How to Get Goat Horn in Minecraft 

Do you know how to get Goat Horn in Minecraft?

Minecraft is full of unique mobs and different animals that drop different resources for use in crafting. For example, players can craft different weapons, gear, or even blocks that aid in their journey. However, some items are for aesthetics only. One such item is a Goat Horn, and this article tells how to get Goat Horn in Minecraft.


How to Get Goat Horn in Minecraft 

Goats are neutral animals as they don’t necessarily attack the player on sight, but there are instances where they attack players randomly. This behavior is completely by chance, and the player has no way of telling when a Goat might headbutt them. Besides this, Goats, like their real-world counterparts, are white mobs with horns and thick fur coats.

Goats are unique mobs as they can jump really high and can easily climb up and down mountains. This is fortunate because Goats spawn only on-mountain biomes like Jagged Peaks, Frozen Peaks, and Snowy Slopes. The light level should be seven or higher for them to spawn. Aside from this, Goats spawn in pairs or groups of three on average. 

Five percent of all Goats spawn as their baby forms in the world. Interestingly, there are two versions of Goats that players can encounter. The first is the regular goat, while the other one is the Screaming Goat in Java Edition and Screamer Goat in Bedrock Edition. While this variant seems similar to regular Goats, they often scream and attack players more.

Goats are animals that don’t drop any item if the player kills them. However, they drop do drop one to three experience points if the player kills them. They also drop one to seven experience points when the player breeds them. Like other baby mobs, Baby Goats don’t drop any experience points and items if the player kills them.

Goats are relatively newer mobs. That’s why they don’t have a lot of uses. Specifically, Goats only have two uses. First, players can milk them by using a Bucket on them, which is useful to reduce status effects. The other use is getting Goat Horns and below is exactly how to get Goat Horn in Minecraft.

How to Get Goat Horns

How to Get Goat Horn

Goat Horns are new items that are musical instruments and make unique sounds when the player blows into them. They are unique items as these are the first proper musical instruments in Minecraft. The only similar musical items in the game are Jukebox and Note Block. Players have to collect these carefully using a special method.

Players of Minecraft Java Edition cannot get these unique items, and they will release in the future 1.19 update of Minecraft. On the other hand, players of the Bedrock Edition need to open the Experimental Gameplay option to get this item in-game. To do this, the player needs to start a new world and open the option by going into Options. 

After turning this option on, the player can collect this item. However, the method of collecting it is special. Specifically, players first have to find Goats in Minecraft, and players can locate them on any mountainous biomes. After finding them, the player simply needs to stand in front of a solid block and wait for the Goat to attack.

The player needs to make sure that there is a wall or many blocks behind them. Basically, Goats have a ramming attack that pushes any mob really far away. Consequently, if the player is not careful, they can fall to their doom. To avoid this, the player needs to stand in front of a large wall.

The Goat will drop a Goat Horn once it rams into a solid block. For example, Dirt, Stone, Wood, Cobblestone, and other similar blocks. Goats will attack the player if they remain still for a long time. After the Goat starts charging, the player needs to dodge this attack. Successfully dodging drops a Goat Horn.

Types of Goat Horns 

How to Get Goat Horn in Minecraft 

There are a total of ten Goat Horns available in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition right now. While there were initially only eight types, recent updates came out with two more, showing that Minecraft is constantly adding more. Besides this, each Goat Horn has a distinct name and sound that differs it from the rest. 

Names of Goat Horns:

  • Ponder
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • Feel
  • Admire
  • Call
  • Yearn
  • Dream
  • Fly
  • Resist

Each Goat Horn has a different name, but that doesn’t represent how it sounds because the sounds are unique. Some of these are light sounds with a very smooth tune, while others have a heavy bass. For example, some of these are like old-school war horns that people used to blow before going into battle. Others sound like howling animals.

Each Goat Horn takes about two seconds to use when the player right-clicks on the Goat Horn in the hot bar. Specifically, the animation changes as the player are now blowing into the Goat Horn for two seconds, after which the sound comes. The Goat Horn has a cooldown of ten seconds, after which the player can blow into it again. 

Uses of Goat Horns 

How to Get Goat Horn in Minecraft 

Now that the player knows how to get Goat Horn in Minecraft, it’s time to use them. While there aren’t any in-game uses of this instrument, players can use their creativity to use it however they want to. For instance, players can use Goat Horns to find each other as it has a very loud sound. 

Players can also make their own in-game bands with enough practice. For instance, with enough practice on timing and what each Goat Horn sounds like, players can create a musical band. They can also pair it with the Note blocks to create something interesting.

Minecraft gives limitless possibilities to players on what they can do in the game. For example, whether it’s notifying others of your presence or simply producing music, the Goat Horn has multiple uses. Hopefully, this guide on how to get Goat Horn in Minecraft will help you find this instrument easily.

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