An image of the Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim.

How to Craft the Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim

Are you sporting the Hooded Fenris Armor Set yet?

If you play Valheim, you will know how many different sets of armor and weapons there are in the game. Depending on your playstyle, there are dozens you can choose from. For more aggressive players, a combination of a powerful melee weapon and some strong armor is essential. For more conservative players, some light armor and a good bow is a good start.

The Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim was introduced together with the Frost Cave update in Valheim. Both new and old players will want to try out this shiny new armor at some point. There are few armor sets more durable than this, so you may want to give it a try if you can.

If you are looking for a strong armor set that will sustain you against stronger opponents, check out our quick guide on how to craft the Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim.

Frost Cave Update

An image of Frost Caves.

The introduction of the Frost Caves is part of one of the biggest new updates in Valheim. The Valheim Mistlands update comes with a whole new area, a full armor set, as well as a powerful new weapon. While the Mountains biome has already been fairly dangerous, the addition of the Frost Caves brings it to another level.

The Frost Caves are a mini dungeon of sorts where you can find some new resources and creatures. They are quite similar to the Sunken Crypts of the Swamp biome in terms of the maze-like construction. To add to the dangers, you cannot build anything inside the Frost Caves as well. These beautiful caves have some decorated rooms and altars inside as well as some very scary stairwells that you can fall off of.

Unfortunately, finding a Frost Cave in the Mountains biome is a little tougher than you might expect. Visibility is already quite low in the Mountains, so you should keep your eyes open constantly. Look for some really large rock formations and the entrance to a Frost Cave should be right there. Bring some decent armor and weapons because you may have to fight off a Stone Golem as you get there.

There are several creatures that call Frost Caves their home. Bats are very weak creatures but can be annoying as they are very quick and will attack you constantly. One hit should take them out, however, so just find the right timing. The more dangerous enemies in the Frost Caves are the Cultists and Ulv. Ulvs are wolf-type creatures that may lurk in packs. Cultists, on the other hand, are powerful enemies that breathe fire.

Hooded Fenris Armor Set

An image of the Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim.

The Hooded Fenris Armor Set is a Tier Five armor set. This three-piece light armor set is just a little weaker than the Wolf Armor. It is considered Tier Five since it is a little stronger than the popular Iron Armor Set and Root Set as well. One of the main things about the Hooded Fenris Armor Set is that it increases your character’s movement speed, which is great for aggressive players that like to move around the terrain during combat.

The first part of the armor set are the Fenris Leggings. These pants give you a 3% bonus in movement speed, as well as 10 Base Armor. They only weigh 10 pounds, which is way less than most armor pieces.

Next, the Fenris Coat is the centerpiece of this armor set. While it also gives you a 3% bonus in movement speed and 10 Base Armor, the Fenris Coat has another bonus effect. You will also get Frost Resistance, which is great for traveling around snowy terrain like the Mountains biome. Like the Fenris Leggings, the Fenris Coat also only weighs 10 pounds.

Finally, the Fenris Hood is the crown piece of the Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim. This headpiece gives the standard 3% bonus movement speed and 10 Base Armor like its counterparts. Just like the other two, it weighs 10 pounds as well.

How to Craft the Hooded Fenris Armor Set

An image of how to craft the Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim.

Crafting the Hooded Fenris Armor Set in Valheim takes several steps. This is quite a strong armor set so you will need to put in some time and effort to obtain it. First, you will need to pay a visit to the new Frost Caves to find the necessary resources. You will need several pieces of Fenris Hair, Wolf Pelt, and Leather Scraps to craft everything. You will also need one Cultist Trophy to complete the set.

To craft the Fenris Leggings, you need 20 Fenris Hair, 5 Wolf Pelt, and 10 Leather Scraps. Your Workbench also has to be at least Level 2, so make sure to upgrade that as well. It has a Durability rating of 1000 so it should be worth the effort. The Fenris Coat requires the exact same materials as the Leggings, so you just need to get double that amount. 

You can find Fenris Hair along the walls of the Frost Caves, so look closely. Wolf Pelt is dropped by Wolves in the Mountains biome. Just kill a few of them to get enough for the entire set. For the Leather Scraps, try to kill some Boars or just find them off chests in the Meadows biome.

The Fenris Hood needs a slightly different set of resources to craft. Like the other two, you will need 20 pieces of Fenris Hair. You will only need two Wolf Pelts for this piece, so that should be easier. The last thing you will need for the Fenris Hood is a Cultist Trophy. To do this, look for Cultists in the Mountains biome. They can also be found in Frost Caves, so keep an eye out there as well.

Using the Fenris Armor

An image of using the light set.

Because the Hooded Fenris Armor Set is a light armor set with movement speed bonus, you should pair it with the right weapon. The Flesh Rippers can be a great weapon to use with this armor set. The added movement speed lets you run around and dodge attacks from your enemies.

It will also be easier since the Flesh Rippers require roughly the same materials to craft as the Hooded Fenris Armor Set.

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