An image of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

All Upcoming Heroes and Abilities in Overwatch 2

Which of the upcoming Heroes and Abilities in Overwatch 2 are you excited to try?

Overwatch is easily one of the world’s biggest and most popular games. Now that its sequel is set to be released, both new and old players are very excited for what is to come. Developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment has been giving hints on what to expect since the game was first confirmed to be in development.

Before Overwatch 2 is even released, we already know most of the upcoming Heroes and their abilities. Of course, everything is still subject to change before and after the game’s release. For now, however, we will provide you with as much information as possible so you can hit the ground running once Competitive Mode begins.

If you want to get a headstart over the competition, check out our quick guide on all the upcoming Heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

All Heroes and Abilities in Overwatch 2

Here is every character and their abilities that we know so far.


An image of Ana, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Ana’s abilities are Sleep Dart, Biotic Grenade, and Nano Boost. Sleep Dart stuns enemies and puts them to sleep. Nano Boost buffs a teammate’s damage. Biotic Grenade is Ana’s projectile that heals allies and damages opponents.


An image of Ashe, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Coach Gun deals damage while also knocking her backward to get better positioning. Dynamite is Ashe’s grenade that can be shot to detonate instantly. B.O.B. deploys Bob, who charges and knocks up enemies. He can also shoot using his arm cannons.


An image of Baptiste, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

With Regenerative Burst, you can heal yourself and your teammates. Immortality Field can make teammates invulnerable for a while. Amplification matrix buffs up all teammate projectiles. Exo Boots lets Baptiste jump much higher than other characters.


An image of Bastion, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

A-36 Tactical Grenade can bounce on walls, stick to the floor, or attach itself to enemies. Configuration Recon lets Bastion fire his gun while moving like a normal Hero. Configuration Assault turns Bastion into a tank and shoots his minigun while moving around. Ironclad reduces damage received by 20%. Configuration Artillery lets you fire anywhere on the map, but Bastion will be unable to move around.


An image of Brigitte, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Repair Pack heals a teammate while Whip Shot knocks an opponent away from Brigitte. Barrier Shield creates an energy shield right in front of you. Rally and Inspire both provide buffs for teammates, but Inspire only works when you hit opponents.


An image of Cassidy, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Combat Roll lets you roll and reload quickly. Magnetic Grenade is a grenade that can stick to opponents. Deadeye targets enemies and can be reactivated to slightly damage everyone.


An image of D.VA, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Boosters let you fly forward. Defense Matrix blocks all projectiles in front of you. Micro Missiles shoot a volley of rockets. Self-Destruct ejects you and blows up your mech after a few seconds. Call Mech lets you summon a new mech to use, while Eject! lets you escape after the mech is destroyed.


An image of Doomfist, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Seismic Slam has Doomfist jumping and smashing the ground. Power Block reduces damage by 90% and charges Rocket Punch if you absorb enough damage. Rocket Punch launches you forward and knocks and damages an opponent. Meteor Strike lets you leap high up before smashing down.


An image of Echo, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Sticky Bombs shoots a few grenades that stick everywhere and detonate later. Flight lets you fly for a few seconds. Focusing Beam charges a laser beam and deals a lot of damage to weak opponents. Duplicate disguises you as an enemy Hero. Glide lets you glide in the air instead of falling.


An image of Genji, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Deflect protects you from projectiles and melee attacks. Swift Strike lets you dash forward and attack an opponent. Dragonblade allows you to use a strong blade to deal more damage. Cyber-Agility lets Genji climb on walls and double jump.


An image of Hanzo, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Storm Arrows allow you to fire 5 arrows simultaneously with less damage. Sonic Arrow can reveal opponents. Lunge lets Hanzo double jump. Dragonstrike summons a Dragon Spirit that damages all enemies it passes through. Wall Climb lets you jump and scale walls.


An image of Kiriko, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Healing Ofuda lets Kiriko fire several talismans to heal teammates. Kunai throws knives that damage enemies. Wall Climb lets you jump and scale walls. Protection Suzu is a projectile move that makes teammates invulnerable and removes debuffs.

Junker Queen

An image of Junker Queen, one of the upcoming heroes and abilities in Overwatch 2.

Scattergun is a pump shotgun with good close-range damage. Jagged Blade lets you throw your blade and call it back. Adrenaline Rush heals yourself over time. Commanding Shout increases max health for yourself and your teammates. Carnage swings your axe in a circle and wounds everyone you hit. Rampage lets you charge forward to attack.


An image of Junkrat.

Concussion Time throws a mine you can manually detonate. Steel Trap leaves a stunning trap on the floor. Rip-Tire lets you detonate a tire. Total Mayhem prevents you from taking damage from bombs and drops a few when you die.


An image of Lucio.

Crossfade lets you buff up or heal allies using songs. Amp It Up increases the effects of the song you use. Soundwave knocks back opponents. Sound Barrier shields your teammates. Wall Rise lets you jump and glide across a wall.


An image of Mei.

Endothermic Blaster damages and slows opponents. Cryo-Freeze heals and makes you invulnerable. Ice Wall blocks everything in front. Blizzard uses a drone to freeze everyone in an area.


An image of Mercy.

Guardian Angel lets Mercy fly towards a teammate. Resurrect revives a dead ally. Angelic Descent makes you glide down instead of falling. Valkyrie lets Mercy fly and enhances all abilities. Regeneration heals you passively.


An image of Moira.

Biotic Orb heals teammates or damages opponents. Fade turns Moira invisible and invulnerable, but you cannot attack. Coalescence shoots a beam that can heal teammates or damage opponents.


An image of Orisa.

Fortify slows you down but gives you more health and damage reduction. Javelin Spin breaks projectiles and increases movement speed. Terra Surge pulls opponents towards Orisa and damages all of them.


An image of Pharah.

Jump Jet lets you fly upwards. Concussive Blast knocks back and damages opponents. Barrage shoots several small rockets. Hover Jets let you hover in the air.


An image of Reaper.

Shadow Step lets you teleport. Wraith Form makes you faster and invulnerable, but you cannot attack. Death Blossom damages all opponents nearby. The Reaping helps you heal every time you deal damage.


An image of Reinhardt.

Charge lets you smash an opponent towards a wall. Fire Strike shoots a projectile. Barrier Field is a simple shield. Earthshatter knocks down all opponents that it hits. Steadfast protects you from knockbacks.


An image of Roadhog.

Chain Hook pulls an opponent towards you. Take A Breather heals you and gives damage reduction. Whole Hog knocks back and damages all enemies you hit.


An image of Sigma.

Kinetic Grasp converts all projectiles into shields. Accretion can knock down opponents using debris. Experimental Barrier uses a floating shield. Gravitic Flux lifts opponents into the air and smashes them down.


An image of Sojourn.

Railgun is a very accurate weapon. Disruptor Shot damages and slows opponents. Power Slide lets you slide down and leap higher. Overclock buffs Railgun.

Soldier 76

An image of Soldier 76.

Sprint lets you run faster. Biotic Field heals you and your teammates. Helix Rockets shoot some rockets towards an area. Tactical Visor gives you aim-assist for a while.


An image of Sombra.

Translocator lets you throw a beacon and teleport to it. Stealth gives you invisibility. Hack stops enemies from using abilities. Opportunist detects low-health opponents.


An image of Symmetra.

Sentry Turret slows and damages opponents. Teleporter lets you travel between two teleporters. Photon Barrier gives you a large shield barrier.


An image of Torbjorn.

Overload gives you more damage, armor, movement speed, and reload speed. Molten Core puts molten slag that breaks armor and deals damage.


An image of Tracer.

Blink lets you teleport instantly. Recall returns you to a previous location at that health level. Pulse Bomb lets you throw a sticky grenade.


An image of Widowmaker.

Grappling Hook lets you hook towards a ledge. Venom Mine puts a poison trap on the floor. Infra-Sight allows your whole team to see where the opponents are.


An image of Winston.

Tesla Cannon shoots electricity. Jump Pack lets you jump forward and damage opponents that you land on. Barrier Projector summons a shield that teammates can still shoot through. Primal Rage gives you a lot of health and damage, but you can only attack at melee range.

Wrecking Ball

An image of Wrecking Ball.

Grappling Claw lets you swing around the area. Roll transforms you into a ball and speeds you up. Piledriver slams the ground and knocks up opponents. Adaptive Shield protects you as more opponents approach. Minefield tosses a bunch of proximity mines nearby.


An image of Zarya.

Particle Barrier absorbs damage and removes all debuffs. Projected Barrier gives the same shield to a teammate. Graviton Surge shoots a gravity bomb that pulls in opponents and deals damage. Energy absorbs damage blocked by the barriers to increase your damage dealt.


An image of Zenyatta.

Orb of Discord increases the damage that opponents receive. Orb of Harmony heals allies. Transcendence makes you invulnerable, gives you more movement speed, and heals allies. Snap Kick gives your melee attacks a knockback effect and 50% more damage.

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