Hardest Angry Creatures to Beat in Grounded

Wondering what are the hardest angry creatures to beat in Grounded?

After waiting for two years following Grounded’s early access version, gamers around the world have been rejoicing over the release of the game’s official version. This amusing co-op survival game shrinks players to insect size as they battle an army of creatures in a backyard battle for ultimate supremacy.

Grounded creatures are divided into three categories: neutral, angry, and harmless. 

Gamers looking to blast their way through Grounded efficiently would be wise to heed the angriest and most formidable creatures. 

Today, we’ve listed down the hardest angry creatures to beat in Grounded. 

Let’s get started!

Black Ox Beetles

With five distinct attacks and an impenetrable hard shell, Black Ox Beetles are highly deadly and hard-to-beat creatures in Grounded. Roaming around the shed, the hyper-aggressive bugs attack players on sight and never back down. 

hardest angry creatures to beat in grounded

They will throw rocks, headbutt, charge like a bull, vitiate players with a lethal lunge, and kick dust. 

Black Ox Beetles are so difficult to kill that most players will have to bolster their attacks with Tier-3 weaponry and at least Tier-2 armor like a Black Ant Shield and Salt Morning Star. However, unless players have a busting type of weapon, Black Ox Beetles will resist stabbing, chopping, and slashing damage. 

Green Shield Bugs

Green Shield Bugs is a viscous stink bug variant that boasts a protective shell to go with the highest in-game health level of any non-boss creature. This makes Green Shield bugs very hard to beat in the game. 

Green Shield Bugs

Throw in its endless attacks using a highly lethal poisonous gas, and it is easy to see why defeating this creature usually requires Tier-3 weapons and armor. 

Even with a Gas Mas and Mint Mace to fend off the creature, Green Shield Bugs employ a special backward leap move that is accompanied by toxic gas. This makes it very difficult to hit even with the proper weapons. 

Because their only real weakness is stabbing damage, it is hard to find a weapon to stab them from long range. 

Black Widow Spiders

As many fans expect, the Black Widow Spider is the deadliest angry creature in the game, which is not an official boss. Immune to poison and resistant to all elemental and weapon types, Black Widow Spiders have no weakness. 

hardest angry creatures to beat in grounded

Even scarier, Black Widow Spiders never sleep and constantly monitor their spiderlings, which eventually replace themselves. 

With attacks that are deadlier than Wolf Spiders, Black Widows emit deadly venom that will surely end your playthrough. As such, preparing Tier-3 items before facing this creature is an absolute must. 

Keep in mind that Black Widow Spiders can trap prey using strong webs, leap, lunge, and aggressively feast on their quarry with no hesitation. 

Infected Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders are considered to be the deadliest angry creatures in the game’s early versions, and their infected counterparts in v1.0 are even more lethal. Being immune to salt, stabbing, poison, and explosion damage, Infected Wolf Spiders never sleep and use a 5-hit combo attack that is even stronger and faster than regular Wolf Spiders. 

hardest angry creatures to beat in grounded

In addition, Infected Wolf Spiders also boasts a unique explosive-jumping attack that needs Tier-3 armor to survive. They can also shoot a lethal fungal spore at rivals from a great distance. 

Fortunately, Infected Wolf Spiders are vulnerable to Spicy Safety and Freshness as well as Busting and Slashing weapons. Even so, most players agree that the Infected Wolf Spider is on par with the Broodmother when it comes to their difficulty to dispatch. 

Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager is a mini-boss variant of ARC.R, a mad robotic security chief that is extremely difficult to beat. Being immune to gas hazards and resistant to Fresh elements, players will have to plan carefully if they want to defeat this boss. 

The Assistant Manager is also immune to all weapon types besides Busting. 

hardest angry creatures to beat in grounded

During the Assistant Manager boss fight, this very angry and aggressive creature will increase its overall potency through three distinct health phases. By the second phase, the Assistant Manager will shoot deadly lasers at enemies. 

By Phase 3, its four-pillar shockwave attack deals even greater AoE damage, making it one of the most difficult opponents to outlast in the game. 


Made in a lab by Dr. Tully, this creature is a massive Minotaur-like boss that nobody wants to face in Grounded. With the head of a Fire Worker Ant, the webbing capabilities of an Orb Weaver, a toxic fungal backside, the ability to call for backup, and resistance to spice, explosive, and salt damage. 


The Mant uses three attacks during the initial phase, two more in the second phase, and a sixth in the final phase. This allows it to shoot balls of spider webs that slow enemies and reel them back into its lethal clutch. 

Fans are advised to use heavy shielding and stabbing weapons to take down the Mant easily. 

Hedge Broodmother

Many fans can agree that the almighty Hedge Broodmother is the most difficult angry creature to beat in Grounded. Once the boss fight against the queen of all spiders starts, players cannot leave Broodmother’s lair until either she’s dead or the player is. 

hardest angry creatures to beat in grounded

Resistant to all weapons and elements except for Slashing and Spice, Broodmother is not vulnerable to poison and engages in a difficult 4-phase boss fight. 

In addition to wielding deadlier attacks of Orb Weaver’s 3-hit combo and Wolf Spider’s 5-hit combo, Broodmother will summon seven lethal spiderlings and 4 Orb Weavers, all of which can bite foes with fatal venom. 

That ends our list of the hardest angry creatures to beat in Grounded. If you have questions or other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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