An image of Haldor in Valheim.

How to Spend Coins and Buy and Sell from Haldor in Valheim

Have you sold anything to Haldor in Valheim yet?

Of the many different aspects of the game, wealth and trading is one of the most underrated. While everyone else is busy fighting creatures and crafting the strongest weapons in the game, others can spend their time getting rich. Gathering Valuables like Silver Necklaces and Amber Pearls is one of the main paths to wealth in Valheim.

Once you get your hands on a bunch of these items, you can trade them with a certain Dwarf Trader for another Valuable: Coins. To do this, you will first have to find this character in several possible spawn locations. After that, keep returning to the location whenever you have some Valuables you are looking to trade.

If you want to work on building a fortune in-game, check out our quick guide on how to spend Coins and buy and sell from Haldor in Valheim.

Haldor in Valheim

An image of Haldor in Valheim.

Haldor is one of the few unique characters in Valheim with a specific job. This blue Dwarf is the only trader available in the game, so you will have to see him quite a few times. You can trade any Valuable that you get in exchange for some Coins. It is also possible to use Coins to purchase some unique items from Haldor’s shop, like hats, fishing rods, and bait. Other than being a trader, nobody knows what else Haldor does nor his backstory.

You should recognize Haldor, a blue Dwarf sporting a brown cloak with a hood. He also has a gold belt and a long cape on, making him look like a player character instead of some random creature in Valheim. Haldor has bright blue eyes that shine at night as well.

There are 10 different spawn locations in the Black Forest biome for Haldor in Valheim. You can choose which one you want to become his permanent location. All you have to do is get close enough to one of these locations. As long as you get around 300 to 450 meters away, that should now become the permanent location of Haldor’s Camp. After that, the bag icon should now appear on your world map every time.

Once you visit Haldor’s Camp, you will see that he has a pet Lox. Named Halstein, this creature usually eats from a bowl in the camp but does not interact with players.

How to Buy and Sell from Haldor

An image of Haldor's Camp.

To buy and sell things in Haldor, you must establish his spawn location first. Once you have done that, just visit Haldor whenever you get your hands on some Valuables. If you think you have enough Amber, Amber Pearls, Rubies, or Silver Necklaces, you can visit Haldor and earn some good old Coins in exchange for those.

Each piece of Amber can be sold for 5 Coins, with each stack selling for 100 Coins. For Amber Pearls, you will earn 10 Coins for each piece and 500 Coins for a single stack. Rubies are more valuable than the other two at 20 Coins per piece and 400 per stack. Silver Necklaces are the most expensive Valuable, priced at 30 Coins apiece and 600 Coins for a whole stack.

Conversely, you can also use all the Coins you have to purchase any rare items in Haldor’s catalog. Haldor’s shop items are the Yule Hat, Megingjord belt, Ymir Flesh, Dverger Circlet, and Thunder Stone. Each of these items comes with special upgrades. For example, the Megingjord increases your inventory weight carrying limit by 150.

You can also purchase the Fishing Rod and some Fishing Bait from Haldor. The Rod costs 350 Coins, while 50 pieces of Fishing Bait cost 10 Coins. The Thunder Stone, sold for 50 Coins each, is also required in building the Obliterator. The rest of the items are a lot more expensive, with the Megingjord costing about 950 Coins.

Dealing With Haldor in Valheim

An image of the camp.

If you are planning to purchase some of the more expensive items, you will have to visit Haldor several times throughout your Valheim journey. Once you establish the spawn location, it is best to place a Portal there to make it easier to come back anytime.

Silver Necklaces are the most expensive Valuable to sell, so we recommend you collect those. You can usually find them in Viking Graveyards and Stone Graves in the Meadows biome. This is one of the safest places to explore, so you will not have too hard a time collecting them.

Next, Amber Pearls are cheaper at only 10 Coins per piece, but they are found in many more areas. Although you do not have to look for them specifically, try to retrieve any Amber Pearls you come across in your journey. If you happen to find yourself in the Sunken Crypts, Burial Chambers, or Troll Caves, you can try to walk around and see if there are some Amber Pearls.

Getting Rich in Valheim

Although it is quite an underrated aspect of the game, earning Coins can bring a lot of novelty and excitement to your gameplay experience, especially if it has been repetitive. If you are tired of constantly hunting creatures and fighting bosses, you can try building wealth instead.

Not only does trading grant you access to some rare items, but these also tend to have bonus perks such as additional carrying capacity. By getting that, you can carry more of whatever material you plan to gather next. This will make your life easier when you are trying to build a home or a ship.

Trading and earning Coins from Haldor is a brilliant feature that gives players a break from the game’s grind. It also lets you dispose of some Valuables that would otherwise be stuck in your storage room, taking up space. Enjoy meeting Haldor and making the most of your trading experience.

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