An image of the Glyph Puzzle in Deathloop.

Glyph Puzzle Solution in Deathloop

Have you discovered the Glyph Puzzle solution in Deathloop yet?

Finding the map in Updaam unlocks a fun side quest for you. There are several glyphs around the area with a safe that you can open by solving the glyph puzzle. Deathloop features a lot of puzzles both in the main storyline and for side quests, but this one in Updaam is considered one of the most difficult to solve.

If you want to unlock the safe quickly, check out our detailed guide on the Glyph Puzzle solution in Deathloop.


An image of Colt and Julianna in Deathloop.

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Deathloop is an action-adventure video game that plays around the concept of time travel. Originally released as a timed console exclusive for the PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows PC users will also be able to play it.

You will play as the protagonist, Colt, who is stuck on an island that is run by powerful people called Visionaries. There is a time loop on the island that resets every midnight. The only way to break the time loop is for Colt to assassinate all the eight other Visionaries. To do that, you must eliminate all eight Visionaries within the span of a single day.

The island is divided into four districts, with the Visionaries hanging out all around them. Moving from one district to another advances the time of day from Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Evening. This means you must be strategic in moving around and take out the Visionaries in the proper order before midnight.

One of the Visionaries, Julianna, will constantly try to attack you when she can. This is where the multiplayer aspect of the game comes in. Friends or random players can invade your game and take on the role of Julianna. They can then hunt you down and sabotage your plans. Fortunately, you can also opt to turn off this feature in the game.

Updaam Cave and Safe

An image of the Updaam map in Deathloop to help with the Glyph Puzzle solution.

Updaam is one of the four districts. Here you will find Alexis’ famous mansion and Dorsey Square. Right below it is a cave where you can find the safe. To get there, walk past the hackable terminals and get over the wall. The cave should be on your right.

Once you are inside, look for a map with a triangle on it. There will also be three triangles on the wall to the right. These triangles are part of the puzzle, as you will need to solve the puzzle with them.

Finding the Codes

An image of the safe opened by the Glyph Puzzle solution in Deathloop.

You need three different codes to open the safe. You obtain these codes by matching up the triangle points with areas in the map, finding the numbers for each location, and entering them in the correct order. Remember that the codes are random for each game, so we cannot just give them to you.

Each code for the safe is connected to the triangle glyphs. The first one will already be drawn on the map, while you must line up the circles to determine the position of the other two. To make it easier to remember later, write down the numbers as well as their location. Also, make sure to have good weapons while looking for the codes, as you will likely encounter Eternalists.

The first number is right outside of Colt’s Apartment. Look for it beside the Final Nights of Bad Luck Mary plaque. After that, look for the next number outside the small tunnel near Moxie. Look for the third number right on the wall of the alleyway near the tunnels. Finally, find the fourth number hidden on the wall at the entrance of the Library.

Next, go to Charlie’s mansion for the fifth code. You will find the number right outside the mansion if you look at it through your gun scope. The sixth and final number is near the door to the left of Otto’s Workshop. Once you have found all six numbers, you can go back to the Updaam cave to enter the codes and unlock the safe.

How to Unlock the Safe

An image of the Updaam Cave safe in Deathloop.

Now that you have all six codes, you must enter them correspondingly. Make sure to match the numbers with the number of dashes. The first five numbers are fairly straightforward, so you should have no problem with those.

The sixth code does not have dashes, so you will need to try and guess the correct combination. Luckily, there are only six different possibilities. Try them out until you get the correct one.

After you successfully open the safe, you can get the 5,000 Residuum reward. You can go to the safe at the start of every day and collect more Residuum. The game automatically saves your codes after the first time.

The glyph puzzle solution in Deathloop is one of the hardest to get, but it does reward you handsomely. You can always come back to it to gather that valuable Residuum.

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