An image of the Ghost at the Feast achievement in Deathloop.

How to Unlock the Ghost At the Feast Trophy in Deathloop

Have you obtained the Ghost at the Feast Trophy in Deathloop yet?

The Ghost at the Feast trophy in Deathloop is one of the toughest achievements to unlock in the game. This trophy is unlocked by assassinating three different Visionaries in the same place without being detected. You have to take them out while staying hidden and out of sight from the many hostiles.

After eliminating Aleksis, Egor, and Wenjie at the party, you have to escape into the tunnels without being seen at all. This is a very difficult achievement to unlock because the party at Dorsey Manor is full of guests and security personnel.


An image of Colt in Deathloop.

Deathloop is a 2021 action-adventure title developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was first released as a timed console exclusive for the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

You will play as Colt, who is stuck in Black Reef Island together with eight powerful people called Visionaries. The entire island is consumed by a time loop that resets every day. To destroy the time loop, you will have to eliminate all the other Visionaries within a single day. Be careful because if you die three times, you will be brought back to the beginning of a new loop.

Black Reef Island is divided into four different districts. Every time you move from one district to another, the time of day will advance from morning to noon, afternoon, and evening. The eight Visionaries are scattered around the island, so you need to move strategically.

Aleksis’s Party

An image of Aleksis' Party where you can unlock the Ghost at the Feast trophy in Deathloop.

Aleksis is the Visionary obsessed with throwing parties and honing his DJ skills. He is the financial backer for the AEON Program that keeps the time loop going. Before backing the program, Aleksis got all his wealth from a profiteering pharmaceutical company that he used to own.

Aleksis Dorsey will be throwing a party in the evening. If you play it right, there will be two other Visionaries attending it. First, you will need to get to Dorsey Mansion. It is hard to miss, being a huge fortress. To sneak into the property, walk along the cliffside to the right of the entrance. Use your Shift ability and get inside the open window.

Once you are inside the Mansion, locate the stage. Aleksis will be here. Find a large red structure with two-storey windows on the side. Get to the rooftops using Shift again. After you are inside the building, you can see the party that Aleksis is throwing. You will also notice that everyone is wearing wolf masks.

How to Prepare for the Ghost at the Feast Trophy in Deathloop

An image of preparing for the achievement.

You need to set up the day right to unlock the trophy later. First, you have to ruin the Visionary Egor’s experiment earlier in the day. Go to the Complex at noon and use your Field Nullifier on the experiment. This will lure him out to Aleksis’s party in the evening. Egor will arrive with another Visionary, Wenjie.

Second, look for Aleksis’s recording and access the AI 2-BIT on the third floor of Charlie’s Mansion. After you obtain the recording, he can send a message to Wenjie to attend the party later.

Unlocking the Ghost at the Feast Trophy in Deathloop

An image of unlocking the Ghost at the Feast trophy in Deathloop.

After that, sneak into Dorsey Manor at night. Once you get on the rafters, wait for Aleksis to enter the stage. It is easy to recognize him as he is carrying two golden submachine guns. Jump down to the ledge and hit the button to drop Aleksis into the Meat Grinder. Make sure any enemies do not see you or you lose the trophy.

Next, you have to kill Egor and Wenjie at the same time. To accomplish this, you need to have the Nexus Slab. You will find both Visionaries on the roof but are protected by a lot of Eternalists. Use your Nexus Slab to chain everyone. Get a kill shot on one of them to kill the whole group.

You must escape through the tunnels without being detected. Julianna will usually invade Updaam after you kill all three Visionaries. You have to avoid her and all other enemies. If you escape everything without being seen once, you will receive the Ghost at the Feast Trophy.

If you do not get the trophy, that means someone probably saw you. You will have to try again.

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