How to Get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring

Looking for a way to get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring?

Considered one of the heftiest weapons in Elden Ring, the Giant-Crusher is a Colossal Weapon with the highest Strength attribute requirement in the game. To wield this weapon, you’ll have to invest at least 60 STR in your character. 

Besides, players who are planning to equip the Giant Crusher will also need to provide enough space in their Equip Load as this weapon weighs 26.5. 

Despite all the downsides, the Giant Crusher Colossal Weapon is capable of dealing massive damage and features a damage-reducing Ash of War, Endure. However, players can infuse this weapon with any suitable weapon art of their choice. 

Being a Colossal Hammer, the Giant Crusher swings quite slow but will deal staggering blows to any enemy it hits. 

Players who have played Monster Hunter Rise can compare this weapon to the Hammer. 

However, if you are planning to use the Giant Crusher, it might take you a while before you can adapt to its playstyle especially if you are used to playing fast and nimble characters. 

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can find the Giant Crusher Colossal Weapon in Elden Ring. 

Let’s dive right in!

Giant Crusher Location

The Giant Crusher in Elden Ring is located within the outer area of Leyndell, Royal Capital. To be specific, it is located directly south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree. 

giant crusher in Elden Ring

Near the cliffside sits an abandoned coach that is surrounded by wooden spikes. At the back of the carriage, you’ll find a chest that can be looted. Inside the chest are some items and the Giant Crusher Colossal Weapon. 

Although locating the Giant Crusher is straightforward, the area where you’ll find the chest is somewhat perilous. 

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Encounter

Upon approaching the wagon with the loot, an Ulcerated Tree Spirit will spawn from the sky and attack you right away. This hostile NPC in the game is similar to the creatures that you’ll encounter in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave and the underground sewers beneath Stormveil Castle. 

However, this specific Tree Spirit is slightly stronger and deals heavier damage. 

Players can utilize Frostbite or Fire-related attacks to take advantage of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit’s weakness. 

giant crusher in Elden Ring

Overall, the Tree Spirit’s attacks are fairly easy to avoid at close range, but archers and spellcasters might find this encounter more difficult since the Ulcerated Tree Spirit can quickly cover ground. 

Once you’ve defeated the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, you can head to the carriage to collect the Giant Crusher. 

That ends our guide on how to fix the Giant Crusher Colossal Weapon in Elden Ring. If you have questions or other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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