An image of the Heritage Gun in Deathloop.

How to Get the Heritage Gun in Deathloop

Have you already obtained the Heritage Gun in Deathloop?

While Deathloop is mostly a stealth and assassination game, you will sometimes have to get into all-out gunfights. In these situations, you need good weapons to take out a lot of enemies. The Heritage Gun is arguably the best shotgun in the game. You want it for taking out a bunch of enemies at close range.

This golden weapon is a fan favorite for a good reason. It is very useful later in the game, so you should get it as soon as you can. Complete the Super Shifty quest to get this special gun. If you have not found it yet, we can help you every step of the way.

Check out our detailed guide on how to get the Heritage Gun in Deathloop.


An image of Julianna in Deathloop.

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Deathloop is a new first-person shooter in 2021. It was released as a timed console exclusive for the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows on the PC. It features both a single-player and multiplayer mode.

The game is set on an isolated island called Blackreef that is stuck in a time loop that resets every midnight. On this island are nine powerful beings called Visionaries, one of which is the protagonist Colt Vahn. To break the time loop and escape the island, Colt needs to kill all the other eight Visionaries within the course of a single day. If you fail, the time loop resets, and you start from the beginning of the day again.

Although the game revolves around the element of time, the gameplay itself does not have a timer. Instead, the island is divided into four districts, and moving from one district to another advances the time of day. It changes from morning to noon, afternoon, and evening. When you die, you just wake up at the start of the time loop.

The gameplay combines elements of stealth, movement, shooting, melee fighting, and special abilities to accomplish your objectives. In multiplayer mode, you can opt to play as Julianna, another Visionary and an agent tasked to eliminate Colt. By playing Julianna, you will infiltrate another random player’s game and continuously hunt them down.

Heritage Gun

An image of the Heritage Gun in Deathloop.

The Heritage Gun is a type of shotgun in Deathloop. This shotgun is unique for having a rifle mode. You can switch between the more accurate slug mode or the leveled buckshot mode. It is also one of the four unique guns in the game.

There are a handful of perks that it can have. Bird Shot allows it to do more damage when Colt is airborne. Choke Point concentrates each shot more, so bullets are less spread out. Dualist is when the damage you deal with one mode will also buff the other after switching. Inferno powers up your slugs by having them release gas and your buckshots by detonating them.

This weapon will never get jammed, which is great during intense and close-range gunfights. Its ammunition is either slugs or buckshots, which deal a lot of damage. As for handling, you will use two hands to wield this shotgun.

You can obtain this weapon from the Super Shift quest of the Arsenal Lead. It may also be randomly dropped by the Visionary Julianna Blake.

Where to Find the Heritage Gun

Fathoms of Lament

An image of the Fathoms of Lament in Deathloop.

The Heritage Gun is found in Karl’s Bay, but getting it is not as simple as just going there and picking it up. You will have to go through puzzles before finding them.

Go to Karl’s Bay at night. You will hear the Visionary Charlie Montague over the PA system, inviting his Eternalists to come and play one of his famous games. From the tunnel exit, go to the street on the right. There will be two Eternalists who will approach a present box, open it, and explode.

After that scene, follow the road to the right until you get to the Fathoms of Lament facade at the end. There will be about 10 Eternalists around, so you have to take them all out. It’s up to you to do this sneakily or in a loud gunfight.

Map and Puzzles

An image of map and puzzles in Deathloop.

After you get inside, you will see the Heritage Gun locked inside a case and a nearby map that shows you how to get it. The map will show the location of several boxes that you need to open. Unfortunately, most of the boxes’ locations will change during every time loop reset. There are five boxes in total.

The Dawn of Reason Box does not change locations, so it’s easier to find. Find the Dawn of Reason bar in a cave under the middle area of the map. Flip a switch to open the door. Once you are inside, there is another locked door. Look for some tally marks on the painted white circles on the walls. The red block on the painting is the number on the code lock that you need to press.

The Near Hangar Box is found in the hangar closer to where you are. Be careful because trip mines surround it. Cautiously move around the mines until you get to the box.

The Far Hangar Box is another box with a constant location. There are five levers that must be pulled in sequence to open this box. The sequence is random for every player, so you will need to figure this one out yourself. Don’t worry. There is no penalty for failing.

The Proximity Mine Box is found between the two hangars. Be careful because juset like the Near Hangar Box, it is also surrounded by mines. If a single mine is triggered and explodes, you will fail and have to restart the Arsenal Lead.

The Plane Box is in the far hangar as well. It is under a plane surrounded by turrets that you will have to hack first. After that, the Plane Box will be free to open.

Final Puzzle

An image of the final puzzle to get the Heritage Gun in Deathloop.

Charlie will announce the next puzzle. Head back into the Fathoms of Lament building. There will be an open door to the right of the map. Get inside and be ready for the next puzzle.

This is another lever puzzle, but your abilities will be suppressed. Go back downstairs, find the boarded-up hole and kick it in. Remove the suppressor and head back up to the puzzle. Once you solve this puzzle, the locked case containing the Heritage Gun in Deathloop will have opened.

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