Where to Find Golden Vow in Elden Ring

Want to know where you can find Golden Vow in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an open-world action RPG made by FromSoftware, the famous developer behind the Souls series. It sets players on a journey across The Lands Between in search of the means to repair the Elden Ring and become the next Elden Lord.

Elden Ring packs a wide array of sorceries and incantations that players can utilize during combat or support other players during PvPs. These spells can be mixed and matched freely as long as you meet their stat requirement. 

One of the most useful Incantations in Elden Ring is Golden Vow. This spell allows players to strengthen their attacks and defense, and it also works with nearby allies. 

In this guide, we will show you where to find the Golden Vow in Elden Ring. 

Let’s jump right in!

Golden Vow Overview

The Golden Vow Incantation is a spell passed down by the Knights of the Capital City, Leyndell, in Elden Ring. This spell allows users to swear an oath that gives them and nearby allies enhanced attack and defense power. 

golden vow in Elden Ring

Golden Vow is very useful for builds that combine the use of weapons and incantations. It also has a short casting time making it easy to use in battle. 

To maximize Golden Vow’s potential, players must ensure they are close to as many of their allies as possible before activating the spell. Using it before the start of a fight is the easiest way to accomplish this. 

However, you might also be able to use it during combat when an enemy is stunned or immobilized. 

Getting to Mt. Gelmir and Corpse-Stench Shack

Players who want to learn Golden Vow in Elden Ring will first need to reach the Mt. Gelmir region of Altus Plateau. You can find this area easily by following the questlines of Rya or Patches. 

You can also simply ride northwest across Altus Plateau and locate the rope bridge that takes you into the region. 

The Mt. Gelmir First Campsite Site of Grace is the ideal starting point to locate the Golden Vow in Elden Ring. 

golden vow in Elden Ring

This Site of Grace is located on the far side of the bridge that leads to Mt. Gelmir. Following the road past the Leyndell Soldiers and Iron Virgins will lead you to a shack with a broken bridge beyond it. 

This is the Corpse-Stench Shack, and you’ll likely know you have reached it since Anastasia will invade you. Once you’ve dealt with Anastasia, the Golden Vow Incantation can be found on a corpse inside the shack. 

Golden Vow Alternative

If your character build does not meet the stat requirement to use the Golden Vow incantation, there is an Ash of War in Elden RIng that allows players to use this spell as a weapon art. Since weapon arts don’t have stat requirements, this is a great alternative to gain access to this powerful buff on any build. 

This Ash of War is dropped by the mounted knight in Limgrave, found east of the Warmaster’s Shack near the cliffs. 

That brings us to the end of our guide on where to find the Golden Vow Incantation in Elden Ring. If you have questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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