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Activity Guide for Heist Battlegrounds in Destiny 2

Have you tried out the new Heist Battlegrounds in Destiny 2 yet?

Introduced in Season 19, the Heist Battlegrounds is the newest activity in Destiny 2. This activity adds more spice to an already versatile, immersive game. Although there are already a bunch of different game modes in Destiny 2, having a new seasonal activity for players to get into is always a welcome addition.

Battlegrounds has already been a staple in Destiny 2 for several seasons, but Heist Battlegrounds take it up a notch. In this activity, you will work together to fight off Xivu Arath’s army. There are also two different Heist Battlegrounds activities to choose from, both ending in boss fights against some very formidable opponents.

Destiny 2

An image of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is one of the top first-person shooter games in the market today. It separates itself from other competitive FPS games by providing players with an immersive storyline that they can follow through quests. Instead of the standard competitive play, Destiny 2 also has several different game modes under player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE).

First developed by Bungie and published by Activision in 2017, the game’s publishing rights have since been returned to Bungie. It is now free to play across all platforms. Destiny 2 is available on Windows, Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

Heist Battlegrounds Activity

If it is your first time playing this game mode, it can get quite overwhelming. Heist Battlegrounds has several objectives before you get to the final boss fight. You must accomplish a bunch of tasks while making sure you do not die in the process. Although it is quite complicated, this new activity is definitely worth it, if only for the rewards that you can get once you finish it. 

There are two types of Heist Battlegrounds: In Europa and on the Moon. Both have very similar objectives that just vary in minor details.

Here are the main steps to finishing the Heist Battlegrounds in Destiny 2.

Seraph Bunker

An image of the Seraph Bunker for Heist Battlegrounds in Destiny 2.

Season 19 of Destiny was titled Season of the Seraph, so it is only right that the newest activity in-game involved visiting the Seraph Bunker. The first step in Heist Battlegrounds is to infiltrate the Seraph Bunker. To do this, you need to fight your way into that area.

You will encounter lots of enemies working for Xivu Arath that you have to take out. Avoid getting hit by lasers from the powerful Seraph towers while cleansing all the Cryptoliths that you come across. 

There is also a special debuff that you need to keep your eye on. There is a Threat Detection counter that shows up on the left side of your screen. Once that counter gets to 0, you will die and have to reset the activity all over again. After you successfully cleanse three Cryptoliths, all the Seraph towers will be disabled, and a walkway to the Seraph Bunker will open up.

Connect to Ana Bray

An image of connecting to Ana Bray for Heist Battlegrounds in Destiny 2.

Once you are inside the Seraph Bunker, the next step is to establish a remote connection with Ana Bray. You will be given this objective the moment you walk into the Seraph Bunker.

Look for the communication console and interact with it to begin the process. Be careful, as enemies will keep spawning while your Ghost is scanning. You will have to fight them off until the process is completed and you have connected to Ana Bray. There is also an extra powerful opponent, Ravenous Raider, that will spawn and stop the scan. You need to defeat it to resume your scanning.

After completing the scan, follow the new waypoint and try to avoid getting hit by lasers on your way. Keep walking through the vents until you reach a vault door with Hive seals on it.

Open the Vault Door

An image of opening the vault doors for Heist Battlegrounds in Destiny 2.

Now, you need to find a way to destroy the Hive seals and open the vault door. Pick either the left or right waypoints and follow it. You will encounter Chieftains along the way. Beat them and pick up the PDT Refraction Cores that they drop.

Once you have the Cores, head back to the vault door. Use the PDT Refraction Cores to shoot a laser on the Hive seals to break them. After breaking all five Hive seals, you should now be able to enter through the vault door.

Final Boss

An image of the Final Boss.

After walking through the vault door, you will find yourself in the final room for Heist Battlegrounds. There are two phases in the final boss fight which you need to do in the right order. Regardless of which Heist Battleground activity you are doing, this process will be the same.

First, you need to get the boss down to 50% health. Upon reaching this milestone, the boss gains a shield and becomes completely immune to damage. It will also start spawning majors that attack you. After accomplishing this, you are now halfway towards beating it.

Next, you need to find a way to break the shield and attack the boss again. Go around the area and kill as many majors as possible. They will drop Arc orbs whenever they die. Pick up the Arc orbs and deposit them to the central pylon to charge it. You need a total of 5 Arc orbs to disable the boss’s shield. After disabling the shield, you can now return to defeating the final boss.


An image of a Seraph Chest.

After defeating the final boss, you will immediately find your rewards. There will be a Seraph Chest, but you will need 500 Seraph Keys to open it. These Keys can be obtained from all relevant activities like Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard Ops. If you have done several other activities, you probably have more than 500 Seraph Keys by now.

Ritual activities will give you 200 Seraph Keys per event, while Lost Sector activities give around half of that amount. It is also important to take note that you can only carry up to 2000 keys at a time, but an Exo Frame upgrade can increase this limit to 4000.

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