An image of the Horn of Celebration in Valheim.

How to Craft the Horn of Celebration in Valheim

Have you tried making the Horn of Celebration in Valheim yet?

There are loads of different items you can craft in Valheim. While many of them like weapons, armor, and clothing are essential for your journey, others serve a more ornamental purpose. The Blackmetal Knife and Stagbreaker are very useful weapons early on and the Hooded Fenris Armor Set is a great set to obtain as well.

The Horn of Celebration in Valheim is one of those ornamental type items that players would love to get their hands on anyway. This was released to celebrate Valheim’s one year anniversary. Interestingly, the Horn of Celebration is not purely ornamental in nature. It also serves a special, albeit somewhat unnecessary purpose that you can enjoy anyway.

If you are looking to own this special edition tankard, check out our detailed guide on how to craft the Horn of Celebration in Valheim.

Valheim’s First Anniversary

An image of a teaser for the Mistlands update.

First released in February 2022, Valheim celebrated its first anniversary this year with some festivities. Developers slowly released anniversary content updates throughout the month. More than that, the game was also on sale on platforms like Steam since the Lunar New Year. The sale was extended to coincide with the anniversary and allow more new players to experience the world of Valheim.

Valheim developers also dropped some teasers about the new Mountains biome update. They released a couple photos of the potential creatures that you can find in the Mountains. Another future biome that was teased was the Mistlands, which is set to be one of the biggest updates in Valheim since its release.

Other than the festivities and bonus content, Valheim players also looked back on the many changes during the last year. Since its release, Valheim has made significant revamps and updates on many features. The Hearth & Home update changed things about the food mechanics in the game, making it easier for players to survive.

In terms of souvenirs, the Horn of Celebration in Valheim is the most popular one. This tankard can be crafted with a few simple materials after a couple of basic steps. While normally used for drinking Mead, you can also use this tankard as a one-handed weapon, although it does not do much damage.

Horn of Celebration

An image of the Horn of Celebration in Valheim.

This limited edition item was first released in a Public Test Branch on February 24. This beautiful tankard horn features the word “Skal” in its description, which is the Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish version of “toast” or “cheers”. This tool also has two different uses, so players have a little bit of freedom in its usage.

First, you can use the Horn of Celebration like a standard tankard. You can drink some Mead from your inventory by using this horn. The other option is to use it as a weapon. While relatively weak, you can choose to wield the Horn of Celebration as a one-handed weapon.

This very light tool only weighs 1 pound. The Horn of Celebration only has one attack which does 4x Backstab and 30 Knockback. Its defense is also quite low. The Block Armor only does around 4 to 6 while its Parry Block Armor does about 6 to 9. The Block Force effect is 5 while its Parry Bonus reduces damage by 1.5x.

Crafting the Horn of Celebration in Valheim

An image of how to craft the Horn of Celebration in Valheim.

Fortunately, there are no requirements for unlocking the Horn of Celebration in Valheim. Developers made sure that every player with the necessary basic materials can craft this festive tankard for themselves. There are only a few things you need before you can make the Horn of Celebration in Valheim.

First, you need a functional Workbench. This should be easy enough as the Workbench is one of the first structures you will end up building in Valheim. You only need 10 pieces of Wood and a 3×2 space to build this structure. After you build your Workbench, you can go ahead and start collecting the materials for the Horn of Celebration.

Next, you will need 2 pieces of Bronze, 2 Troll Hides, and 2 pieces of Iron. You can create Bronze at the Forge using 2 pieces of Copper and 1 piece of Tin. If you do not already have these ores, you can pay a visit to the Black Forest biome and you should obtain them in no time. Make sure to bring some armor and weapons as this biome can be a little dangerous for beginners.

Acquiring Iron is also pretty simple. You can find a bunch of Scrap Iron in the Muddy Scrap Piles at the Sunken Crypts. Located in the Swamp biome, simply go to the Crypts and gather some Scrap Iron. Combine these scraps with some Coal at the Smelter to produce Iron. Finally, you just have to kill a single Troll from the Black Forest biome to get your hands on a couple of Troll Hides.

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