Highest Winrate Heroes in Patch 7.32d in Dota 2

Wondering what are the current highest win rate heroes in Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Valve Corporation. In Dota 2, players control a hero character and work with their team to defeat the opposing team’s ancient.

Patch 7.32d in Dota 2 brought various changes to the hero pool and game mechanics, affecting the meta and playstyle of the game. In every patch, players must stay updated on the heroes with the highest win rates, as it can greatly impact their success in the game.

Knowing the heroes with the highest win rates can give players an idea of what is strong and dominant in the meta. It can also help players make informed decisions on hero selection and drafting in the game. 

Thus, understanding the importance of hero win rates in Dota 2 is crucial in helping players achieve success in the game.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top heroes in patch 7.32d. These heroes have consistently shown their strength and dominance in the current meta and have earned their spot among the Highest Win Rate Heroes in Dota 2.

Treant Protector (54.6%)

treant protector dota 2

Treant is a hero who has seen significant buffs in 7.32d, with improved cast range and increased healing and damage per second for his Leech Seed ability. 

This hero’s synergy with Guardian Greaves, combined with his BKB-piercing Overgrowth spell, makes him a helpful presence in team fights and a high win-rate hero.

Death Prophet (54.3%)

death prophet dota 2

With her Spirit Siphon, Death Prophet can sustain even the toughest offlane matchups while being a durable mid-laner with the ability to control the game’s pace through early tower pushes. 

Her high base damage and early-game dominance make her a strong presence in the early game.

Beastmaster (53.9%)

beastmaster loadout

Despite no changes in 7.32d, Beastmaster continues to be a dominant force in Dota 2. His Wild Boar and Wild Hawk spells allow him to control the lane and provide a valuable vision for team fights. 

The standard build, Helm of Dominator into Helm of the Overlord, gives Beastmaster an edge in team fights and contributes to his high win rate.

Mirana (53.7%)

mirana loadout

She is played mostly in the Support Role. She can harass any enemy Core Heroes because of her high base damage and attack range in the early game. With her Leap, enemies cannot commit to killing her because of this spell. 

She is a high win-rate hero because of her Ultimate Ability which gives +Movement Speed and Invisibility. With this, her team can position better in a team fight.

Silencer (53.5%)

silencer loadout

With his Arcane Curse and Last Word spells, Silencer can deal significant damage in the early game, making him a valuable support for securing a lane for his carry or offlane hero. 

Also, he can scale into the mid-late game because of his ability to stack Intelligence. These stacks can do much additional damage to his Glaives of Wisdom. Moreover, Global Silence is still an Overpowered spell because of its ability to interrupt any initiation or combos.

Lycan (54%)

lycan loadout

Lycan is a hero with a high win rate due to his versatility and power. He excels in early game tower pushes, thanks to his ability to Summon Wolves, and can easily escape danger with his Shapeshift Ability. 

Additionally, Lycan provides aura buffs to his team and has good armor and HP regen to sustain himself in the early game. Getting Assault Cuirass after Helm of the Overlord might boost the team’s power spike.

lycan wolves

However, he can be vulnerable to heroes with AoE stuns and mobility spells, and he may struggle against durable opponents. Bristleback, Timbersaw, and Centaur are a strong counter for Lycan since they don’t mind getting hit by pets.

Despite these weaknesses, Lycan is a high win-rate hero due to his ability to synergize with various carry and support heroes, his capacity to solo kill int-type support heroes, and his late-game scaling potential.

Lina (53.4%)

lina arcana

Lina is another high-win-rate hero in Dota 2. She boasts high base damage and attack range in the early game, as well as spells that can clear creep waves and secure kills. 

Lina light strike array

Her high burst damage and fast farming potential, combined with her mobility and BKB capabilities, make her a strong opponent. However, her low armor and need for good positioning in team fights can be weaknesses

Nonetheless, Lina remains a popular hero due to her ability to rush a Falcon Blade in the early game, providing her with the mana regen she needs to farm effectively and her potential to deal a ton of physical and magical damage.

Slark (53.3%)

Highest Win Rate Heroes in Dota 2: slark

Slark is a highly successful hero in Dota 2 with a high win rate. He possesses several strengths that make him an annoying opponent. 

In the early game, Slark excels against melee heroes due to his Essence Shift ability, which drains the opponent’s strength and increases his own. This, combined with his strong map presence and ability to detect enemy observer wards, gives Slark a significant advantage.

Highest Win Rate Heroes in Dota 2: Slark

Furthermore, Slark has a strong power spike with items such as Diffusal Blade and BKB, making him a force to be reckoned with in the late game. He also has great night vision and escapes abilities, which make it difficult for enemies to catch him.

However, Slark does have some weaknesses that must be considered. He is not a strong Jungler in the early game and lacks burst damage compared to other heroes. 

Slark is also vulnerable to heroes with AoE bursts, such as Leshrac and Earthshaker, and abilities such as Force Staff, Ghost Scepter, or Eul’s Scepter. Additionally, he is not the best Roshan killer and is not strong in pushing high ground.

Despite these weaknesses, Slark remains a high-win-rate hero due to his ability to join team fights in the early game, the effectiveness of Diffusal Blade in chasing opponents, and his difficulty in being caught.

Riki (52.4%)

Highest Win Rate Heroes in Dota 2: Riki

Riki is a versatile hero that players can pick in support and offlane roles. He possesses several strengths, including his Smoke Screen, which is effective against most spellcaster heroes, and his Sleeping Dart, which can initiate team fights and be used for pickoffs.

Highest Win Rate Heroes in Dota 2: Riki

With his invisibility, enemies cannot detect you when you scout dangerous locations on the map to place deep wards. Additionally, Riki’s spells have low cooldowns, making him valuable in long team fights, and he can easily escape fights by using Blink Strike and Tricks of the Trade.

However, Riki has several weaknesses, including that he only deals minimal damage and can easily die to burst spells. 

He does not have an instant stun and is not good at destroying towers, nor is he capable of fast farming. He is also not capable of clearing out the jungle.

Despite these weaknesses, Riki is one of the highest win-rate heroes in Dota 2 because of his ability to initiate team fights easily, spam Smoke Screen off-cooldown, set up stuns with Sleeping Dart, and provide vision on crucial parts of the map, such as Roshan and the enemy jungle.

Why are These Heroes Dominant?

Highest Win Rate Heroes in Dota 2

These heroes have high win rates because of their abilities and strengths, which are particularly useful in different game phases. They can control the pace of the game, secure kills, and contribute to their team’s overall success.

However, it’s important to note that while these heroes have high win rates, they also have weaknesses that the enemy team can exploit. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses is crucial to playing these heroes effectively and improving one’s overall gameplay.

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