risk or danger. Because of this, many players choose to become Frog breeders.

How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

It is very easy to breed Frogs in Minecraft. All you really need are a couple of Frogs, a Slimeball, and a block of Water. Ideally, you should also build a small enclosure to keep all your Frogs in the same area. This makes it easier to keep breeding or even slaughter them when it is time.

Here are the simple steps towards breeding Frogs in Minecraft.

Get Water and Slimeballs

An image of making Slimeballs, part of how to breed Frogs in Minecraft.

Water is one of the easiest things to get in Minecraft. This liquid block is abundant in the Overworld, so you should have no problem finding a source for it. Just craft a Bucket using three Iron Ingots, and you can use it to gather and store Water. If you have a Water source near your Frog farm, you can alter the terrain to lead the Water towards the enclosure.

Next, you need to obtain Slimeballs. Frogs will follow you if you hold a Slimeball near them. You can use this to lead them into your enclosure. To get Slimeballs, you can either kill a Slime or have Frogs kill Slimes. You can also craft 9 Slimeballs using a single Slime Block. Wandering Traders also occasionally offer a Slimeball for 4 Emeralds, but this is not a fair trade for you.

Feed Your Frogs

An image of how to breed Frogs in Minecraft.

After you have lured two Frogs into your enclosure, you can start breeding them. To do this, feed your Frogs with Slimeballs to have them enter love mode. One of the Frogs will become pregnant. It will then need a Water block with an adjacent Water block and open space above where it can lay its Frogspawn.

After your Frog lays its Frogspawn, these will hatch into Tadpoles after some time. The Tadpoles will eventually grow into Frogs.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What are Frogs used for in Minecraft?

Frogs are passive mobs that can be slaughtered for the experience or used to kill Slimes and produce Slimeballs. They can also eat Magma Cubes and produce Froglight blocks.

How can I breed Frogs in Minecraft?

To breed Frogs, you must feed two Frogs with Slimeballs to have them enter love mode. One of the Frogs will become pregnant and will lay its Frogspawn on top of a block of Water.

Now that you have learned how to breed Frogs in Minecraft, you can start expanding your farm, occasionally slaughtering some when you need experience points. After a while, you should become one of the best Frog farmers in the game.

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