How to Get to Zephyr in High On Life

Want to know how to get to Zephyr in High On Life?

High On Life features some impressive and amazing environments and worlds that you’ll visit as you try your best to take down the G3 Cartel. One of the places you’ll explore in the game is Zephyr’s Paradise. 

This is the second world you’ll unlock in High On Life, where you’ll be tasked to take down some of G3’s operatives. 

However, the game won’t point you in the exact direction of Zephyr Paradise. 

If you are looking to reach this area in the game, you’ve probably earned Knifey and have a secondary weapon in your arsenal.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get to Zephyr in High On Life. 

Let’s get right into it!

Reaching Zephyr Paradise

In High On Life, the main reason you travel to different worlds is to complete main quests and bounties. However, you can also explore these areas when you’re “off duty”, allowing you to unlock hidden areas and collect valuable items. 

To do this, simply interact with the bounty machine in your living room. Instead of heading to the bounty window, choose the second tab. 

get to zephyr in high on life

In the second tab, you’ll be able to choose from Nova Sanctus, Port Terrene, Unknown Sector, and Zephyr Paradise. Since this guide is about getting to Zephyr, choose Zephyr Paradise and you should be teleported to it. 

While you’re in Zephyr Paradise, you can choose to teleport to three different places, Deep Jungle, Upper Valley, and Jungle Clearing.

get to zephyr in high on life

 If you’re at the later stages of the main story, heading back to earlier locations in the games makes things easier to collect objectives and items since opponents in the earlier areas are relevantly weaker. 

Luglox Boxes in Zephyr

In total, there are 66 Luglox boxes in Zephyr Paradise. Unlike Blim City or the Slums, Luglox boxes in Zephyr are harder to locate since the area is a dense and confusing jungle split into two sub-regions. 

get to zephyr in high on life

The Deep Jungle contains 34 Luglox cases, the Upper Valley has 32 Luglox, and Skrendle Labs has 28 Luglox. 

Each of these regions is home to a few different locations, and discovering them will make it easier for you to locate every Luglox in Zephyr Paradise. 

Third Bounty Machine

Since we’ve talked about the Bounty Machine, in addition to the bounty tab and portals tab, there’s a third option but it is out of order. While we can’t guarantee that it will ever be activated in the game, Squanch Games promised a few DLCs for High On Life, which could be related to the third tab on the Bounty Machine. 

However, it can also be just for aesthetics to make the bounty machine look like it has been used extensively in the past. 

That is everything you need to know on how to get to Zephyr Island in High On Life. If you have questions or other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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