How to Get the Honeycomb and How to Craft it in Minecraft

Do you want to know how to get the Honeycomb and how to craft it in Minecraft?

Minecraft is full of surprises and continues to add these surprises by introducing new blocks, resources, and mobs. These mobs can be passive or hostile and give different resources, while the blocks have other uses as well. One such block is the Honeycomb, and this article tells how to get the Honeycomb and how to craft it in Minecraft.



The Honeycomb was added to Minecraft with the release of Minecraft’s Buzzy Bees update. In addition to this, there were multiple other blocks in this update. The Beehive, Bee Nest, Honey Block, and Honeycomb Block were also included in this update. Moreover, the Honey Bottle was also introduced in this update. 

Honeycomb is a yellow-colored resource that players can use for multiple tasks and is overall useful in their adventure. Firstly, players can craft Candles with Honeycombs. To craft these, the player needs one Honeycomb and one piece of String. Put the Honeycomb beneath the String in the Crafting Grid to craft a Candle in Minecraft.

A single piece of Honeycomb and String can craft only one Candle to gather sufficient resources. Candles are an interesting light source because players have to light them up like in real life, unlike Torches. Players can do this by using a Flint and Steel, Fire Charge, or any other flaming projectile.

A single Candle emits a light level of three which is quite low relative to the other light sources in Minecraft. However, players can increase this by placing a maximum of four Candles on the same block emitting a light level of twelve. They also emit fire particles when lit, making them perfect for aesthetic purposes around the players’ house.

Players can also use the Honeycomb for waxing Copper Blocks which preserves their color. In particular, if the player right-clicks on a Copper Block with a Honeycomb in hand, it prevents it from changing colors. This is useful when the player has a specific build in mind that requires the Copper Blocks to change colors.

How to Collect Honeycomb in Minecraft

How to Get the Honeycomb and How to Craft it in Minecraft

The Honeycomb is a useful resource in Minecraft, but players only have one way of collecting this resource. This way is by locating a Bee Nest or Beehive and using Shears on them to collect Honeycomb. However, finding the Bee Nest is hard and needs time, patience, and tactics. Below is how to get the Honeycomb and how to craft it in Minecraft.

Finding the Bee Nest and Collecting Honeycomb

How to Get the Honeycomb and How to Craft it in Minecraft

Bee Nests are naturally generating blocks that spawn around the world and house Bees. These blocks are only generated in specific biomes. For instance, these spawn in the Meadow biome with a hundred percent chance. Besides this, they can also spawn in the Plains or Sunflower Plains biome with a five percent chance of spawning.

The Bee Nest can also have a chance of spawning in the Flower Forest, Birch Forest, or normal Forest biomes. However, they have a low chance of having any Bee Nests in them. Each Bee Nest houses a total of three Bees which come out in the morning and hover around nearby flowers. Afterward, they hover back in their nest to make Honey.

Bees are small neutral mobs that move around by hovering over the ground. While they do not attack players on sight, players can provoke them by hitting them or taking the Honeycomb. This makes their eyes red, which indicates their anger, and they will sting the player. Consequently, the player gets the Poison effect and gets damage as well.

To collect Honeycomb, the player first has to find the Bee Nest. After finding the Bee Nest, the player simply needs to right-click on the Bee Nest with a pair of Shears. To make Shears, simply put three Iron Ingots in a V shape on the Crafting Table. This will craft the Shears, which the player can use to cut Wool or get Honeycomb from a Bee Nest.

The player needs to make sure that there is Honey in the Bees’ Nest. They can find this out by seeing if yellow Honey is dripping out of the Bees’ Nest. If there is Honey on the Nest, they can use the Shears. 

How to Safely Harvest Honey

harvest honey

Finding the Bees’ Nest and harvesting the Honey is simple enough but can be dangerous for players. Specifically, the attacking Bees can significantly damage the player and maybe even kill them if he has no armor. Fortunately, there is a way of collecting Honeycomb without any difficulties. 

To safely collect the Honeycomb, the player needs to craft a Campfire. The Campfire is a multipurpose block that acts as a light source, cooks food, or even a signal. But most importantly, it prevents Bees from attacking the player during the collection of Honey from the Bees’ Nest.

Firstly, the player needs to craft the Campfire, and fortunately, it has a simple recipe. The player needs three Logs, three Sticks, and a piece of Coal or Charcoal. Then access a Crafting Table and place the Logs in the bottom row horizontally. Next, place the piece of Coal in the center while two sticks beside it. The last Stick goes at the top center.

This crafts the Campfire, which the players can place by right-clicking on the ground while it’s in hand. To prevent Bees from hitting the player, simply place the Campfire beneath the Bees’ Nest full of Honey. Surprisingly, this stops the Bees from getting angry at the player, allowing for a safe Honeycomb collection.

The player should ensure that there is nothing between the Campfire and Bees Nest except air. If any block obstructs the Campfire, this method will not work, and players will provoke the Bees while collecting Honey.

How to Tame Bees in Minecraft


Now that the player knows how to get the Honeycomb and how to craft it in Minecraft, it’s time to move on. Specifically, it’s time to tame Bees in Minecraft, allowing the player to move them to their preferred location and make Honey. This allows the player to make their own Honey farms near their homes, so they don’t have to find a Bees’ Nest.

To tame Bees, the player needs to collect flowers. This can be any flower in the game like Sunflowers, Poppy, or any other kind that the player can find. After finding the flower, just hold it in hand and move towards a Bee. Surprisingly, the Bee starts following the flower just like Cows follow if the player has Wheat in hand.

The player can now move the Bees to any location by just making them follow the player. After reaching the location, use a Lead or Minecraft leash to bind them to a Fence or any other block. Through this method, the player can collect Bees and start their own farms by crafting Beehives which also need Honeycomb.

Honeycomb can also make a Minecraft Honey Bottle, allowing the player to craft a Sugar in-game. Overall the Honeycomb is an interesting and handy block in Minecraft that every player should collect. Hopefully, this article on how to get the Honeycomb and how to craft it in Minecraft will help you collect the Honeycomb in Minecraft.

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