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How to Make a Hot Tub in Valheim

Have you enjoyed your time in the hot tub in Valheim?

Although Valheim is mostly about grinding skills, leveling up weapons and armor, and defeating the strongest creatures in Norse mythology, developers also made sure to include some life’s best pleasures. This includes starting a fire pit and cooking food, building a beautiful home with crystal walls, and even enjoying a good old hot tub.

Making a hot tub in Valheim only takes a few steps. By obtaining the right items and crafting this luxury piece, you can have your fictional Viking enjoying a hot bath anytime you want. The hot tub can be the most relaxing use of your downtime in Valheim. If you are sick of fighting and mining all the time, a nice, hot bath can reset you.

If you are looking to enjoy this new item in the game, check out our detailed guide on how to make a Hot Tub in Valheim.



An image of Valheim.

Valheim is a new survival and sandbox type Viking adventure game developed by Iron Gate Studio. It was published by famous Swedish publisher Coffee Stain Studios in February of 2021 for early access players. Valheim is available in single player and multiplayer mode for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

In Valheim, Norse mythology comes to life and you can experience what it would be like in ancient Viking lore. Players need to work together to defeat mythological creatures as bosses in order to progress in the storyline. As an ancient Viking, you can gather resources, improve weapons and armor, build a strong base, and hunt creatures in the open world environment.

The stylized 3D graphics is a fresh take in the midst of the hyper realistic graphics in most role playing adventure games today. Valheim feels more like a classic action game with a cooperative element. You can gather different resources by mining, farming, hunting, or foraging so you can build the best weapons, armor, and shelter for yourself and your friends.

Much like other sandbox role playing games, Valheim employs a skill tree that can be upgraded up to level 100 and drastically enhances your game experience. To complete the game, you must kill all five bosses that are located in different biomes in Valheim. This is a tough task, even with a squad, so prepare well.

Hot Tub in Valheim

An image of the Hot Tub in Valheim.

The Hot Tub in Valheim is one of the most popular decorative items in the game for several reasons. First, it gives Comfort to players once you heat up the water. This is a very useful feature that Valheim players will appreciate. Comfort is what determines how long your Resting Effect lasts. In the Hot Tub’s case, the Comfort level is increased by 2 points, extending your Resting Effect for quite a bit.

Next, the Resting Effect is generally unattainable while your character is wet. However, the Hot Tub breaks the mold and lets you achieve the Resting Effect with two extra Comfort Levels even while you are wet. The Rested Effect basically provides your character with extra 50% Health Regeneration, 100% Stamina Regeneration, and an additional 50% to all skill experience gained during it.

How to Make a Hot Tub in Valheim

An image of how to make a Hot Tub in Valheim.

The main items you will need to make a Hot Tub in Valheim are the Hammer and Workbench. Once you have both, you will need to collect 20 pieces of Wood, 6 Tar, 10 Iron, and 8 Stone. After collecting all the necessary items and materials, you can now craft the Hot Tub.

First, make sure you are in range of your Workbench. Next, use your Hammer and craft the Hot Tub. As long as you have all the materials needed, you should be able to finish this task smoothly.

Now that you have a Hot Tub, go ahead and enjoy a nice, warm bath to replenish your Health and Stamina while increasing the EXP gain rate.

The Hot Tub in Valheim is weak to the Chop attribute, but is resistant to Pierce. It is also completely immune to Poison and Spirit. It is generally neutral to other attributes like Blunt, Frost, Fire, Lightning, Slash, and the Pickaxe. Make sure not to use too much Wood to fuel the Hot Tub if you plan on demolishing it soon. Destroying it with your Hammer only returns the resources used to craft it, but none of the Wood for fuel.

Enjoying a Bath in Valheim

An image of a bath.

The Hot Tub in Valheim is a comforting luxury, especially for players that are sick of the fighting and grinding. Players will be able to take a break while knowing they are completely safe and healing at the moment.

This is great for the type of player to get burned out by grinding in a game. Make sure you build a Hot Tub to help you unwind and recuperate every time you need to.

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